Holiday Gift Guide for Outdoor Families

    The holidays are quickly approaching.  While Christmas means much more to our family than just buying things, it is also the perfect time to truly give from your heart.  I, personally, prefer the hand-made approach, but I am also a big fan of giving so others can make memories of fun outdoor time.  And fun outdoor time (especially in the winter) requires gear to help you do so (whatever “caliber” it may be!)

    I made a list of our very favorite things that we think would make great gifts for the people you love.  While it is certainly not constrained to the categories below, I am just trying to make things a bit easier.

    And….here’s a really (REALLY) big hint.  Come December 1st, we will be giving away most of the things on this list as part of our “12 Days of Gear Giveaways”.  So, if you don’t find a smokin’ deal for Black Friday (or prefer just to spend time with your family relaxing) – you still have a chance to snag one!

    Please add your own suggestions in the comments here too!  And make sure you read all the way to the end where, once again, I will be linking up to some other incredible outdoor family bloggers with their own lists.  You should be adequately stocked with ideas after this!


    For Her:


    For Him:


    For the Kids (not all ideas shown in photo):


    For Everyone:

    Find More Ideas Here:



    Don’t miss our guest blogger tomorrow and then have a very happy Thanksgiving!  We’ll be back next week!


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      1. Laura Ellingson says:

        We are strong believers in only giving our children 3 gifts as the wise-men had done.

      2. Laura we are implementing a four gift giveaway for the first time this year with our four children (9,7,5,2). “Something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read.” I have felt almost guilty about doing this but I’m hearing many others now, like yourself,stating a similar rule. I spoke with a friend of mine yesterday that said she gives her kids only one well thought out gift. Why have we tortured ourselves all these years shopping for tons of gifts, spending a small fortune, only to find they could care less and we are left with a cluttered house? Silly! It’s not what the holiday is about anyway! The most memorable Christmas we have had was when we took our then three kids and snowshoed to and spent Christmas in a yurt. Sans presents!

      3. I am loving my Wizbang hat – which I bought on your recommendation. Which means everything else on this list must be awesome, too. Here’s a link to mine if you want to check it out:

      4. oh I’m liking that down vest! maybe I can pass that on to santa’s little helpers by way of my husband 🙂


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