Top it Off! Hat styles for 2012 (+ Giveaways)

It’s hat season! And there are an abundance of great hats out there for women, men and kids (WAY more than I can show you here)!

I wanted to show you some of the top ones for fall this year (and give you a chance to win a few of them too.)  In the chart below, the ones that are starred are ones that we are giving away.  See below the image for a full explanation of each hat.  Thanks to a couple of my awesome friends for stepping in and modeling some hats!

1.  This one is BRAND new – check out the new FLEECE headband by Wizbang $18.  Super soft, wicks sweat and comfortable enough to wear all day long!  Watch over on the Wizbang site for them being in stock in the next couple of weeks (right now you can find one that is similar to the one I am wearing, but with white fleece.)  You can learn more about Wizbang in our previous post here (and see some of their other styles, including other headbands).

2.  Aurora Knit Hat from Aventura $32 Comes in 5 different colors.  Soft wool that feels comfortable all day long. (**giveaway below**)  Check out my previous review of a couple more pieces from Aventura.

3. Cord hat from Ambler $32 Comes in three colors and is made of a wool/corduroy mix.  The sizing on this one is a bit more generous.  (**giveaway of a coupon code from Ambler below**)

4.  Big Band hat from Ambler $28 Big and chunky wool knitting makes this super warm.  The fleece lining keeps away the itch.  I think J looks like a cute green mushroom head ;)  Very well-made!  (**giveaway of a coupon code from Ambler below**)

5. Classic Lightweight hat from Wizbang in Cowgirl Paisley $28 Their signature lighter hat, this one is perfect for fall days, under a bike/ski helmet or just around town.

6.  PDQ Reflective Beanie from ISIS for Women $29 Made for aerobic activity in the colder temperatures.  Wicks away sweat to keep you warm, great ponytail hole (I originally thought this was silly, but it really does come in handy!), and reflective logo to help keep you safe in the dark. (**giveaway below!**)

7. Classic Lightweight hat from Wizbang in Boxwood Maze $28 Just another color in their lightweight hat! (**giveaway below!**)

8.  Jacquard Stripe Beanie from Mountain Khakis $21.95 A classic beanie with a 9″ deep dome (much bigger than all the other hats.)  Fleece-lined around the brim to keep it soft and moisture-wicking.  Available also in a more neutral color scheme.

9.  Baby Hoser Hat from The North Face $28 A GREAT hat for small heads, this keeps P’s ears warm (and he doesn’t rip it off!)  Note: This hat comes only in one size and was way too small for J (age 3)  More suited for a child 6-18 months.  (**giveaway – of the hat in blue – below!**)

I would love to share some of these hats with some of you. :)  To enter to win, please use (all the) Rafflecopter widgets below (it is just the easiest way!).  If you don’t see the actual widget, click on the link that names the giveaway (they are in order according to the hats listed above with a coupon code from Ambler listed last!)  Yes, you CAN enter any and all of them!

Aventura Aurora Hat Giveaway

ISIS PDQ Reflective Beanie Giveaway

Boxwood Maze Wizbang Hat Giveaway

Mountain Khakis Stripe Jacquard Hat Giveaway

The North Face Baby Hoser Hat Giveaway

Ambler Coupon Code Giveaway

Ambler, Wizbang, Aventura, Mountain Khakis, ISIS and The North Face generously provided me these hats for this review. However, as always, the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly my own. No monetary compensation was given.

© 2012, Tales of a Mountain Mama. All rights reserved. Republication, in part or entirety, requires a link back to this original post and permission from the author.

Amelia lives with her husband and three young children in Yellowstone National Park. As a family, they believe that life is precious, short and should be lived to the fullest. That includes introducing a life of adventures for their boys in the form of skiing, hiking, biking, running, camping and lots of outdoor playing. Amelia writes at Tales of a Mountain Mama in an attempt to inspire others to get outside daily too with tips and tricks, stories and lots of gear reviews.


  1. Christopher Sorel says:

    love a good wind proof stocking cap but hard to find. My second fav is Stormy Kromer Caps – Made in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

  2. Christopher Sorel says:

    oh my daughter would like this beanie for her running

  3. I LOVE hat season! Got one for every outfit. Is there anything better than a warm head? I think not!

  4. Gonna try for #8!

  5. Suzy Allen says:

    I like it when my hat matches what else I’m wearing so it’s always nice to have a lot of them around!

  6. I love how hats cover up my “mom hasn’t had time to do her hair (or shower) in the last few days” hair.

  7. Love #2, love it! Now that my hair is longer, hats look cool on me again, and I plan on livin’ it up this winter!

  8. So cute. I love #6 – I can so see wearing that running around with M.

  9. I NEED that PDQ beanie from ISIS. I’m always looking for a beanie that has a ponytail holder. So key when wearing hats while running in the winter. Awesome!!

  10. I like ISIS on Facebook. :)

  11. mttwinmom says:

    I love love love my wizbang hats! Can never have too many…

  12. KARHIE MAYER says:


  13. Danelle Del Rosario says:

    The Ambler kids hat is really cute! I love soft hats and so does my son…maybe we need to get some more fun ones this year :)

  14. I love them, but especially like #7 &8.

    Great post!

  15. Ooh I would love to win a hat! It would be nice to have a cute one. Now you need to do a post about how to wear a hat and not have your hair look like crap once you take the hat off.

  16. jessica harvey says:

    I’m so self conscious about how i look in hats, I usually hate winter pictures. But I love how my kids look!! A hat can make or break an adventure if their little ears get cold!

  17. Love hats!

  18. jessica bressler says:

    Love hat season

  19. I really like the Aventura hat. It looks like something I’d just wear all over the city. Fashionable yet warm at the same time.

  20. Leah DeLuzio says:

    Love #5 for me, so cute! But all of them are adorable! Would love to win!

  21. Love these hats! Beanies are one of the most perfect things in life… Right up there with Nutella :) Number 2 is my favorite!

  22. Oh I love it when the weather gets cold and its time for hats again!

  23. I like hats that cover my ears.

  24. Hats are a necessity for the cold weather. I can never have too many.

  25. Laura Ellingson says:

    I love hats but don’t where them as often as I don’t have cute ones like these!!! I love 1-6 and 9. So I would take any. If I had to choose I would say 2 is my favorite!

  26. I love #9! It would be perfect for the winter up in the Pacific NW!

  27. Love the hats and would love to have one that fit me as well as they fit the models!

  28. ALL super cute hats .. but LOVE the #2 “Aurora Knit Hat from Aventura” …looks warm and comfy and super cute to go with anything and to wear anywhere! Also love #3 the cord hat from Ambler and the #7 Classic Lightweight hat from Wizbang in Boxwood Maze! :) All great hats to keep us warm, comfy and dry and most importantly HEALTHY this winter season! @ciesla504

  29. The Hoser hats are my favorite for the boys – keeps the ears warm, warm, warm! For myself I prefer the MH windproof hat – amazing!

  30. Ooh I love hats! They add style and keep you warm!

  31. I LOVE #2 and #3 – and the kids hats are great too! Thanks for another great post and giveaway!

  32. I didn’t like hats before, but they not only keep my head warm but look cute and save me doing my hair! :) Plus they pack well for travel and the warm hike when the wind picks up and makes things chilly! Now I love them!

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