Gear Giveaway Day #4: Covering Hands and Feet of Kids!

Today we’re talking covering hands and feet again (we think it is THAT important!)  In case you missed it Monday, make sure to check out our post about some other great gear (and you still have time to enter to win too!)  I wanted to show off a couple more companies that I feel have some great products to keep your kids warm.










Snowstoppers Mittens

These mittens are made specifically to STAY ON and keep pesky (and cold) snow from creeping up jacket sleeves.  They are also made to be a “lower profile” mitten with plenty of flexibility to move and still stay warm.  Infant size (XS – for kids 0-2) have no thumbs (which is a bit of a bummer when you are a young and small toddler who likes to use his thumbs!)  The elastic around the wrist paired with the Snowstopper “sleeve” really does mean that these stay on.  They do have to go under a jacket, though, and we have found that they are easiest to put on first.  Because they are not very bulky, coats and outer layers do go over them easily.

The downside:  While the nylon mittens are great for “normal” temperatures, we didn’t have a great amount of success with them when it was really cold or the kids were outside and not moving a whole lot for a long period of time.  A mitten that you can layer under works better for these situations.

Snowstoppers also makes fleece mittens, hats, and polar hoods.  You can find them on Facebook here!


STONZ Booties and Mitts

The Booties:

We keep running into a very real issue of keeping P’s feet warm.  He is an avid walker (and runner) but is tiny, so finding winter boots (especially hand-me-downs) is super tough.  The ones J wore at his age are HUGE and every young toddler just has a tough time walking in chunky snow boots anyway.

Enter STONZ – versatile booties made for almost any season and can be worn on their own or over other shoes.  Their soft soles allow for easier movement for new walkers and actually do really great on slippery surfaces.  They come in sizes that translate into US 4 – 10.5 (or ages 0 months – 3 years.)

One of the best things about STONZ booties is that they can be layered up (or down) to allow for changing seasons.  You can also buy Linerz ($16.99) that are made specifically to fit in the booties and provide another layer of warmth.  If you live in a colder climate, I would recommend getting the Linerz right away.  They do make layering much easier and are super soft sherpa fleece.

The booties come in a huge range of designs for boys and girls (and more neutral.)

The downside:  With these booties, it IS pretty crucial to make sure the kids are wearing a size that is at least within their range.  For example, a kid that should be wearing a small, really can’t pull off a large, despite them being flexible over a wide range of sizes.  If there is just TOO much fabric, they don’t feel stable enough to walk.  The Linerz do help, though, with keeping everything just a bit more snug (and the cinches are GREAT!)


The Mittz:

Infant Mittz
Youth Mittz

While they do make them for older kids too (with a longer cuff shown in the photo to the left), we just checked out the infant (no thumb) Mittz.  They. are. awesome.  Plenty of room for layering under them (which we tend to do a lot…liners make a world of difference for little hands), they easily go OVER coats, and their cinches really do keep them on.  P is a PRO at getting mittens off and he has had no success with these.

The downside:  The only thing that P doesn’t like is the fact that they have no thumbs.  He would prefer to be able to easily pick up rocks and sticks and balls….but the truth is no thumb means more warmth.  We’ll stick with the warmth.


STONZ does also make Hatz too (which I am sure are plenty warm!)

You can find STONZ on Facebook and Twitter.


Win some WARMTH for your kid!

To enter to win some mittens from Snowstoppers and some booties from STONZ, please use the Rafflecopter Widget below.  If you have any questions at all, please email me at mountainmamatales(at)gmail(dot)com and I will be happy to help you out!  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Snowstoppers and STONZ generously provided us this gear for the purposes of facilitating the review.  As always, the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly our own.

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  1. We won the Snowstopper mittens! OMG…they were awesome!! We will be blogging about them soon on our website! We went up north snowskiing and they were an wonderful asset for our 10 year old daughter for our ski trip. She absolutely loved them and never complained about her fingers being cold!! They are a must for your little one! Thank you so much for having the opportunity to win them, otherwise we would have never heard about them. Thank you!!

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