Finding Strength in Weakness

    This post is sponsored by REI and their #ForceofNature campaign. However, as always, these words are mine and from the heart.   I see myself as a strong woman. Independent, stubborn, motivated, and willing to at least give a really honest attempt to whatever I set my mind too. I brush off 4 (almost 5) […]

    A Mile a Day…..

      I consider myself a pretty active person. I am constantly moving with my kids and really feel it when I don’t get outside and active on a daily basis. I love to walk and ski and bike and run and get my heart pumping. My appreciates and supports me doing that too because I’m just […]

      I’m a Weary (Outdoor) Mama….

        I shouldn’t say that word: WEARY. It’s taboo and looked down upon by everyone around us really. You may be tired and desperate for a rest, but don’t you dare admit it. Women are supposed to be strong, invincible, ready and able to tackle it all. And moms – you better have it all figured […]

        Please (Don’t) Join my Pity Party

          What?? It’s Friday already?!?! What happened to this week (month, etc.) Sometimes I seriously can’t remember if it is spring or fall or what year it is, not to mention my first name. Serious newborn brain. Or maybe it’s just mom brain?? But, life goes on…at an alarmingly fast pace sometimes when you’re chasing 4 […]

          Fighting the Mid-Winter Blahs + Coupon Code

            I am just about 38 weeks pregnant and have been on-guard for a premie baby for 7 weeks now due to dilating early. So thankful that it looks like we may make it full-term, but the mind games are making me a wee bit crazy. But, let’s be honest, pregnancy ALWAYS makes me crazy (and I […]

            Goal: HAPPY Adventure Kids

              My husband I talk often about how why we do the things we do (like “make” our kids ski and hike and camp and get outside). We are constantly keeping each other in check about our motives – is this about US or THEM. What are we truly aiming for? What do we really want […]

              The Two Words We Don’t Say Enough to Our Kids

                I don’t know about you, but the Monday (and Tuesday and Wednesday) after a two week vacation of no time schedules and lots of skiing and eating like we want to and sleeping in and all that fun is sort of rough. Really rough. Especially rough when you are aged 10 and under. Double especially […]

                My Kids Fight Going Outside

                  Not to burst your bubble about our life or anything, but my kids aren’t always all too thrilled about going outside. In fact, most days it’s a full-on wresting match with at least one of them and usually two of them head out kicking and screaming. Glamorous, right?!? In fact, it’s downright exhausting and often […]

                  Why My Family is Skipping the Magic Kingdom

                    Meet Carrie Visintainer, author of “Wild Mama” (which I am currently reading and will report on soon!) I love this post because I could have written it myself – she mirrors my thoughts exactly. Be sure to read all the way to the end to check out her bio and where to find her. And please do […]

                    I Want My Kids to Feel Strong

                      I want my kids to feel strong. To be strong. As an adult (albeit pregnant, which changes things), I often watch them run and flip and jump and climb and wonder how they just keep on keeping on. I know it’s so cliché, but really and truly I watch their bodies move in such awe. […]