Inspiration to Get Out There! (+ Gear Giveaway)

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It is no secret that we are huge proponents of getting outside and being active.  That is what this blog is all about….and it is the reason we put so much energy into it.  We believe whole-heartedly in the benefits of fresh air, exercise, and trying new things!  We want to inspire and be inspired.

Inspiration comes in all forms: challenges from those we love, challenges from those we imitate and admire, and challenges from nature as our bodies learn to move in different ways.

As a family, we tend to like to switch things up a bit with the seasons and on a whim.  We are ok with biking in the winter (because we can around here) and Mtn Papa always loves to get a ski in in June just to say he did (again, because we can!)

We also love to challenge each other with new interests….which also tends to result in more gear around here, but we live with the consequences…  I taught Mtn Papa how to skate ski, and he taught me all I know about backcountry alpine skiing.  We encourage each other to get a run in (or get back into running and hiking after babies) and individually and collaboratively support hikes off the trail, training for fun races and trying new sports.

Keeping things fresh and being supportive between spouses, family members and friends is key to continuing to get outside and remaining active.  I, personally, love the backcountry because it is always offering a new perspective, new views, and new challenges (and it is for the opposite reasons that I loathe the treadmill!)

We also look elsewhere ourselves for inspiration.  We read blogs, look at pictures, and watch what others are doing while we are outside.  We talk to people we run into on the trail and feel like kindred spirits with those of you online who share your own stories (so thank you!)  When we were pregnant with J, we had an eagle-eye view for spotting Chariots (and pestered everyone we could asking questions about them!)  We’re always looking around for new gear (especially kids’ gear that helps us get out there as a family) and love sharing it here on the blog.

I want to know!  What inspires you?  What makes you want to get out there and push yourself physically and emotionally and mentally (because we certainly know adventuring with kids requires plenty of mental and emotional challenges too! ;))

This winter I came across yet another company that I want to share with you because I think they are doing wonderful things to inspire people to get outside.  Multisport Journeys designs graphics (hand-sketched by owner, Sue Field’s, brother, Jeff Field, and then colored and digitized by Sue herself.)  They have a bunch of them ranging from snow sports (skiing, tubing, snowboarding) to ATV sports to yoga and back to summer sports (hiking, kayaking, running, etc.) They take those graphics and offer them on T-shirts, fleeces, hats, mugs, and technical shirts.  You can choose one graphic or a few together (three or four) to highlight what you love to do.

I was especially delighted by the kids’ line and the fact that our boys can wear graphics that promote being out there (instead of the latest TV show or a Disney character.)  Sue was generous enough to send P a Baby T showing off skiing and J a fleece (skiing too, of course!).  I keep putting them on the boys to see what other’s reactions will be, and they certainly get plenty of complements.  P wore his proudly (or at least we put it on him proudly) while the rest of us were out skiing the slopes in Jackson Hole and he was home with Grandma and Grandpa.  

MSJ actually uses a burning technique to put their images on fleece so there is no fading.  The images on the cotton Ts will fade with washing (just like any image on a shirt) but so far, so good (and we have washed ours at least five times.)

The clothing is quality, the graphics are unique and quality, and the message is clear: GET OUTSIDE AND BE ACTIVE!

What  I would love to see improved:
– For the kids’ line, I would really love to see some graphics that showcase kids.  I want to see a picture of a kid giving a thumbs up in a Chariot, a kid hooked up to a ski harness learning how to downhill ski with their parents, a kid on a balance bike, a kid backpacking in a pack with their family.  Kids doing what kids have to do when they are little (and then wearing the shirts to show it!)

– I love the idea of having technical shirts, but wish they could be something other than white (though understand the lightness of color is necessary for the graphics to show up.)

– I think the fleeces are great, but would love to see them without any writing at all.  Just the image to convey the meaning (or use the “Live to…” writing)!

Sue over at MSJ has very generously offered a chance for one of you to win your own custom cotton T-shirt (choice of size and graphics).  

