*Gear Review* Liberty Bottle Works + Giveaway

*Giveaway Closed!* Congrats to #34, Kristie S; #5, Susan S. and #24, Tiffany.  Please email me at mountainmamatales(at)gmail(dot)com with your first, second and third choices!  

Water bottles are exploding out of our cupboards more often than not.  Or our car.  Or the bike trailer.  

We use them constantly in an attempt to stay hydrated in the dry climate of Wyoming.  The benefits of water are abounding (we’ll save that information for another day), and we know that running out of water (or just plain not drinking enough) can have disastrous results.

Our local gear shop, Wind River Gear, carries Liberty Bottles and they got my attention right away.  I simply loved that the lid only required 1/4 turn to close it (instead of turning and turning and turning…)

I looked into the company a little more and was thrilled to have a chance to try some out (and give some away.)  

We what love (and what makes Liberty Bottles different):
– BPA-free (“our coating insures no heavy metal leaching or porous surface for bacteria build up.”)
– Made in the USA
– Made from recycled aluminum cans, and recyclable too.
– Food-grade coated interior prevents chips from the aluminum entering your drinking water.
– Varying designs from “everyday” artists.  AND you can make bottles with your own logo (if you order a minimum of 72 bottles)!!  One day, when I am rich, maybe there will be “Tales of a Mountain Mama” bottles 😉  Donations accepted 😉 HA!
– They fit in “normal” spaces like cup holders (SO annoying when your bottles don’t fit in those spaces!)

What we aren’t so crazy about:
– I love the fact that the lid closes in a 1/4 turn, but if you don’t get it on there right, it is going to leak.  It almost takes a little practice (and we have had some “practice messes”.)
– Waiting for a lid with a straw (to make car-traveling a little easier.) **and I have it on good authority these are in the works, along with kid-sized bottles!**
– While we haven’t put any dents in ours with normal use, I did do a test of filling it up and dropping it on some pavement from about 4 feet up (thanks to a suggestion from another outdoor enthusiast) and it definitely dented more than just a simple aluminum other bottle I have (which I also dropped).  Hmmm….  That said, my Camelbak also dented.  Apparently we just don’t normally drop ours onto hard surfaces (like pavement.)

Win one!
Thanks to Liberty for sending us enough bottles to share.  To enter (4 entries possible):
1. REQUIRED:  Leave a comment on this post sharing something about water/hydration and how it affects you OR share what you would put on a bottle if you could design your own!
2. Follow us on Facebook (and leave another comment saying you do).
3. Follow us on Twitter (and leave another comment saying you do).
4. Follow our Pin boards on Pinterest (and leave another comment saying you do).

I will choose 3 winners and post them here after April 5th.  Please check back to see if you are a winner (or make SURE you leave your email address!)  Open to US only.  Winners will have choice of above pictured bottles – first come, first served.

38 thoughts on “*Gear Review* Liberty Bottle Works + Giveaway”

  1. These are made in my hometown! We love keeping water bottles out at all times for our boys so they (and mama) can stay hydrated all day. Great giveaway!

  2. If I could design a water bottle it’d be black and have the Jolly Roger flag on it. Oh, and I follow you on twitter and facebook already. Do I have to leave two more comments for that or does this suffice?

  3. I found your blog thru the OBN site and check it out from time to time. I really enjoy your blog. :)I have two little kids and always seem to be carrying around plastic sippy cups (ugh) when we are running around town. I have been meaning to get a GOOD water bottle for quite some time. These look great! If I could design my own I would have it say something like: “go vegan for a better planet”. 🙂 Thanks for the give-away opportunity!

  4. I know that this may seem trivial to some, but I am constantly getting on our kids to drink more water simply by looking at their lips. They are extremely chapped when my kids dont drink enough.

  5. I was just thinking the other day about how you always used to be upset with me for not drinking enough water. Now that I have gotten in the habit of doing it I can’t imagine how I survived without it! I heard somewhere that you should take your weight and divide it by two to get the base number of ounces of water you should drink in a day. That’s my daily goal.

  6. I love that this water bottle will fit in cup holders! These days everything has a cup holder– our little red wagon, lawn chairs,etc… If I could design my own, I would decorate it with little squirrels and owls and lots of trees. Maybe a little tent here and there 🙂

  7. Water is my cure-all. No matter what ails me, if I drink more water it always helps. I keep a cup of water in every room to remind myself to drink constantly. I keep a water bottle in every purse and bag for the same reason.

  8. my kids LOVE getting new water bottles! it is always so exciting, and it’s somehow easier to get them to drink out of new ones. so……. we could use some new ones!if i could make my own water bottle design, i think i’d make it like a wipe-off board or chalkboard paint so i could write on it. i am never in the same mood every day!

  9. They need to design them in kid colors (geometric designs, dinosaurs, ballerinas, etc.) and make them smaller so my kids can tote them around and stay hydrated during our summer adventures!!

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