Gear Review: Ice Queen Skirt by Skirt Sports

    Skirts are hitting the big time out in the athletic world.  I have been watching them change and improve over the past few years and continue to be impressed.  It is not uncommon to see gals wearing them for running races, out skiing or just around Jackson (which we consider the local ski town and people wear their gear to the bar.)  They bring functionality and femininity together for women who continue to be active (and hate changing their clothes numerous times throughout the day!)

    I wrote a post a few months back about the Skhoop skirt and using it for winter sports.  Warm skirt, but definitely not super stretchy for lots of movement.  Skirts Sports has another version of an outdoor winter skirt that is definitely more forgiving when using it to be active.  The Ice Queen is essentially a winter athletic pant with a skirt for added coverage.  I also claim that extra layer of the skirt adds just a tad more warmth (which I find helpful!)

    What I love:
    – Windproof thigh panels and skirt (HUGE in Windy Wyoming!) The thigh panels extend past the knee making the coverage more than adequate. The rest of the piece (that is not the windproof panels) is stretchy and soft.
    – The skirt doesn’t get in the way of my movement, but still does provide a bit of “modesty coverage” especially for aerobic sports where tight-fitting clothes are more comfortable anyway (XC skiing, snowshoeing, skiing).
    – They are great for running, snowshoeing, and XC skiing.  I did wear them backcountry alpine skiing once with long underwear beneath them, but they don’t fit over the larger alpine ski boots quite as well and I felt as though I should be wearing a little more for the conditions.
    – Their boot-leg shape and 9″ boot zipper allows for fitting over nordic ski boots and running shoes.
    – The attaching of the pants and skirt is such that no chafing will happen.  The construction of the skirt is absolutely secure and tough.
    – Two small pockets (hidden under the skirt on both sides) hold an ipod/gel easily.  Love the music port too! (see photo below for sizing peek of pockets/music port)

    What I am not so crazy about:
    – I wish the skirt was just a tiny bit longer….but I think that is more personal preference than anything else.  I think it could easily be another 2 or 3 inches and not limit mobility.
    – The breathability – I feel like my legs sweat and it gets trapped in the pants so I come away from them feeling a bit “clammy”.

    The Stats (right from the source):
    Features & Benefits

    • Two-panel Windproof Skirt
    • Skirt length (medium): 13″ front, 14″ back
    • Sonic Music Port under waistband for headphone cord
    • Non-chafing flatlock stitching

    Built-in Pants
    • Windproof thigh panels extend below knees for joint protection
    • Pant inseam (medium): 33″
    • 9″ zipperd godets at ankles
    • 2 pockets to fit gels, keys and more
    • Non-chafing flatlock stitching
    The Ice Queen retails for $125.  Yes, a bit steep, but what you could expect to pay for any winter high-performance pant.  Skirt Sports also makes running, biking and everyday athletic skirts.  They can be found at an increasing amount of outdoor stores and at REI (and a few other online stores that I am not as familiar with).
    Skirt Sports generously provided me an Ice Queen Skirt for this review.  However, as always, the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly my own.  Additionally, some of these links are affiliates.  See my disclosure here.

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      1. These look really great. Can you separate the pants from the skirt if it gets hot while hiking? I’ve been using the traditional convertible pants in cold weather hiking, but I prefer the skirt/pants combo and just hadn’t come across a windproof pair. If these could separate, they would be perfect!

        • Jill, they are connected and you can’t separate them. However, the skirt isn’t long enough to make THAT much of a difference that it would make you super hot if you were doing some winter hiking! Let me know if you have other questions.

        • Thanks for the reply! I was thinking I could take the pants off and hike in just the skirt & knee-high socks if it got warm during the day. Still a nice product and I appreciate the review. Thanks!

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