eeBoo Review and *Giveaway*

    Giveaway closed – lucky numbers #11 (Shannon) and #8 (Cloth Diapering Momma) check your inboxes!

    The weather hasn’t been too ideal around here lately.  Time to share another great idea for those less-than-ideal days! (+ there is still a little time before Christmas and these products are great at keeping kids busy while traveling.)

    When I first discovered eeBoo at a friend’s home, I was instantly impressed.  Their games, puzzles and wall art are exactly the kind of toys we like to have in our home.  They are colorful, educational, and high-quality.

    In their words, “eeBoo creates refreshing toys and gifts that are 100% original (no licenses) and we commission our artwork from well-known and well-loved children’s book illustrators.”   

    I love that most of their games and activities are based on old-fashioned formats which are updated for today’s kids.

    I contacted eeBoo to request a sample and was shocked when they sent a huge box full of great products.  (And yes, I am sharing them with other kids and a few of you too!)  

    A problem solving game for ages 5+ (we have not tried this one yet, but I can’t wait to!)

    The inside of the Obstacles game

    Lacing cards – great for keeping toddlers busy (think Road Trips!)

    Memory Matching Games (L: younger kids; R: older kids!)

    Educational Puzzles (Geography and Counting)

    When I do reviews, I really try to make sure I am thorough with my testing.  We have played again and again with these games and I have honestly not found something I didn’t like.  It is obvious things have been thought-through and tested before they reach the kids.

    I wanted to focus on a couple of our favorites (and, as always, I will update this as time goes on!):

    Preschool Colors Game (Recommended Age: 3+)
    J loves playing this one.  I usually don’t pay attention to the age recommendations on games because all kids are different.  J is 2.5 and has no trouble playing this (but it still keeps him engaged.) The colors are clear, the picture are simple and it is fun to match the cards up!

    Colors game (J LOVES this one!)

    Hardware Store Alphabet Cards Wall Art:
    Another one of our favorites (because we love having the alphabet all over the place!)  This hangs in the boys’ room.  My only complaint is that some of the letters are a stretch for little guys.  For example: X is Xmas lights.  I love the pictures and J likes learning about tools.  If I were to choose again, I may pick animal Alphabet cards instead (but love that these are different than the norm too!)
    Tot Towers Nesting Blocks – Alphabet:
    Our very favorite.  Learn the alphabet while building (and knocking it down again and again!)
    J plays with these daily.

    eeBoo also sells cards, birthday decorations and art supplies.  You can find eeBoo on Amazon and high-end toy stores across the country.  Most of their products are also available at (I have never purchased from there before, but am super impressed with their selection.)  My friend was buying them from Land of Nod (another great shop with impressive toys.)

    Unfortunately, this will not make it in time for Christmas, but I wanted to share a couple of these products with you too!

    One person will win this paper chain decoration (24 feet long)

    A second person will win the puzzle on the right (ages 3+)

    To win, simply comment on this blog post (and I would love if you would comment with your favorite indoor game, but that is optional!)

    eeBoo generously supplied us with most of these products to review (some of them we owned previously.)  However, as always, the thoughts expressed here are completely and honestly my own.

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      1. Jess Bressler here…our favorite indoor game is hide and seek! These toys are lovely, I know both my kids would enjoy!

      2. Oh we love indoor fun right now cause of the cold! My favorite game? not sure, honestly I am sick of most of them. I always liked making forts though.

      3. Favorite indoor game of late? Probably legos or musical instruments…or pointing at all of the Christmas decorations. 🙂

      4. Favorite indoor game right now is Candyland.

      5. My students’ favorite indoor game right now is play dough!

      6. It’s hard to pick just one “rainy day” activity! Baking & home made play doh are always a big hit, as well as painting or any other crafty activity.

      7. I have the Alphabet card but in animals. I love them. But I agree with your comment about x and xmas lights. The animals have one that feel the are a little confusing for a little kid. But I know it has to be hard to find words to fit the different categories. C Mead

      8. We love to sing songs together or go in as teams & sing & dance. Of course you have the play station moves, and we all love yatzee.

      9. Wheee! Thanks for this review! We have a 6,000-km road trip coming up with our 20-month old, and I am looking for ideas!Currently, our favourite indoor toy is a set of fruit and vegetables she can cut and peel, and favourite game is getting her doll dressed and undressed over and over and over and over….

      10. Favorite indoor activity is playing in the basement. We love kicking and throwing a big ball back and forth and my toddler chases it. He tries to kick it and falls over backwards. It’s hilarious to watch.

      11. Simply tossing rice bags into buckets, bowls, or rings is fun in our house!shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

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