What Kind of Camping Mom Are You? + Giveaway

Today we welcome back Dawn of Grass Haven Outdoor with a little humor and a sweet giveaway.  Where do YOU fit in?!?!  You can learn more about Grass Haven from our previous interview with them!

The smell of fresh air and the warmth of campfire, sounds inviting right?  Many moms relish the camping experience to some degree or another.  A few moms vehemently do not.  At grasshavenoutdor.com, we wanted to better understand camping moms and ask the question: What’s your camping personality?  The verdicts are in.  Each mom has a different perception of the joys (or tortures) of camping.  Explore our light-hearted look at six camping mom archetypes and answer the question for yourself: “Where do I fit in?”




Granola Camping Momma

“If Louis and Clark could do it and they were men, so can I”


This type of mom gives Bear Gryllis a run for his money.  Empowered, she packs light, hikes hard and escapes into the backcountry.   Journeying with the family into the far reaches of the wilderness and getting back (way back) to nature is her thing.  She brings only the essentials and looks for nature to provide the rest.   Look out wilderness this mama bear is going native.  Pack it in; pack it out…that’s her mantra.



Den Camping Mother

“I’m game for the outdoors: anytime, anyplace”


Calling all camp directors and den mothers (and those who wanna be).  This mama knows the ins and outs of the camp but she doesn’t have to go extremes.  She just likes to create memorable experiences with her loved ones.  Whether it’s camping at a primitive site or a campground with a few creature comforts, she just likes the time with her family and friends.   For her, camping is equivalent to quality family time like no other.


“Glamping” Camping Mom

Camping shouldn’t be relegated to roughing it, I © glamorous camping


Ah the perfectly coiffed, styled and set campsite complete with coordinated stemware set against a perfectly foraged centerpiece that would make Colin Cowie envious.  This is glamorous, luxury camping at its finest.  This mama puts the Glamp into glamorous camping.  Move over Martha, there’s a new outdoor diva in town.


Haute Wheelin’ Camping Mama

“Camping, I love to camp … in the comforts of my home on wheels.”


Arising early at the campsite for this mom entails rolling out of her bed, turning on the overhead light and creaking open the screen door.  Call it a 5th wheel, camper, motorhome or trailer; she just calls it her outdoor home.   There’s no tent camping for this matriarch of the open road.  Tents are where the kids (and occasionally the ill-behaved spouse) sleep.  She enjoys the well-deserved comforts of her home on wheels.  She survived the terrible twos, hasn’t she sacrificed enough in her life?


Reluctant Camping Mom

If the going gets rough, this mama goes home (or in the backdoor)


After significant poking, prodding and convincing from the family, this mom reluctantly gets outdoors, albeit, maybe only 25 feet from the backdoor.  She characterizes the outdoors as dirty, bug infested and generally uncomfortable but for the sake of her family she’ll venture out.  This mom is not keen on the idea of camping but musters enough courage to do it for a night (or two).


Motel Camping Mom

Camping?!?  Isn’t that a hotel without room service”


Operator can I order room service?  What, no room service?!?! Now I’m really camping, this mom thinks to herself.  We all know her (and we might even be her).  She sneers at the idea of staying overnight without a hot shower, indoor plumbing and the immutable HVAC system.  She craves electricity to power every gadget know to man (err woman) and she shuns the thought of roughing it.  I mean, no room service…this is roughing it in her mind.  She can’t wait to get back to civilization and like Dorothy, she repeated clicks her heels together citing “there’s no place like the Spa; there’s no place like the Spa.”


Whether you’re a mom who delights in the back to nature basics of camping, hiking five miles with their kids’ and husband’s in tow.  Or a mom from the other spectrum who views camping as a hotel without room service, all moms are unique and loved by their families.  Whatever the case, moms are an important part of the outdoor experience however they personally choose to experience it.  We say just get outside and enjoy it together.


A Giveaway for Moms….who just want to relax in the outdoors!

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57 thoughts on “What Kind of Camping Mom Are You? + Giveaway”

  1. I haven’t camped in years but I loved it as a kid/teen. I think I’m more in the category of Den Camping Mom. Though I think I’d prefer backyard camping to ease back into camping.

  2. Heather Merewood

    I’m a mix of a granola camping mama and a den camping mama. This summer we’ll be carrying a toddler too, and the thought of going far into the backcountry makes my shoulders ache! When she’s walking more and carrying her own pack, that will be a different story.

  3. So for true transparency the GH team crosses the entire spectrum. From Amanda, who boarders on a motel mom (though her litmus test for comfort, ease and style is paramount), to Dawn whose split personality between Glamping and Den Mother cause her personal tension and turmoil and the rest of the team in between, we just love to camp! TY Mountain Mama for posting!

  4. Cross between Granola and Den. Minimal good but also an organization freak. And bloody heck, I AM bringing the phone, even if it’s on airplane.

  5. I guess I would fall into the Haute Wheelin’ Momma category since we just upgraded to a travel trailer, however in my defense I would just like to say we almost never have hook ups, and we love it that way!!

  6. I am def a den camping mom.I LOVE being outdoors, but I am not one of those that makes our own shelter and eats dehydrated foods.We actually eat better camping than at home because my husband is an amazing cook, especially over the campfire.I must have my comfy Teton Double sleeping bag (my kids sleep in it with me)and my Eno hammock for stargazing.I find it important that my kids learn how to “rough it” instead of being pampered all the time.Life in the woods is amazing.Especially without all the electronics!

