6 Tricks for Encouraging Kids Down the Trail

    I know that we are entering into the cooler (or colder?) months, but that doesn’t mean that trail time is over. In fact, when the heat finally lets up is some of my favorite times to get out. No bugs, no heat, no more horribly stinky feet! Ok, maybe feet still don’t get stinky, but […]

    Read Outside!

      This is my favorite time of the year, at least when it pertains to getting the kids outside easily. I am sure as soon as I hit publish the weather will change and I’ll be eating my words, but for a while we are living in this glorious sweet spot of get-outside-weather. It’s not too […]

      Explore the Outdoors + Giveaway

        We are gearing up for spring around here. That and trying to find a balance in this new reality of being a family of 6. Life has gotten a bit more busy, but the adventures and exploring don’t stop. Baby M may be happy eating and sleeping (and I am SO incredibly thankful that so […]

        Are you a WILD MAMA? {Book Review + Giveaway}

          Confession – I am REALLY bad at reading books all the way to the end. In fact, I am working on it constantly and paying special attention to it this year. I always just don’t make the time. Or I fall asleep. Or I just can’t get into it. So, when I DO actually finish […]

          Get Ready to Cozy up Around the Campfire with Books (+ Advent Idea)

            Today we welcome my friend Erica, hailing from Kodiak, Alaska. Like our family, theirs spends as much time as possible outside. However, there’s nothing following winter adventure quite like cozying up with some hot chocolate (or hot toddy for the adults) and a good book. And we truly believe there is a balance in life – […]

            Newly Published Outdoor-Themed Books for Families + Giveaway

              Oh how we love books in this house! And since the nearest “real” substantial library is over 70 miles away, we are happy to build our own collection. Here’s an assortment of some new ones that have been added to our shelves that we think are good enough to share and encourage you to buy […]

              Summer Reading for Outdoor Kids + Giveaways

                Summer is a time for dreaming and playing and exploring and getting lost in stories. I have many great memories of long summer afternoons spent caught up in the pages of a book. I am hoping the same for my own kids. We are currently doing a little local reading challenge and they are insisting […]

                Preparing for Spring Travels with Usborne Books!

                  Today is National Read Aloud day! Just in time for a post about books (because we love them) and planning some kid-entertainment for spring break trips.  We are welcoming Erica of The Scholar Ship. She was on the blog a few weeks ago with some tips to Teach Outdoor Kids about Weather (which is a […]

                  Teaching Outdoor Kids about Weather

                    Today I welcome my family friend, Erica to the blog. She hails from Kodiak (yep, the island known for the “Kodiak bear”) where she lives with her husband and two children. While my experience with Kodiak was only swim meets a couple different years in high school (was best traveling fun ever because we got […]

                    The Truth About Nature Book Review + Giveaway

                      Stacy Tornio and Ken Keffer have a new book out for families! If you missed our previous reviews, definitely check out their other books: We Love Nature! and The Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Book. The book is full of common nature myths, how untrue they really (from level 1 to 3) are AND what the full truth is. […]