An Introduction to Swimways Swim Steps Products

As we mentioned previously on the blog, we are proud to be a part of the SwimWays Swim Team as an ambassador.  While we are still getting snow here, we will be slowly working into getting our kids in the water more and testing out our new SwimWays products as the weather warms up.

This post will be short and sweet, but I just wanted to show off a couple of the products that we have just started using (note: they have been with them in the water once so far….)

Since both boys (despite their 2 year age difference) are really just learning to swim, though are fairly comfortable in the water, they will be using products from the same “Step 2 stage” as we start out.

The Swim Vest is better suited for J at 34 pounds than P (at about 20 pounds.)  And J actually doesn’t fit in the Swim Sweater that P wears.  Both tools (because that is what they are….) are made specifically to help children become comfortable in the water with constant adult supervision.  They are not floatation devices, but aids in the learning to swim process.  Both give the boys just enough buoyancy to gain confidence.

SwimWays Step 2 Products
SwimWays Step 2 Products

Our Swimming Goals for this Summer:

They are simple – We want the boys to be comfortable in water, to love to swim and to be making steps towards kicking and making some strokes (especially J.)  Ironically, P has little fear of the water, while J tends to cling tightly to me or the wall:


Our hope is that we will continue to foster a love for water and make steps towards self-initiated swimming.  Stay tuned….


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