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Sometimes your kid gets really excited about a stick and then you notice it isn’t a stick at all….  Guess it’s another good lesson on life and death and wildlife?? And I was pretty glad he was wearing mittens.


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Amelia lives with her husband and three young children in Yellowstone National Park. As a family, they believe that life is precious, short and should be lived to the fullest. That includes introducing a life of adventures for their boys in the form of skiing, hiking, biking, running, camping and lots of outdoor playing. Amelia writes at Tales of a Mountain Mama in an attempt to inspire others to get outside daily too with tips and tricks, stories and lots of gear reviews.


  1. I love bones! We have a pretty neat skull collection going :) I like the changes you all made to the sidebar! Cheers!

  2. We have a skull collection too! We always stop and look at dead things (and poke them with sticks of course). I have a number of pictures of a dead turtle from our trip to Florida. I figure I should use all those physiology courses for something! I even did a post last year on decomposition when we found a dead fish:

  3. Keara B. says:

    Holy cow… this is both gross and awesome at the same time! Your kids get to see the coolest stuff. :)

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