Running through Barriers + A Premier Protein Giveaway

I find myself coming back to the topic of running again and again recently because it truly has been an outlet to get through some tough (but completely normal) life STUFF.  Stuff like the busyness of being a stay-at-home mom, fighting the battle of insufficient sleep and extra weight from a “bed-rest” pregnancy (over a year ago…), and finding “me” time in the midst of a very busy summer (and a new town.)

I have run on and off essentially since college (and as cross training for swimming in high school, though I hated it then.)   But, it hasn’t been until recently that I have found real joy in it.  I can finally call myself a runner.  Not because I have gone out and completed a bunch of races, come in first place or done anything great.  I am a runner because I run, no matter what.

Family shot after my recent (and first) 10K finish

Confession:  I am  SLOW runner.  I completed my first trail 10K race a couple of weeks ago and I came  in last.  I seldom pass anyone up, and I am booking it (at my own speed) if I make a 10 minute mile.  But, I am out there, I am improving and I am running.  I have been thrilled with what I can do thanks to Jeff Galloways’ Run-Walk-Run method as I strive to do something just for myself.

I am a better wife, a better mom, a better friend and an empowered woman.  I seem to “solve the world’s problems” (or at least clear my mind) as I pound out the miles of trails.  And it’s freeing to be able to go out and complete 9 (NINE – that’s huge for me) miles when I manage to get a chance to run stroller-free.  I’m hooked!

While around here, we strive to do our best to eat real/unpackaged food, I have found that as I increase my milage some extra lean protein has gone a long way for recovery.  Over the past few months, we have been testing out Premier Protein’s bars and shakes.  I use them for after longer runs and Mtn Papa has been using them for a boost after his arduous daily bike ride to work.

We both agree that while some extra protein is great after hard workouts, it is certainly not something we like to eat as a normal snack.  However, Premier Protein is a bit different because it has concentrated protein, but no added calories, sugar and fat so could be used as a meal replacement.  It’s just not something we normally crave (I’d prefer to have more wholesome food for meals.)

The Shakes

Premier Protein shakes come in two flavors: Vanilla and Chocolate.  We both prefer the chocolate (and the kids are constantly trying to get sips from me) and tastes similar to chocolate milk.  Only downfall?  It’s MUCH MUCH better cold.

The Bars

Their bars come in three flavors: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Double Chocolate Crunch and Yogurt Peanut Butter Crunch.  We admittedly are chocolate lovers over here and agree that we prefer the Chocolate Peanut Butter and Double Chocolate Crunch bars (in fact, I don’t like the Yogurt Peanut Butter Crunch at all).  I find myself preferring the bars over the shakes, but that is just a personal preference.  I would just rather have water than any other liquid after a run.  The taste of the bars is nothing out of this world, but we enjoy them enough to eat them.  Again, it’s more of a recovery thing than anything else.

Buy It

Premier Protein shakes and bars are available at a reasonable price at Sam’s and Costco.  We bought a case of chocolate shakes from Costco and keep a few of them cold in the fridge.

Win It

Premier Protein has offered to give five of you the chance to win the following package:

  • 6 Premier Protein meal replacement bars: 2 bars in each flavor (Chocolate Peanut Butter, Double Chocolate Crunch and Yogurt Peanut Butter Crunch)
  • 4 Premier Protein shakes: 2 shakes in each flavor (chocolate and vanilla)
  • Premier Protein nylon bag

To enter to win, please use the Rafflecopter Widget below (if you can’t see the widget, click on the link!)  Please note, that when it asks you to leave a blog post comment, you will need to come back to this post to do it.  If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me ( for help – I would rather you ask than enter incorrectly!  Good luck!

Premier Protein Giveaway

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  1. Christopher Sorel says:

    have a bananna and homemade nut bar. I try to refrain from bars as too much sugar and carbs along with glutin

  2. I enjoy peanut butter with celery sticks or apple slices for healthy protein!

  3. No giveaway entry here – just wanted to say that I think you’re a ROCKSTAR for getting out and running. Even if you come in dead last every time, you’re getting healthier and fitter with every step you take! There’s that saying – no matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping everyone on the couch :)

  4. Laura Ellingson says:

    WOW – Keep up the great work. I also have done the run -walk-run method and any movement is better than NO movement! I have found my breathing while running slowly improving but I have yet to find the passion for it. I too would like to really love it so that I can enjoy a work out as I used to. Something will click for me, I just know if I stick to it God will lead me down the right path.

  5. my fav post workout recovery snack is Muscle Gauge Nutrition Cinnamon Bun protein shake!!! MMM!!!

  6. Georgiana says:

    I like to snack on Greek yogurt with fruit and granola mixed in for protein!

  7. jessica Bressler says:

    Chocolate milk is my favorite post long run recovery drink.

  8. I usually have some yogurt with a banana.

  9. Ttrockwood says:

    My post workout meal is also breakfast- I make a green smoothie with vanilla protein powder, frozen blueberries, 1TB almond butter, fresh spinach and almond milk- the shakes would be awesome for the mornings im running late!

  10. I enjoy Greek yogurt and protein fruit smoothies for an after-workout boost!

  11. Sarah Done says:

    Congrats on running your first 10k! That is so awesome :D I just signed up for my first one on Thanksgiving and I’m nervous but inspired by your finish! Way to be awesome.

    • Sarah Done says:

      Also, my favorite recovery food is chicken and sweet potatoes! Mmmm…. :) Or almond butter and berries if I’m in a hurry.

  12. I love a cold smoothie

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