Hi-Tec Harmony Women’s Boot Review + Giveaway!

    I recently realized that I have only ever had two brands of hiking boots.  I have wide feet and can’t stand shoes that bother me, so I guess I have stuck with what I know.  Unfortunately, that also means I didn’t know what I was missing.  

    That said, I also want to showcase a bunch of different gear on the blog because I know that different people have different needs and don’t want hear about the same brands all the time. 🙂 

    When Hi-Tec offered to send me a pair of their new Harmony Mid WP (Waterproof) hiking boots, I jumped at the chance (but also warned them I may not be the best subject to test them out because of my wide feet.)  They sent me a half size larger than my normal shoe size (which I actually usually lean towards in hiking boots anyway) and hoped for the best.

    I have certainly put some miles on the boots and, as always, this post will be updated as I am given a chance to use them even more in different conditions.

    What I love about the Hi-Tec Harmony Mid WP:
    – They are light.  Light enough that I was certain they had sent me the wrong thing when the box came. 
    – The traction is great, even on the sliding slopes of the Badlands behind our home.
    – The laces are really long and allow for lots of adjustment (yes, a small thing, but a great convenience!)
    – They accomodate my wide feet with no pinch-points (this is a HUGE deal for me.)  
    – Despite their appearance (the mesh upper threw me off) the boots truly are waterproof (at least in my tests.)  This will be an area I will update in time because we literally have had very little moisture in the past few months to test them in.  However, in an effort test the boots the best I could, I did immerse my feet in running and standing water in the bathtub and stayed completely dry.

    Not So Crazy About:
    – The color (trivial, I know) but they seem too light, at least for my taste.  However, the color is such that they really don’t show the dirt, which is a good thing.
    *Again, as I really am able to put some intense miles on these boots, I will update this section.  I am sure things will come up (because they always do!)  However, for now I am really impressed.

    The Stats, right from Hi-Tec:
    Harmony Mid WP
    Weight: 12.4 oz.
    Available sizes: 5-10, 11
    MSRP: USA $125, Canada $160
    Available colors: Light Taupe/Ultra Marine (what I have), Cool Grey/Celery
    Waterproof nubuck and mesh upper
    Waterproof membrane
    Rustproof hardware and Ghillie lacing system
    Italian-Designed Webbing
    Moisture-wicking lining
    Anti-odor, anti-microbial OrthoLite sockliner
    Contoured CMEVA midsole
    Durable Vibram outsole

    You can find Hi-Tec on Facebook and Twitter.  Make sure you follow because they often do giveaways and provide up-to-date information about their gear.

    The Harmony Mid is just being shipped to stores this week.  Hi-Tec has been super generous in offering one of you a chance to win a pair of your own Harmony Mid WP boots.  This contest is open to U.S. and Canada residence only.  

    To enter, simply leave a comment on this post.  For additional entries, please tweet or do a post on facebook linking back to this blog post (leave an additional comment for each thing, for a total of 3 possible entries.)  

    I will choose a winner randomly and they will be notified by email (make sure to leave your email address) after February 8th. If the winner’s size is out of stock, HiTec will replace with another style of equal or lesser value. 

    If you have questions about the Harmony (or how to enter to win), feel free to contact me at mountainmamatales@gmail.com

    Hi-Tec provided me the Harmony Boot for review.  However, as always, the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly my own.

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      1. New hiking boots that fit wide feet without shopping for days? That would be heavenly! Please count me in!

      2. New hiking boots that fit wide feet without shopping for days? That would be heavenly! Please count me in!

      3. New hiking boots that fit wide feet without shopping for days? That would be heavenly! Please count me in!

      4. New hiking boots that fit wide feet without shopping for days? That would be heavenly! Please count me in!

      5. I would love to try these boots out! I go through hiking boots every few years, so I’d love to win 🙂

      6. Hiking boots that fit wide feet…YAY!!! As a backpacker they are a rare find and i have spent HUNDREDS of dollars on boots and still have not found that “pair” that are a perfect fit for me…Please count me in as well!!! Jenni – Bratkowskij@tessco.com

      7. I have only one brand I buy over and over. I have fussy feet. Would love to find another brand, especially if it was the magic boot for my feet! kristony@hbci.com

      8. I “liked” and “shared” on Facebook!

      9. These look like great boots. I love that they have an anti-microbial sockliner. My feet tend to get sweaty during a hike!

      10. I have wide feet, too and love the way Hi-Tec fits.eugeniewu at gmail dot com

      11. Anonymous says:

        These look like a great find! I am going to keep them in mind. I’ve been looking for light, truly waterproof hiking boots. Thanks for sharing!brookebodar@hotmail.com

      12. Anonymous says:

        I like the color! pdobbs@mtaonline.netPaula

      13. I usually just hike in my Keens, a pair of boots that are made for the job would be great!mrsa08@gmail.com

      14. I shared on Facebook and could put these boots through their paces.

      15. Thes look perfect for Alaskan hiking with a kiddos on the back!

      16. Anonymous says:

        Just spent time hiking in snow and not expecting it, I found out that my hiking boots were not waterproof!Knowing how hard it is to find a good pair of hiking boots that fit and then having ones that are waterproof would be fabulous.wstroh@hotmail.com

      17. Haven’t had new boots in SO long, and I have the wide fot problem too! Awesome giveaway!

      18. Tweeted it at KidProjectOrg

      19. And Facebooked it at The Kid Project!

      20. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post!http://infinitelifefitness.comhttp://mscomposure.blogspot.com

      21. those seem really comfy!