  7. I’m a Den Camping mama – was more of a granola back in the days before kids. 🙂 I’m loving the director’s chair!

  8. I suppose I am a cross between a Granola and Den Camping Mom. My sons get the luxe Den treatment only because they are so young but I cannot wait for them to become my backpacking buddies as they get older.

  9. Valerie Carroll Kinney

    I am a split personality den, glam and Haute mama. I love camping but intensely dislike sleeping in a tent. We camp with way to many bears around for me to be comfy with a temp. But our camper is a 1970’s something without a lot of frills.

  10. I am a Den Mama Camper! Camping is definitely the best way for us to get quality time together — with the kids, AND with eachother. Camping nights are some of the most romantic nights I’ve had 😉

  11. I am a granola mom! I like to try and keep it simple when camping and enjoying the outdoors. However, I can always use a good chair and a wine glass 🙂

  12. I guess I’m a reluctant camping mom only cause my little guy is 6 months old! We’ve been once so far and it was successful 🙂

  13. ColoradoRach

    Oh I am totally a Den Mom. Pre kid, I was more likely to lean towards granola, even though I’d prefer to be the den camper. Having worked as both a camp counselor who led wilderness trips and a river guide, I’m comfortable with the minimalism. In my old age (38) I would really prefer to glamp! I just don’t have the money to pay someone to set up for me. 😉

  14. Guess I’m a granola den mama. Backpacking in bear country was much easier before kids. Now we find ourselves car camping and going for day hikes rather than schlepping everything on our backs to find a campsite in the wilderness. But even the 3 and 7 year old girls enjoy primitive camping–no restrooms or vault toilets! We alternate between tent camping and using our VW Westfalia Weekender and throw in a mix of 3 day music festivals throughout the summer where there may be fewer hikes to cliff dwellings and pictographs, or through slot canyons, but the dancing and people watching are fun.

  15. Stephanie Potter

    I fit mostly into the Den Camping Mom, but also have little bits of Glam and Granola. I love camping and always want to spend as much time out there as possible, I like having as many multipurpose/ multifunctional items as possible, but I really don’t like all the packing, unpacking and cleaning-up-afterwards that comes with camping trips. Looking forward to trying out our new “Banyan” tent from Grass Haven this Memorial Day Weekend!

  16. I’m a den mama been camping and backpacking with my kids and grandiose for many years. Lots of wonderful memories friends and fun.

  17. My mom is a motel camping mom, which made me go for tje opposite end of the spectrum…I’m pretty granola.

  18. Kenda Wathen

    I am a den camping mom. I do wish we would go more often. We are gearing up for our annual Memorial day trip now. One of our bins was invaded by mice this winter in the shed so I need to replace the bin and ruined items before camping.

  19. haha Love this! Although I secretly wish I could say I am the Granola Mama, I must admit that I have neatly packed camping bins, a comfy queen-size air mattress and most assuredly wish I could do it every weekend, so I guess fit directly in line with the Den Mother 😀

  20. I’m a reluctant mom leaning toward being a den mom. I love camping, but truly appreciate flush toilets. 🙂

  21. Rhonda S. Tenderholt

    I’m a mix between the den camping and haute. I like my RV but I also like the great outdoors. I take my cell and camera to document things, and computer to download the pictures.

  22. None of the above. I’m the camping mom that cares most about the little things. I hope we get dirty enough to make memories. Cold enough to appreciate the warm fire. Tired enough to fall asleep though the wind is blowing, rain pounding, lightning striking. I bring the easiest food, prep as much as possible in the days leading up, and blow the food budget buying things we don’t get ‘at home’ like milk in little boxes, chewy fruit leathers, and other ‘treats’. I like going 10 days without a mirror or a shower, but I make sure and give my kids sponge baths or baths in the big cooking pot whenever they look too dusty. I pack my daughter’s favorite tutus. I wear skirts. I hike 10 miles in a cute dress. We forego the sleeping bags when it’s warm enough in favor of a big nest of down comforters and blankets. We always bring our hammock. And pink dishes, and candles and a table cloth for the picnic table. My daughter has over 100 days of camping under her ‘belt’ and she just turned 3. My son have over 20 and he is 9 months old. Camping is a way to experience the good stuff in life. No matter if you’re in a tent, under the stars, or a never ever. Do it for the sake of the kids. They need nature like they need air. The need it like they need love.

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  24. Definitely a Den Camping Mom! Love the outdoors and being in nature for extended periods of time, but enjoy a certain amount of creature comforts, including a comfy chair, air mattress and stove to heat my water for tea!

  25. Katy Bryan Savolskis

    I definitely am somewhere between Granola and Den….I love roughing it (toilets are so overated!) but I also like to be organized. I think with a 2 year old, baby on the way, hubby, and 2 dogs- if I am not organized….something is bound to go wrong!!! I love your site!

  26. Laura Ellingson

    Glamping/Den Camping mom – I love camping and getting outdoors! It seems the more children we have the more stuff that is needed! A went through BEAR TRAINING the other night at Cub Scouts and think it may have scared him a bit however I am a mom that wants to find the trail and make the adventure happen. We all need a break and sometimes it is really hard to find the break from the getting ready! Anxiety attacks are present however when we get to the camp, set up and see the smiles on the kids faces…it make it all worth it!!!

  27. I’m a mix all of them except Motel camping mom. I try to be as go-with-the-flow as possible, but variables definitely play a role in which camping mom type I am for the trip. We’ll see how this summer goes with a 2-yr-old crazy boy and pregnant with the 2nd. I might want more luxuries, at least for sleeping!

  28. With one kiddo I was a den mamma now with two, life is easier as Haute wheelin mamma!! Love getting out but love sleeping or just getting of the rain in our travel trailer.

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