To enter to win:
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And for everyone else, Sue is offering a 10% discount (code: talesten) good through the end of March.

Multisport Journeys generously gave P and J their shirts to facilitate this review.  However, as always, the opinions expressed here are honesty and genuinely our own!

39 thoughts on “Inspiration to Get Out There! (+ Gear Giveaway)”

  1. well for starters you inspire me 🙂 I think also I grew up in a small city. We always wanted our kids to be free, free to rome and play. We now have a 42 acre farma nd I think the kid in me inspires me. I have to be an adult all day long, raising 7 kids. When I look outside I feel young, I feel like I want to rome and play.It feels so good to be outside in the fresh air, no matter what season, each brings it’s own new smells, which I love! It feels good when I com back in the house exhausted and my muscles feel worked. Gods creation is so beautiful and I want to enjoy it.

  2. One thing that always inspires me is the memories I know we’ll have in the future, the photos, the stories, and that my son will be able to look back on the photos and say; wow, look at the cool stuff I did when I was young!My parents didn’t take us camping or hiking. I want my son’s life to filled with those memories and experiences.We also want to train our son up to like these things when he’s older and that means consistency. If we only go occasionally now, he’ll expect that when he’s older too. If we go every weekend and do cool stuff, I’m hoping he’ll come to believe that’s the norm for our family.

    1. Tanya, great points! Those memories are pretty amazing, aren’t they!??! I did get to do this sort of stuff as a kid and am looking back to those memories constantly! Way to go!!

  3. What gets us outside isn’t so much inspiration but a deep seeded need. If we don’t move and move outside we’re not as happy and we don’t feel as well as when we do. We connect as a family, we slow down and unplug when we get out into nature. Our need to explore is what inspires us… We want to learn new things. We want to see new things. We want to do new things. While much inspiration comes from within it also comes from outside influences such as your blog, meeting other’s who are like minded, photos of locals far and close. New equipment begging to be tried out is a sure fire way to get us out. We make sure that we get out there because we always feel better afterwards. The days we don’t feel like getting out are often the days that we need to the most – those are the days we start small just to get out the door. We might be more tired afterwards but it’s a good tired.

  4. There are several inspirations I can think of for our family. My family did not hike/camp much when I was growing up, and I really want that for my kids. I always wanted to hike growing up but did not have many opportunities to do so. I also love photography and enjoy hiking as a fun way to capture the beautiful scenery.Most importantly, both of my kids grew up in orphanages where they were physically and mentally restricted for so long, so the freedom and tranquility of nature is really important for them! They love it, so we go outdoors often.

  5. Growing up my family was not very active. We did not go on a lot of hikes unless it was hunting or going fishing. When moving to a much smaller town and now that I have a family of my own. I know that being active is so important. We have been trying really hard since moving to a town that does not allow us to do anything much else but be outside. We have done things that I thought I would never do. It is such an inspiration to watch my kids enjoy being outside and learning new things to love besides technology. It has truly been a blessing to be such an active part of nature.

  6. Being in a new place inspires me because I feel that I don’t want to waste any time getting to know the new trails. Other active mamas inspire me and provide necessary tips on how to keep me and my little guy cozy in the freezing temperatures. And sometimes it’s just my failures that inspire me- like pulling a muscle playing a sport when I’m out of shape, because I know I can work to get back in shape and enjoy some of the things I did pre-baby.

  7. Being healthy inspires me. Getting out there and seeing all that nature has to offer, and sharing it with my kids, inspires me. Worry that things will deteriorate in the future — like coral reefs, or Colorado’s forests, inspires me to do it NOW.

  8. I am inspired by that fear that I always feel before I dive into something unknown or intimidated. One day, I’d like to just not even be held back by the doubt at all. My climbing partner Niko is seemingly fearless, and he inspires me to overcome my inhibitions, both on the rock wall and in all aspects of life.

    1. Katie, I can totally relate. My husband is the one that helps push me to my limits and challenges me to new things (and I would like to hope that I do that for him too!)

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