Skiing into a Cabin at the B Bar Ranch

    As I mentioned in my previous post about winter camping, we sort of hit it hard this winter. I am so glad we did – tons of memories were made and plans for future return trips dreamed up. However, I’ll be honest, despite the pain of packing and unpacking (and oh – what a pain […]

    Winter Camping for Families

      ***This post is sponsored by Pine Mountain, because cozy fires are truly one of the best parts of winter camping!** To be honest, our summers are usually pretty hit or miss as far as camping trips. We do most of them in the spring or late fall when my wildland fire husband is more available. […]

      12 Days of Gear Giveaways Day 12: Go Camping!

        **Check here to keep up with all the giveaways for our 12 Days of Gear Giveaways Event!** AHH! Can you believe it!?!? Day 12. Not going to lie – I’m exhausted and ready for a bit of a break. BUT, I so hope you have loved all of these. I always wish I could make […]

        Kids Sleeping Bag Round-Up

          Let’s chat about kids sleeping bags….. Hang tight, this post is HUGE (and we hope very comprehensive!)  When people think about taking kids camping, their biggest concern is almost always how are people going to sleep (and WILL sleep actually happen). And with good reason – it’s hard for kids to do change sometimes…and even […]

          A Sun Flair Solar Oven Cook-Off!

            My kids are suddenly really into cooking and science in the kitchen. While to be perfectly honest sometimes I can’t stand having anyone underfoot in my tiny area, I LOVED cooking as a kid and want to foster that love for my own kids. Plus there are so many lessons to learn between chemistry, math, […]

            Taking Babies and Kids Camping (Yes, You Can!)

              Don’t be fooled – we are about to head into the best time of the year for camping! No bugs, less heat and gorgeous fall colors….. If you’ve been putting it off all summer, now’s the time to get out there! The very idea of taking kids camping  (or even going camping yourself!) is enough to […]

              Cool Camping-for-Families Stuff (You Didn’t Know You Needed) + Giveaways

                We are in full-force camping mode here. And I love it….but am admittedly exhausted from the packing and unpacking cycle each week to get to the weekend. We are getting our system down (which is a great benefit to doing it often), but it’s still quite the process. However, despite all that, it is absolutely […]

                Tips for Preparing for Camping Season + Giveaway

                  *This post is sponsored by Kohls. They are now carrying a full line of camping gear – great news for all of you who love shopping the Kohls sales!* The weather is trying to turn here into something resembling spring and that means many people are starting to plan their get aways and camping trips […]

                  Backyard Snow Cave Camping + Solo Stove Review

                    One of the things I love most about my husband is that he isn’t afraid to get the kids out – in fact, he thrives on it. Right now I am getting out as much as I can, but it really isn’t much. I am counting down the weeks until I get back after it, […]

                    Brand Spotlight: Nite Ize

                      Sometimes we like to take a day and just show off a particular brand if we really love their products. Today we’re focusing on Nite Ize. We’ve used their products for a few years now and really have been pleased with how they perform, especially for camping trips. Please note that the links in this […]