Gear Review: Bumbleride Indie Twin 2016

    The updated for 2016 Bumbleride Indie Twin is a stroller not to ignore! While I loved our single Bumbleride, there were some great updates made for 2016/17 that made me appreciate it even more.


    The Indie series is made for parents looking for a great stroller that is easy to push, lightweight, folds relatively small, protects their child and is eco-conscious. While we do use it running, smaller wheels make it not ideal for super long distances. Though for the average runner going up to 5 miles at a time, it’s great!


    Bumbleride Indie Twin 2016

    Bumbleride Indie Twin 2016

    A quick list of why Bumbleride Strollers stand out:

    -Lightweight (36 lb.) with a 90 lb. weight limit

    -Adjustable seats let children lay completely flat

    -The best sun shade

    -Great for light running (~1 – 5 miles)

    -Locking swivel wheel



    Bumbleride Indie Twin 2016Bumbleride Indie Twin 2016


    This fall Bumbleride launched their¬†Camp Collection, which is my absolute favorite! There’s something about that “camp green” that makes you feel just a little more connected to nature. However, if that’s not your style, the Indie does come in 7 different colors.


    What we love about the updated Indie Twin:

    -Seats lay completely flat for napping and young babies

    -The mechanism for adjusting the seats was greatly improved this year allowing it to be a fully one-handed operation

    -Sunshades are THE best I have seen with full coverage and then an added pop-out extension

    -On the Twin, the seats recline separately

    -Locking front swivel wheels (dual)

    -Adjustable handlebar (SUPER adjustable – it goes low enough for the 3 year old to push!) and footrestsBumbleride Indie Twin 2016

    – Pockets in the seats for kids’ water bottles, snacks, etc. and in the back of the seats (perfect for mail, etc.)

    -Folds quickly and easily

    -The seat straps disconnect from the upper part to allow you to easily buckle….and use just the bottom part when they’re fully loaded in snow gear like they often are around her this time of the year!

    -The handle bar is comfortable and durable (another improvement for this year)

    -It pushes very smoothly, turns on a dime and fits through standard doorways

    -Large, easily-accessible storage basket

    -Numerous pockets for all your necessities (some of which have a zipper closure)


    Bumbleride Indie Twin 2016 Bumbleride Indie Twin 2016 Bumbleride Indie Twin 2016

    Bumbleride Indie Twin 2016

    What we would love to see improved:

    -While Bumbleride does make a stroller model more equipped for running (SPEED), it does not come in a double model. I would love to see the Indie have slightly larger wheels.

    -Bumbleride strollers are certainly not cheap, but they ARE worth the money if you’re looking for a fantastic eco-conscious stroller!


    Recommended Accessories:

    The Parent Pack and Footmuff and Seat Liner are ones I highly recommend getting right away!

    Bumbleride Indie Twin 2016 Bumbleride Indie Twin 2016


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    Bumbleride Indie Twin

    The Bottom Line

    Bottom line? I love this stroller and think the improvements made for 2016 made all the difference from the previous model (which I also loved, but had some quirks). It's my go-to for a double and works for just about every condition (except long distance running).

    Highly recommended by us!

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      1. Hello,
        We have 7-month twins and wondering which stroller would be the best between the 2016 Bumbleride Indie Twin and the Thule Urban Glide. We usually do light jogging (less than 5 miles) and are looking for a multi-activity stroller for all terrain.

        We’re concerned about the super easy fold, the height adjustment (I’m 5″3 and my husband is 6″), the smoothest ride, comfort for the twins, great storage and best build quality. We have stairs in front of our home, so every time we get back, we need to fold first the stroller before getting home. We currently have an umbrella stroller MacLaren Twin Triumph, which is easy to manoeuvre but not that great for long strolls on the terrible streets of DC. We’ve also looked at the Cougar, the Chariot Lite, the Burley D Lite, but we fear they’re may not be comfortable enough for everyday use.

        • HI Juanita,

          So….the Bumbleride is a better all-around stroller, and the Urban Glide is a better running stroller. So, if you’re not running a ton, I would do the Bumbleride. It’s a fantastic stroller. That said, we use the new Chariot Cross (which has an adjustable handlebar) for everyday use and it’s awesome. Great for when it’s raining and nasty out!! Keep asking questions – happy to help! Feel free to email me too!

          =) Amelia

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