Join us for #takaeahike – Week 2!

    **Winners have been announced! Scroll down to see them!** WOW! We loved loved loved ALL you hikers this week! Rebecca and I were both blown away by all the great hiking photos we saw from all over the country. Thanks so much for taking the challenge, getting out on the trails, and joining in the fun. […]

    Come #takeahike With Us! Week #1

      **Winners have been announced! Scroll down to see if it was YOU! We were so inspired by your stories (hiking to deal emotionally with a miscarriage, hiking to lose weight and be healthier for your family), your SWAG, and your cute faces! Thank you for choosing to #takeahike with us! And keep on hiking!!**   […]

      Want Some Swag??

        We are SO excited to announce our upcoming #takeahike challenge starting June 6th! It was a big hit last year and is going to be SO much bigger this year. We have over $4000 in gear to give away, tee shirts, water bottles and a whole lot of people hiking (which is the BEST part). […]

        Osprey Hydration Packs for Kids

          Ah the daily quest to keep the kids hydrated. It’s so much harder than it should be. Honestly my biggest “trick” is giving them their own hydration pack (and/or bottles…though the packs seem to hold their interest longer). Having ownership of their water really does work. And I usually just don’t fill them completely full, […]

          Hike 2015 Week 9 Winners & Thank you!

            I can’t believe that our #hike2015 event has come to an end. I was so thrilled when I saw Rebecca’s idea for Hike 2015 come to fruition AND that she invited me to jump in and join her in this adventure. This has been, by far, my favorite event we’ve helped run on this page. […]

            Hike 2015 Week 9 + Week 8 Winners

              I can’t believe it but our Hike 2015 Challenge is almost over! This is our last week. Those 9 weeks flew by and encouraged US to hike so much more – thank you! THIS is the sort of event that makes everything we do so worth it. (***psssttt….read all the way to the bottom – […]

              Dear Parents: Bring Your Kids!

                Dear Moms and Dads,   Your children are not simply an inconvenience. They are not “in the way” of your real life. They are not something to just deal with for a few hours and then move on. They are not trying to make you crazy, test your patience or make you regret your life […]

                Hike 2015 Week 8 & Last Week’s Winners

                  First of all, thank you all for hiking with us. What a fun few weeks this has been – we hope you’ve been inspired to get out there just a little bit more – I sure have! What a fun week! We had birthday hikes, a husband and wife team on a section of the […]

                  Hike 2015 Week 7 + Last Week’s Winners

                    We hope you all had fun with last week’s challenge. It was wonderful to watch all of your entries and see how creative it was for some of you to bag a peak or hike to a high point, the varied terrain throughout the United States is amazing! From high altitude snow covered slopes to […]

                    12 Tips for Safe Summer Hiking with Kids

                      We so hope you are joining us for our big Hike 2015 event. We’re on week 6 of 9 and it’s been my favorite event we’ve ever done here. It’s just so fun to see all the places YOU go, and it’s inspired us to be sure we are hitting the trail even more often […]