      22. I’m always looking for good boots for bowhunting… and if they are light weight, all the better! I can always use a light weight water-proof boot.

      23. oops… here’s my email: scentfreelipgloss at yahoo dot com (Just tweeted too)

      24. Anonymous says:

        I would absolutely love to try a pair. My current high tec boots are getting a little long in the tooth!!

      25. I wear hiking boots all of the time. I wear them to school with my Kindergarten class. We love to hike around the playground during recess; however, I do not like wet feet. I usually have 10 students who love to walk in the snow with me but my feet are getting wet . I need a new pair of hiking boots.

      26. A new pair of hiking boots would be amazing:)

      27. I’d love to try them out!

      28. awesome! I’d love to win!

      29. I really need these boots!! I’m new to hunting (November), but got my first deer in Dec!! First I wore my hiking boots…not waterproof, but worked. Then my hubby told me to just wear my sons boots. Laughing, I told him I probably only wear a men’s 7, my sons were 11! Guess what he came home with that very day….men’s boots size 7! Needless to say they are not the most comfortable, but I got my deer the next hunt!!

      30. ya those look like they would do great. i also would prefer a different color. darker. zippy573 AT netscape DOT net

      31. Maureen G says:

        I like the fact that the boots are light-weight and wide. They are light-colored but flattering in the photo. I would really like to have a pair!

      32. I could use a new pair of hiking boots elliebunny/hotmail/com

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      34. These look great! Thanks for the giveaway! ~Sage sageovalente@yahoo.com

      35. Those boots look awesome! I had to LOL about the color comment, I’m totally the same way. Completely trivial, but it does kinda matter 🙂

      36. Lightweight, accommodating for wide feet and WP, these are the boots for me! Thanks for the thoughtful review and giveaway.

      37. Comfortable hiking boots! Count me in.

      38. These look like great boots. I do a lot of winter hiking so a new pair of boots would be awesome:)

      39. Two BIG thumbs up from Maine for Hi-Tec boots made for taller ladies with wide feet!

      40. My daughter has about worn out her hiking boots and I’d love to replce them with a pair of these Hi Tec’s! Thank you for the chance!

      41. Anonymous says:

        Thanks for an awesome giveaway… We don’t have human babies but love to hit the mountains with our furbabies!Ashley Cashley 41 jones @ gmail . com

      42. Sweet! I have a pair of slip on hi-tec boots. These look great. heather738(at)gmail(dot)com

      43. These boots sounds great, especially since I also have wide feet.Thanks for the chance to win these!Sarahjd766 at yahoo dot com

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      45. Ooh…I need these! (not sure what happened with the previous comment I posted…oops)

      46. I need some new hiking boots and would LOVE to try these! Thanks for the review!sarah dot knechtel @ gmail.com

      47. I love that they are light. Nothing that I hate more than a heavy, clunky hiking boot!

      48. The boots look awesome! Would love to do more hiking!

      49. Anonymous says:

        Jess Bressler says,Thanks for the chance to win!

      50. Would love to try these boots!sweepinpianista at gmail dot com

      51. and tweetedhttps://twitter.com/#!/picatasi/status/165996354571739136

      52. would love to try them!…and I like the color :)zencamperwes at gmail dot com

      53. Perfect replacement for my hiking boots that are literally falling apart!

      54. I love Hi-Tec boots, they r my families choice of outdoor wear. Thnks for the chance. Lanieekat@gmail.com

      55. Twittered about the picture @BigPictureYYC

      56. Thanks for another chance through Facebook!

      57. Jamie Schwenn Herda says:

        Oh my goodness! Something that you can hike in and for WIDE FEET. Crossing my fingers for this one. Thanks for the chance.

      58. Hi-Tecs are the best shoes I’ve ever owned…Please pick me!!!

      59. I wear Hi-Tec and would love to get my wife into them as well. This looks like a great one. Maybe I can win her a pair!

      60. Anonymous says:

        Would love to win a great pair of hiking boots. Could use them this summer on our trip to Alaska. judydoylespike@yahoo.com

      61. sondra of anchorage says:

        I could really use a new pair of boots as it seems my feet never shrunk back down to size after my little guy arrived. sondrasoo@yahoo.com

      62. Anonymous says:

        Awesome..thanks for the review!!! BTW Im a mountain mama too

      63. Anonymous says:

        oh my email is coreysmom1@hotmail.com

      64. Anonymous says:

        They look great – I’ve never tried Hi-Tec – Make me a believer!

      65. Commenting for Cassie!

      66. Cassie’s tweet!

      67. hi I really could use some thanks for the contest

      68. I also posted to facebook thanks

      69. Living in Northern Michigan and being a very outdoorsy family I am outdoors in all types of conditions. We love to kayak, camp, hike and explore the woods, waterfalls, and coves upnorth. However, you can only last as long or have as much fun as your feet feel good. I too have always had the same problem with finding quality shoes/boots that really fit and feel comfortable on my wide feet without the pinch and blisters. Heel pain the morning after is also a problem. I have never tried Hi-Tec hiking boots, but would love the chance to give them a try! 🙂

      70. Fantastic Giveaway! That would be great. Also posted to fb.

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      72. I am looking to get back into hunting and looking for a good and heavy duty pair of boots not just to hunt in but also be able to use for hiking when in the mountains.

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