For the Love of Mom + A Chance to Win Big!

    We all have a mom in our life, whether we are one, we were raised by one, we are married to one, or we love one. And Mother’s Day is coming up – what a perfect opportunity to share what they mean to us.  More than anything – I hope to some extent this blog […]

    The Outdoors is Not a Cure-All

      This week there was some great discussion over on our Facebook Page over an article stating just how much good the outdoors does for our kids, with an emphasis on how much they suffer if they don’t get outside. “If children are not given enough natural movement and play experiences, they start their academic careers […]

      On the River with Kids – Packing List

        Our adventures have been forced into being more organized with more kids. We have a better groove/plan than we did a couple years ago just as time goes on, but with the baby there seems to be less room for fudging plans if we mess up and forget something. Don’t get me wrong, we usually […]

        I’m a Real Mom Too (Calling My Tribe!)

          This summer seems to be particularly rough as far as keeping everyone sane….maybe it’s the adjustment of having everyone home again (yea!), maybe it’s the stress of every day life that has been especially taxing due to unexpected tragedy or maybe it’s just that I don’t speak “whinese” and that’s all I hear all most of […]

          Gift ideas for an Outdoor Dad + Giveaway!

            It’s getting close to Father’s Day and we think it’s a great time to honor the dads in our lives. If you missed it before, be sure to check out our “Outdoor Dad Instructional Manual” Post (and comment with what you would add!) We want to just do a quick post on some ideas we […]

            Outdoor Dad Instruction Manual

              It’s June. And June means Father’s Day (among other things, of course). Unfortunately, most kids are out of school, so no gifts are conveniently made during the school day so other parents (or caregivers) are off the hook. We’re pretty sure that’s why Mother’s Day is in May (just to make it easier for you […]

              Are we Parenting the Outdoors Out of Our Kids?

                I was watching a group of young kids recently – aged five and younger. And something struck me – they WANTED to be outside. They wanted to run and jump and climb mountains (or at least hills). They didn’t think twice about the weather or the inconvenience of bugs or sun or wind or massive […]

                Goal: HAPPY Adventure Kids

                  My husband I talk often about how why we do the things we do (like “make” our kids ski and hike and camp and get outside). We are constantly keeping each other in check about our motives – is this about US or THEM. What are we truly aiming for? What do we really want […]

                  The Two Words We Don’t Say Enough to Our Kids

                    I don’t know about you, but the Monday (and Tuesday and Wednesday) after a two week vacation of no time schedules and lots of skiing and eating like we want to and sleeping in and all that fun is sort of rough. Really rough. Especially rough when you are aged 10 and under. Double especially […]

                    The Numbers Don’t Matter….

                      I am less than 20 weeks out from meeting my fourth child. My other three are aged 6 and under. I am no stranger to meltdowns, tantrums, attitudes, nor epic drama that only toddlers can seem to muster up the strength for. Like any mama, I often end the day relieved we all made it through […]