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There are some big things happening all over right now.  Enough that I am seriously taking a whole post to do a few shout-outs.  Be assured they must be good!  That and I have been enjoying time outside with my kids in the cooler temperatures too much lately to be doing a ton of writing (which I refuse to apologize for)! 😉

1.  Apparently we won an award and are honored to be joining 20 other sites for the “21 Climbing and Outdoor Fitness Sites Towering over the Rest.”  While we have yet to start climbing as a family ourselves, it’s great to be a part of the outdoor fitness category!  Check out the other 20 – there are some great ones in there.

2.  Don’t forget the KEEN World Wide Recess Event that goes live TONIGHT at midnight PST.  Post your 10-minute recess photos and use hashtag #TAKE10.  Winner’s will receive a pair of KEEN shoes every hour for the 24 hour period!  See all the entries here:

3. We were honored to be among the contributers this week over at BonBon Break (a weekly online magazine for women) in the “Backyard” section.  I am joined by fellow blogger Erica, AKA Cragmama (which is a huge honor in itself!)  Love to climb?  Check out HER blog!  BonBon Break brings together a bunch of articles from various sites they love in one place.  It’s a great resource (and yep, another thing to get sucked into reading… 😉 he he.)

4. Spent the morning hiking with a dear friend of mine and our four boys (aged 4 and younger) in Yellowstone.  Pure madness, I tell you (and LOTS of dirt!)!  But, just another affirmation that this “getting-outside-stuff” is absolutely worth it.  I challenge you to go and spend time in the outdoors with someone new this week! 🙂 **You might recognize Maggie (and her boys) from her guest post on Family Nordic Skiing (she coaches XC skiing at the local high school and is an ultra-runner too….post on that coming soon!)**

5. Check out this new shop that just opened up out of Jackson, WY (our old – and some of our very favorite – stomping grounds.)  Stio is clothing “built for both the epic and quiet moments of mountain life.”  It’s definitely higher end mountain clothing, but it sure looks awesome.  Check out their Facebook page here.  Pssttt – it is the brainchild of Steve Sullivan, long time Jackson resident and co-founder of Cloudveil.  Here are a few previews of their pieces (they do have some kid stuff too!):


For Women:






For Men:






6. Watch for Tales of a Mountain Mama showing up elsewhere around the internet  – we’re excited to be contributing to a few other places (which are yet to be completely revealed!)

Wishing you all a great outdoor weekend!  Anyone have any great plans?

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6 thoughts on “News from the Mountains”

  1. Have to share a small world story: Steve Sullivan and I grew up together, attending the same schools and church. Give him a “hey” for me when you see him! Nice to know what he’s up to!

    And congrats on all of your awards! I am so impressed!


  2. Congratulations on all the success that has been happening with your site! It is so fun to follow you! Such a bonus to see you, the kids and Mtn Papa from time to time!

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