Water – It Does a Body Good!

There is nothing that will stop me in my tracks quicker than being dehydrated.  I am increasingly fatigued, become irritable, and have a hard time pushing myself.  It’s no secret that water is a huge factor for health AND that most people don’t get enough.

I have talked quite a bit on the blog about the importance of hydration.  The following is an excerpt from a post done earlier this year.  You can read the entire post (including HOW to keep hydrated here.)

Water accounts for nearly 60% of our total body mass.  Therefore, it obviously plays a huge role in how our body runs and performs.  Way too many people just don’t get enough water, plain and simple.  Unfortunately, the long-term effects of severe dehydration are pretty serious and could eventually lead to death in extreme cases.  On the upside, a well-hydrated adult/child feels the benefits of:

– Better blood flow
– Higher energy levels
– Decreased muscle soreness after exercise
– More attentiveness and an easier time concentrating
– Healthy kidneys
– Body temperature regulation 

I wanted to just take today to show off some new “hydration-helpers” AND some of our favorites that we are have been using a lot lately.

Water Bottles:

Camelbak’s New Eddy Glass $25

While glass bottles are not the best for cutting down on weight, this is a favorite of mine around the house.  I love that it can easily go in the dishwasher, the water NEVER has any “after taste” and it’s generous size (.7 Liters).  It comes in 4 different colors (aqua, lime, purple, and charcoal), has an easy-grip silicone sleeve, and really is very durable.  Mine has been dropped numerous times (go figure…) and remains fully intact!

The only downside?  It IS glass and it IS heavy (so not ideal for hiking, camping, or being used by kids…in my opinion!)


SIGG’s New Sport Cap Bottle $24.99-$26.99

SIGG is one of those bottles that I have people tell me to try out all the time. Somehow, I just haven’t run across them before now.  They just came out with their new Active Top with a rotary slide valve control system that allows for easy on and off, letting air out for carbonated beverages, and for cleaning.  The aluminum bottle is super sturdy (no denting at all) and has no after-taste.

The only thing I DON’T like is that the bite valve is completely exposed.  It ends up filled with dirt often (we are just hard on our water bottles) and I find myself rinsing it off nearly every time we use it outdoors.   While it does come with a cover that fits over the bite valve, it plain and simple didn’t work for our family.  It came off easily and was quickly lost (like, within a day quickly…)  However, in all, a great bottle that I would definitely recommend.  It also comes in three different sizes (.4 for kids, .6 and .75 for adults.)



PurifiCup Natural Water Filter $66.99 

A great filter for on the trail, camping, emergency situations or a day at the lake.  While it took me about forever to get a good and thorough review, I am so pleased I took the time to really get to “know” the system.  Another key hydration device! See our full review here.






Geigerrig Hydration System      

We did this review a while back, and the system remains one of the best bladder hydration packs.  If you haven’t seen them, definitely check it out.  PLUS you get a free “Passport” which means a FREE pack and lots of free skiing. =)




PurifiCup, Camelbak, and SIGG generously provided us these bottles for the purpose of this review.  However, as always, the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly our own!  Additionally, some of these links are affiliates.  Thank you so much for clicking through them to make your purchases – it helps offset the cost of this blog in a (VERY VERY) small way!  You can find my full disclosure here.


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  1. Had to Mention that The PurifiCup® will fit & filter directly into All the cool Bottles in the pictures! Cheers!
    Happy Holidays!

    Respectfully – The PurifiCup® Team

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