*Gear Review* Bogs Boots

    I am always searching for a great pair of boots to keep my feet warm and dry.  I feel like you can definitely skimp with some gear, but boots and gloves are worth spending a little money for.  Bogs are certainly the rage right now in the outdoor world, and I was thrilled to have a chance to give them a try!

    Truth be told, I have actually been putting off this review for a little bit because I was having troubles with my Bogs keeping my feet warm.  I wanted to be sure I tested them again and again before I posted my final results here (because that is only fair to you all AND to Bogs!)  Please note that this review is my own personal experience.  Your own experience could certainly be different (and I would LOVE to hear about it in the comments!) 

    What I love:
    – Easy-on (I grab them and go!)
    – The handle (makes carrying them and putting them on a cinch.)
    – They have incredible arch support and are very comfortable (not something I was expecting.)
    – The width: Bogs are made with four-way stretch Neo-Tech that accommodates all shapes of feet.  Perfect.
    – The height.  Plenty of room around the calf for tucking pants in, leaving the ability for lots of high-snow-pile jumping!
    – The colors/patterns available.  
    – The traction (I feel comfortable wearing them, walking on ice/snow AND carrying my kids.)

    What I am not so crazy about:
    – As any boots, the comfort rating has a lot of different factors and is a bit subjective.  These boots are absolutely NOT good for depending on without good socks.  I have worn them with very thin wool socks at 20 degrees and been quite cold standing still.  Frustrated, I contacted them and then checked out their FAQ page.  Here’s what I found, “Bogs Classics are designed with 7mm of Neo-Tech insulation, which is equivalent to wearing 2 pairs of wool socks and comfort rated to -40F. 

    In order to determine the ratings, we use a cold box test method. The test is done by putting stainless steel balls into the boots and wire probes down inside. The boots are then put in a freezer and the temperature reduced every 30 minutes. When the boots show more than 10 degree variance from the ambient temperature when the test started failure is reached.” 

    In Conclusion:
    Despite my frustrations with how warm they kept my feet in certain conditions (and dependent on the socks I wore,) they are certainly the boots I grab for daily.  I know the cold-factor is really huge when it comes to winter boots, but I think they are great in so many other aspects.  Let me be clear that when I am moving (or at least not just sitting in the cold for long periods of time) and wearing mid-weight wool socks, the boots are excellent.  I just personally would not trust them for adventures like snowmobiling or watching a dog sled race.  

    I also don’t know if I would put them on my child for most of our adventures.  I have not tested the children’s Bogs, but they seem to be too dependent on outside conditions (and factors such as socks) for me to be sure my child was staying warm.  That said, I LOVE the handles and the fact that J would be able to put his own boots on.  

    I want to know what you think!  Anyone have Bogs they love or aren’t so crazy about? Anyone tried them for their kids?

    Bogs provided me with a pair of boots to test and review.  As always, the opinions here are completely and honestly my own!  Additionally, some of these links are affiliates.  You can find my disclosure here.


      1. I love my bogs! Travis wears his nearly every day and sweats by them. I wear mine when I’m doing chores out side where I know my feet will get dirty. The Bogs are so easy to clean, which comes in handy when you live in a muddy place like we do.

      2. i’ve been wanting to try them for a long time but have been hesitant about spending the money– as i wasn’t sure if i could count of them as being snow boots AND rain boots? for just rain boots, they’re a little more than i’d like to spend. but if i could wear them all winter, they’re a steal! so i still want to try them out to see and will definitely keep in mind the sock factor. i just got a pair for my kindergartener as an all around school shoe for the fall/winter/spring. she doesn’t complain about cold much, so i can’t attest to that but she does love them overall. she says they are comfy, easy to get on and off, and don’t make her feet sweat inside all day– but they’re great for the playground! i don’t know that i’d use them in the place of snowboots for longer winter outings, but as an everyday winter shoe they seem terrific!

        • I agree that they could be the perfect shoe for young school-aged kids: easy on and off, great for running around outside and not too hot for the rest of the day! Thanks for your input, Blair!

      3. I have the same complaint Amelia! They definitely don’t keep my feet very warm for sledding–and sometimes even walking outside. So many kids have them here, but I haven’t gotten them for my kids because I think the Baffin or Kamik boots are SO much warmer. With all of that said, I do still love them for quick trips out of the house.

        • I must admit I am still perplexed on how they can be so great for some and not for others! I guess they still do serve their own purpose (and I continue to love wearing them!)

