Reflections on Screen Free + Contest

    Screen Free.  Possible?  

    Did you take full advantage?
    Did you take advantage at all?
    Did you find it easier or tougher than you thought it would be?
    Did you decide it was silly and there were no benefits?

    After a full week, Mtn Papa and I sat down just to reflect a little bit about how it worked for us…. (Spoiler – we are going to do this Screen Free Business a bit more often!)

    The good, the bad and the unplugged
    What was great:
    – We went to bed earlier every night and spent time reading (something I seem to do less and less lately.)
    – I quit wasting time on social media stuff and was very focused when I checked my emails.  I had more time (crazy, I know!) for the simple things (like throwing a ball with my son!)
    – Mtn Papa didn’t worry about emails or balancing the checkbook or looking for “THE” truck on ebay, etc. after having to be on the computer at work.
    – As a couple we made it more of a priority to play games together, go on extra walks as a family and just spend a bit more time outside.

    What we didn’t expect:
    – We really don’t watch TV hardly at all, but we do have two PBS stations 😉  After a long stretch of sleepless nights, I was wishing I could sit J in front of some quality shows for just 30 minutes so I could sneak in a little extra sleep in the morning.
    – I didn’t miss FB or Twitter.
    – The effect on our kids was minimal because of their ages and lack of TV usage in our house.
    – It was a great vacation of sorts!
    – The house wasn’t any cleaner….hmmm…..

    What we missed:
    – Being able to look up the little things on the internet (recipes, questions, weather, etc.)
    – Being able to sit down and write my thoughts or ideas as they came up (I had to *gasp!* use pen and paper!)

    Again, I can’t wait to see how Screen Free went for everyone else 🙂  Please feel free to comment and email me pictures – I will use them for a post (and can certainly credit you/your blog if you would like!)

    Facebook Photo Contest from Piggyback Rider
    Tales of a Mountain Mama and Piggyback Rider want to see your photos using your Piggyback Rider, especially during Screen Free week!  Don’t have a Piggyback Rider yet?  Improvise and get creative =) We will be testing and reviewing a Piggyback Rider later this summer (so stay tuned for that!)

    To enter, check out our Facebook page (the contest will be “pinned” to the top so you can find it easily.)  Don’t have Facebook?  Feel free to email me at with your photo, caption and your first name and I will enter you via our wall.  One winner will win this sweet Piggyback Rider shirt set (one adult and one kid!).  🙂  Entries due May 17th at 8 pm MST!

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      1. Last year, when the baby was just old enough to start being interested in the TV we used to have on all the time, my husband and I decided to do something radical (for us) and go TV free for 30 days. It was rough at first, but pretty nice by the end of the month. We ended up canceling cable and our lives have never been the same since! But, one thing that surprised me was how much I missed the TV as “together” time with my husband in the evenings. We always liked to cuddle and watch an hour or so after dinner, and without that, he would likely be playing computer games and I’d likely be on Facebook and we actually felt MORE separated. I love how you have a “what we didn’t expect” section here, and that the house wasn’t any cleaner went on that list. 😉 It’s so easy to think “if I wasn’t doing [blank], I’ll be this amazing person who learns 5 languages, cooks gourmet meals and keeps a beautiful, organized life.” Yeah, whatever. I’m the same slob regardless of how much TV I watch!!

        • Hi Kate – isn’t it funny how those things come up that we wouldn’t expect (like missing out on snuggle time?!?!) Way to go for cutting out your cable! And yes, as far as time, I guess it is all in the priorities! I, for one, spent a lot MORE time outside with my kids last week (and it was GLORIOUS! :))

      2. While we participated fully (screen-free for all entertainment), the weather didn’t cooperate and though we were outside everyday it wasn’t as much as I was hoping for. Guess that’s spring in Calgary 😀 After this past week, I decided to streamline my efforts so I can write my own blogs, enjoy reading my favourite blogs (such as yours), communicate with friends and family, and work on my photography while still limiting the time I spend on the computer. Time to get outside…

        • SO hard when the weather isn’t good, isn’t it?!?!? And yes, I totally need to streamline my time too. Thanks, Suzy!

        • LOL! I found getting out wasn’t so bad… it was staying out when it was 0C – 1C and sleeting/slushing. It was undesirable to stay out in the yuck. 😀

      3. I TRIED! WE tried! Going Screen free was much harder than I thought! Thank you for putting this on my heart! Spending time with my kids was rewarding. Playing catch, going for walks, even running barefoot (all of us) in the rain! (I will be emailing you a picture of my boys running in the rain! It was a hoot!) It rained all week long in MN and with trying to get everything together for my sister and her big move out to Seattle I did check email more than I planned! However I am so proud of making the effort and really removing the PLUG when we would have so easily sat down to watch a program together, movie or video games! ~Laura

      4. Awesome Amelia! No worries my house wasn’t any cleaner either 🙂 And I agree with you, it kind of felt like a vacation. Loved reading about your experience!

      5. We tried and did good for the first dew days. Then Our son started to have seasonal allergies and It was hard to keep him indoors all day and not let him watch a movie. We have never had any type of TV just movies so cutting back on TV wasn’t too hard. But by the end of 2 days stuck inside I gave in and let him watch a movie so I could have a moment to relax and make dinner. We only have one child so I’m his only playmate. My house wasn’t any cleaner. I did get some some pictures of my son blowing bubbles before we entered the cave. I’ll have to find them. I haven’t received the Action baby carrier yet and we finally have an appointment with our dr. to figure out what you can give an 18 Month old for Hayfever so hopefully we can post pictures of us adventuring the Redwoods soon.

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