“How Bad Do You Want It?”

“How bad do you want it?”

“How much are you willing to give to get it?”

“How will you decide to live your life?”

“Are you working hard to be the best you can be?”

These questions have been swirling through my mind a lot lately as I battle the complete chaos of a life with toddlers, a busy fire season (which means “Mtn Papa” is super busy) and my own desires to meet some personal goals.

I also have about a zillion ideas running through my head: ways I want to raise my kids, fears I want to conquer, trips/hikes/mountains I want to tackle, relationships I want to deepen (and how to do that) and how to get those never-ending household chores done.  There just never seems like there is enough time in a day (or week…or lifetime!) to do it all.  I am lucky if I accomplish half of what I set out to do in a day.

And really, that is ok….

It’s ok to take moments to relax.  It’s ok to just laugh with your kids and forget about everything else that day.  It’s ok to just BE.

And so I am working on taking a deep breath and focusing on what really matters as I ask myself some questions:

  • How bad do I want to be a good example for my children?
  • How bad do I want to get back in pre-baby shape?
  • How bad do I want my boys to love the outdoors?
  • How hard am I willing to work to be stronger/healthier/holier/more peaceful/more loving mother, wife and woman?
  • What distances am I willing to go for the good life?
  • How important is it for me to NOT be stressed by the demands of life (so I can BE a better spouse/mother/friend)?

I am finding the answers very freeing as my choices become clear:

  • I can sit and home and whine about how I never get to work out or I can load the kids in the stroller and run anyway.
  • I can wish I had someone help me get everyone dressed, loaded, snacked-up and whine-proofed before a hike or just do it and make the most of it.
  • I can say someday I will run a race or just sign up, forget getting a PR and run for the shirt!
  • I can be overwhelmed by household work or tackle it in small chunks and make my family my priority.
  • I can succumb to the CHORE it can be to get everyone out the door or just go (and be thankful I did!)

Life as parents is busy.  Very busy.  I don’t think there are any exceptions to that at all.  We all have choices to make.

Our Mantra: No excuses.  Live life to the fullest.  Get outside!

Besides aiming to be the “best version of ourselves”, I also feel a strong responsibility to help others push and challenge themselves too with new experiences.  The North Face is running an excellent campaign right now called “Role Models”.  You can find more information about it here, along with a review of some of their running gear for women (that I love!)

The North Face Running (Role Models and Gear Reviews)

13 thoughts on ““How Bad Do You Want It?””

  1. Funny – I have been musing over very similar things recently. I find, though, that so much of that stress and worry fall away when we get outdoors – it is amazing how many answers to your questions are found in nature, in being outside.

    When you are outside you are setting a good example for your children, (likely) getting exercise (and it’s so much better than the gym!), sharing and infusing your children with a love of the outdoors, reconnecting with yourself in its many roles, and, in that moment, living the good life! Bonus: if you are outdoors, your house stays a little neater! And as for whiny kiddos, I find that being outside tends to be the best way to calm my kiddos (more on that here: http://www.craftingconnections.net/the-blog/the-paradox-of-nature/)

    Now, I should get off this computer and head to the park!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment and sharing, Andrea (checked out your awesome blog too! :)) Great points and great post (and some of my thoughts exactly!!) Hope you got to the park!

  2. You’re absolutely right!! We went camping this weekend – had lots of foibles but the worst was that my husband missed his long run for marathon training (we’re about 6 weeks out), so after getting home yesterday, going to Mass (key priority), we loaded up the kids, the bike and the bike trailer and headed out to a bike path along the Potomac river. We didn’t get home until 8:30 at night (30 minutes past lights out, after a long weekend with little sleep in the tent) – BUT we got the big run in, had an awesome time as a family, and got a little closer to our goals.

    1. Awesome, Jessica. And totally what I mean. As a mom, I usually am soooo strict about bedtime (because I am SO tired) but it is those “go past what you think you can do” moments that seem to bring us closer together. Way to go on the marathon to your hubby! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the inspiration! I always find that the days I don’t want to go to the trouble of getting outside are the days I most need to get outside.

  4. Yes, yes and yes…it doesn’t ever go away the need to prioritize and remind myself to quit whining…even at 56. It makes a difference in my day IF I get outside and “play”.

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