          • I agree with you Mountain Mama that Bogs are very cold on your feet after wearing a short while. I am perplexed as to why. I am going to try thick woolen socks from LL Bean to see if there is a difference.

            • I know part of the problem COULD be not having enough circulating air (so check that first!) But yes, it’s tough! Some people swear by them and others really have trouble keeping warm in them! However, like I said in the review, unless it is super cold, I wear them ALL the time!

      4. I bought them last winter and lasted about two weeks before I purchased a pair of Sorels. They are definitely not warm enough for a strong Canadian winter, especially if you do anything outdoors. Two hours of walking around outside in them with warm socks on, and my toes were like ice when I took them off. They are great for spring, slushy weather. Another negative thing I noticed is that the boots tend to trap air because they do not conform to the shape of your foot, as a lace up type would do. So, if you are walking around you tend to get some loks as it sounds like my feet are passing gas. Worse if the socks are too thin.

        • Hi, I purchased a pair of bogs last December 28th. At first I loved them. Easy to Pull on, Water proof, seemed fairly comfortable, and wide for my foot. Something easy to pull on to walk the dog, do yard duty in, go out sledding or playing in the snow. I thought they would be great for 3 season boots. Within 2 weeks, I noticed the tread had worn off, and at the balls of my feet I could feel the boot thinning out. I continued to wear them, and within a month, I could barley walk a step without going back three because I was slipping. They were hurting my feet. I already had foot issues, but now I was getting new pains that were making it sometimes unbearable to walk. I ended up returning them to Walking on a Cloud, because they ended up cracking and letting water in, and my feet were freezing. Bogs replaced my boots, however my second set has done the same thing. I am currently looking for new boots for this winter. I am very disappointed in the quality of the rubber of the sole of the boots. |They are very dangerous for walking on ice or slippery wet snow. Bogs claims these are good for farm boots, however I wouldn’t wear them on my farm, I would be to afraid to slip and fall. It was also very disappointing because I paid over $100, and they didn’t last! I have never worn out boots before like that.

          • josie richard says:

            Hey there
            Bogs has a satisfaction guarantee, so if you are not happy with the quality you should contact them for a new pair or your money back. They were really great about it when my daughters boots stopped being waterproof.

      5. I just got my first pair of Bogs. My husband and I spend a lot of time at our camp in the woods during the fall, winter and spring and Bogs seem to be the perfect boot – light, not clunky and pretty! I wore them on the snowmobile for the 40 minute ride to the camp and my toes were a bit cold. (Keep in mind that my feet get cold quite easily so it is usually two pairs of socks – one wool pair and one cotton pair – plus the clunky, heavy snowmobile boot) I wore them for 2.5 hours snowshoeing in -20C weather and they were so comfy and warm, but I was surprised when I took them off that my cotton socks were wet. Perhaps I had too much on for the snowshoe trip and not enough for snowmobiling? What do you wear in them?

        • Hi Kathy – I think the biggest difference is just that you were moving when snowshoeing and not when snow mobility. I find my Bogs are awesome when I am in motion, but not so great when I am just standing in the cold. I usually wear mid weight wool socks, but also know if you have too thick of layers, the air can’t circulate in your boots and they won’t be warm. Does that help??.

      6. I got a pair last year. I love them but have to agree that when I am sitting still my feet got cold and I was a little disappointed. However when I move around they are fine. My daughter bought me a pair of boot liners and when worn with a mid weight sock they do the trick. You have to get the right size for the boot liners to fit thought. I do love them and continue to wear them out and about on our snowy days.

        • Oh, will definitely have to check out the Boot liners! Quite honestly I am usually moving around enough I don’t get cold, but I wouldn’t sit on a snowmobile all day with them or something. Thanks so much for your feedback!

      7. Brittany says:

        I realize this is an old post, but I wanted to comment about Bogs for kids. I just got some this winter for my 3 year old son. They are super easy to get on and off, which I love. He does it by himself. He wore midweight wool socks with them and after tromping in the snow for about an hour his feet were warm and dry. In fact, they were hot when I pulled off his socks. We live in Ohio and the temperature that day was probably around 30 degrees. He uses them for muddy play too and they’ve been great. We will see how they handle the Alaskan winters when we move ;).

        • Hi Brittany,
          Awesome! And yes, we reviewed some Baby Bogs this year and had MUCH better luck with them. I just really think it depends on the person…..
          Hope they work great in AK for you too!

      8. Both my teens have been wearing Bogs for less than 2 years and the soles have worn out already. We’re not talking about daily use either. They did find them warm, but not when it got really cold (we’re next door to Alaska). I didn’t rely on the manufacturer’s claims of suitable to -40.

