Chaco Shoes for Kids

I am honored once again to join up with a few of my very favorite bloggers to bring you a whole list of reviews for Chaco’s line of kid shoes.  Lindsey, of is an Ambassador for Chaco and organized this whole event.  I think it’s fabulous!

Please check out the following reviews of Chaco shoes for kids (including ours of the Otis which is also linked in the picture) and then come back here to enter to win a pair for your own child (instructions below).  You will note that some of the reviews are of the same shoes, which is awesome.  What an even better way to see a full cross-section of the pluses and minuses of them!

The Otis for Kids from Chaco

Win a Pair!

You can enter to win a pair of kids Chacos of your choice by using the Rafflecopter Widget below (click through the link if you don’t see it!)

If you want to increase your odds at winning even more you can also enter to win (and read reviews about other types of kid Chacos) at all those above-listed sites.

One winner will be chosen between this blog and the blogs listed above, so enter away! Good luck!!

Kids Chaco Giveaway

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23 thoughts on “Chaco Shoes for Kids”

  1. christopher sorel

    I would get me son some Zanda Little Kids as in only 2 months he has gone through the toes on 2 pairs of school shoes. aRGH

  2. darn, i thought this was a chaco’s giveaway for moms! 🙂 i love mine, but haven’t sprung for any for my 3-year olds yet! would love to win some!

  3. OOooh, I had no idea Chaco made kids shoes. I wore the Z1’s for my wedding shoes. Something blue : ). I would love to have a pair of shoes for my toddler. It would be hard to decide between the Zanda and the Belyn. Yeah for Chacos!

  4. I would get a pair of the Zanda shoes. A good tread is very important in the rainy PNW, and the toggle closure would be helpful at the moment, as I’m so pregnant I can barely reach my own feet to tie my laces… never mind my wiggly two year old’s shoes!

  5. I would choose the Otis because we live in a place that has snow 7-8 months out of the year and we need to keep little feet happy around here.

  6. I think I like those purple Zandas the best because toggles mean no having to retie, or asking an older sibling to do it for me 🙂

  7. I am torn between the Paradox and the Zanda for my son Brodey 🙂 Thank you for your review because it is very important for my son to have a cool weather shoe with a good grip. He’s four and really getting into bike riding and I would feel great about having a cool weather Chaco that he can easily slip on and that he can go from biking to playing in! So glad to find your site!

  8. I would choose any of them for my 2 year old girl. I love my Chacos so much that I know that any of them would be fantastic!!

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