M.A.P. Shoes for Kids

    Kids are forever in motion, adventuring and playing. It’s what we (usually) love about them, right? I am continually inspired and in awe of their energy and zest for life. And M.A.P. Footwear (which, appropriately, stands for “Motion, Adventure, Play”) has got kids and their needs nailed. There’s nothing that ruins a hike quicker (or, […]

    Oakiwear Boots for Women *New*

      Oakiwear has been one of our favorite makers of kids’ gear for a few years now….but just this year they expanded to include some boots for women. We were given the opportunity to test our some of their new Noxen boots this fall and were pleasantly surprised. To be honest, when I first got them, […]

      7 Ways to Squeeze in Outdoor Time When Your Schedule is Tight!

        Busy, busy, busy. Aren’t we all? Places to be, things to, 10 million things that just never get done. I love all the fun we pack in, I hate that I have to work so hard to slow down (is that an oxymoron?!?) One big benefit of homeschooling is the ability to be able to […]

        Extend the Life of your Gear with Noso Patches + Giveaway

          I love wearing down and I do invest in expensive gear if I know it is going to keep me warm. However, I don’t like the fact that some of my favorite gear always feels “fragile” to me. I worry about rip and tears (which is a very valid concern!) I am starting to go […]

          Choosing the Right Hiking Boots

            This summer the boys and Mtn Papa and I have had an opportunity to wear some new hiking boot styles from Hi-Tec. To be quite honest, I have been only mildly impressed in the past with Hi-Tec, but after this round of testing have bumped them up to an all-around favorite for our family. It’s one […]

            Water Shoes for the Family (Our Favorites from Summer 2016) + Giveaway

              The summer heat is only getting worse as we head into August, and for us, that means lots of time in the water. However, most places around here aren’t soft sand and worry-free walking. So, I insist my kiddos wear shoes as much as a possible. Between elk and bison scat, snakes, sharp rocks and […]

              Outfitting Kids for Hiking and Camping

                It’s finally here! Spring and then summer and hiking and camping and all things outdoors. After a long winter, we are more than ready to get out in nature as much as possible (without having to wrestle everyone into snow suits).   This is the time of the year that I always do a little […]

                Babywearing in Nasty Weather + Giveaway

                  I have a baby attached to me 90% of my waking hours. Sometimes for her sake (she is a baby and wants to be held!) and sometimes for mine (I want to go on a walk/hike/chase my other kids). However, while I think baby-wearing is the #1 thing that has saved my sanity over the […]

                  Stay Hydrated with Thermos! (Yep, there’s an App for that!)

                    Hydration is key to good health for an infinite amount of reasons. Sometimes I need reminders about that, though. And to be honest – I am doing some good guessing when it comes to how much water I actually drink in a day. I never notice my lack of hydration or my full bladder more […]

                    My Favorite Bags for Outdoor Women

                      Haiku Bags, oh how I love thee! Functional, fashionable , durable, sturdy and the kind you have around for about forever. I’m head over heels and have pretty much passed on any other bags that I had around that weren’t Haiku. I also have gifted them to some of the women I love and constantly […]