        • Joella – totally agree that I have seen some wear on my soles too after just a couple years. I know, too, that the temperature rating can be really tricky because of conditions and everyone’s bodies being different (so I always take it with a grain of salt! :))

      9. Just bought these – relying on claims of warmth till -40. Took the dog out for a walk in -10 celcius (which is warm here in winnipeg in winter) and although I hoped it couldn’t be true, my toes felt cold. With winter temps commonly down to -40 I think these will be going back. So sad… I really wanted them to work. How odd to test temp ratings with cold balls. Why wouldn’t they just have people wear them in cold weather?

      10. Hi I bout a pair of bogs about two weeks ago an ur right as long as I stay moving my feet stay warm how ever my job requires a lot of standing around an my feet freez I am a little disappointed because they are very comfortable an easy to put on an take off I would by them for my kids because when u move around they warm up fairly fast over all a pretty good boot I have also tried the muck boot an returned them two days later

      11. I just talked my husband and son into buying steel toe bogs for logging. The first time they wore them it was -20 celcius. They were trimming limbs off downed trees and found that their feet were uncomfortably cool all day. When they walked out of the bush their feet did warm up, however when they removed their boots my son’s light weight wool socks were soaking wet and my husband’s were partially wet. We will try and return these boots as this is totally unsatisfactory for work.

        • Hi Joanne,

          Oh bummer! I am shocked their feet were wet, but can identify with the cold toes (like I said in my review, I found them best for when I was really moving around.) I wonder if it has anything to do with the steel toe? Feel free to contact Bogs with your issues – I think the feedback is helpful to them too!

          =) Amelia

      12. I love the Bogs. In my experience no matter what boot I am wearing, if I am only standing still my toes are never warm.

      13. Cub Wright says:

        Hi Over the years I have heard nothing but how great bogs were. Well with this winter and the temps dipping to minus 20-30 I had great hopes of warm feet. I used top quality ski socks bought three pairs for my staff and we were all equally disappointed. Cold feet, We are on our feet all day and felt very sad to feel our feet get cold. We wore the best ski socks available and still no difference. they are great to get on and off comfy to wear but don’t meet the requirements that they represent and that is warm feet. I would like to hear from the company and see if they have plans to improve this area in the boot. We live on a ranch and warm feet in a light boot is very beneficial

      14. Christine says:


        I bought bogs for my 8 year old daughter and she says her feet froze all winter. I tried different socks without luck as well. So for us, we do LOVE the bogs for spring and fall and into Nov/Dec but in Ottawa, they are NOT warm enough for our girls…so this year I bought her a new pair of bogs for spring and fall and will also be getting her keens, or Kamiks or Sorel’s. I’m not going cheap as the thought of her having cold feet makes me cringe so high quality ‘winter boots’ will be purchased. Hopefully we will have better luck.

      15. I’ve purchased Bogs for my kids for a few years now because while expensive, I can use them both as winter and rain boots (I live in New England so we need both). I started getting them for my older son (now 9) and worried his feet would not be warm enough. He always says they are and even wore them on an overnight hiking and camping trip with my husband in the White Mountains. Given they we were hiking, so moving around. And normally the kids do not sit still in the snow – they are sledding or building forts. I wanted to buy myself a pair because my inexpensive boots got wholes after only 2 years. Last weekend I wore my son’s boots to a wet/cold day at soccer and was shocked by how warm they felt. Definitely buying a pair although I do have really heavy duty winter boots too. Am debating size and style though. I bought one pair online(Tacoma insulted rain boot) and they seem too snug. Do people generally go up a size? I want to fit heavier socks in them. Maybe that style just runs smaller?

        • Hi Erica,
          So BOGS definitely need to have room to trap the air to keep your feet warm. If they are too small they won’t keep your feet warm!
          Does that help?
          =) Amelia

      16. i live in san francisco. my 2 pair of bogs classics are warm enough but they are dangerously slippery on tile floors in rainy weather (eg: my own kitchen, restaurants, the mall). any ideas how to make them have more traction inside when it’s wet outside? i almost fell flat on my face on a tile floor this morning….

        • p.s. i’m in my 50s and a fall would be really bad at my age…so i really need advice

        • Hi Amy –
          Oh boy! Um, I really don’t have any idea, but I agree the traction on them isn’t perfect. Maybe take your concern to BOGS though – they need to hear that!
          Sorry!! Feel free to email me if you want some suggestions on other boots.
          =) Amelia

      17. Very disappointed. I bought these for work. Only lasted a day and half. The worst day ever at work. My toes were so cold I could not feel them and I was in pain they were so cold. Next time I will buy any other brand except bogs. I love the looks and how they feel but a winter boot for -40 temp is a big lie. I can not return them due to wearing them for a dAy and half. I will not recommend these to my friends or coworkers. I am sad.

      18. My sisters raved about bogs for years. My son is 4 yrs younger than their 5 boys. So when he started school I got him a pair. About half way through winter (we live in northern Wisconsin) he complained about cold feet. (His were plenty big do he could wear them 2 winters because of the price ;)) I thought it was because he LIVES outside in the winter. When I mentioned the cold feet to several mothers they also said their kids complained about the same thing. We all thought it was just our kid with that problem. Some wear thick smartwool socks with them and they still get cold. It’s really disappointing because they’re so easy to slip on and are excellent quality. They lasted both winters n could go more. I decided they’re perfect for spring and fall weather but next winter I’ll hunt for another good brand.

      19. I like others wanted to have a pair of boots that kept my feet dry and warm in the cold winter months. I hesitated to purchase the bogs, because they were so expensive. My daughter in law recently bought a pair for my grandson’s, one that was for a 3 year old and one for a 7 year old, 6 at the time. He had always complained that his feet were cold, but I thought how could that be when they are for -40 below weather, and also thinking we don’t ever get to that point so they should be good. He also just jumped into the boots to go next door to a friends house. So with this information I purchase myself a pair. I was so very surprised that they did exactly that…very cold feet. My daughter in law called the store and they contacted bogs and gave him a second pair with no extra cost, which was very fair in my eyes. I also just recently returned mine as well. I think a pair of socks should be enough in a pair of boots, especially if they say the boots are dressed as if you had 2 pairs on. Loved the style, love the make…but did not like them for the cold. After returning the boots they gave me an in store credit. I will have to wait till they receive their new stock for next year, until then I will wear the uGGs which don’t keep your feet dry, but warm. I hope this information was helpful, they did say that not every bog is made for everyone, its the individual….I would have to disagree. Oh as for the second pair of my grandson’s boots they did not warm his feet the second time around. They will be switching them up as well.

      20. I had been pretty happy with my Bogs for the first two winters; I live in Canada and the winters get pretty cold. I’ve never experienced cold or damp feet in my Bogs. This being the third winter in my Bogs, they suddenly developed cracks at either side of the toe, letting water in. I was devastated. I don’t wear them all the time so was hoping they’d last a little longer, ….really expected another couple of years out of them.

      21. Mine do not do well in the cold Canuck winters either, they were so cute and okay for more temperate weather for about one year. The cute design is almost completely faded! And I managed to wear a hole in the back where my heel hits. Not worth the money, in my opinion.

      22. I got my bogs as a Christmas present this year … I’ve had them for 3 months and the insides are completely ruined ! The fabric is gone and the sole is ripped out I have to say these bogs are really bad ! And by thee way the pair I had before that did the exactly the same thing! So just ask yourself if you wanna spend $150 on bogs that last 3 months or buy another pair a shoe that would last longer then that !!!

      23. I just bought some bogs and found that for adults they run small. I wear a sz 10 and actually had to get a 12!! They are just a little big but I wanted them that way so I can wear wool socks when it gets real cold. My feet would be too tight with the sz 11. So if anyone is reading this before you buy some please keep this in mind. It will save you on having to return them. Other than that,I love my bogs!

      24. Daily 6K Dog Walking Owner says:

        I bought my winter Bogs last year. True, they were awesome when trudging through snow or slush and my feet were kept dry. One can get inserts to help with the ‘cold’ issue, and merino wool socks are a must in my books; this said, I found the arch support to be non-existent in the boots. Doing a lot of walking daily with the dog, the support is every bit as important as the need for keeping my feet warm. I have terrible pain now in the heels of my feet, and there’s no doubt that six+ months of wearing these boots were a factor. I’m now on the hunt for warm winter boots that provide the arch support needed.

      25. I bought a pair of boggs for 140.00 and was so excited to hear they would keep my feet warm. Went out yesterday in our first snow storm. My feet were freezing and when I took the boot off my socks were all wet. I even tried a wool sock. How can this be? Any suggestions? Can’t return them now. I don’t recommend them. Waste of money.

      26. I bought a pair of the boggs for winter as I understood they would keep your feet warm. We had our first snow storm and my feet were freezing. I had on wool socks and when I took the boot off my socks were all wet. Not worth the 140.00. I don’t recommend these boots.


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