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We’re always ready and willing to try a new activity with the kids, especially when that means spending time outdoors and playing. We like to encourage them to play freely on their own, but it’s nice to have a something in my back-pocket that inspires a little more focus to our play, or that offers an educational element. When I heard about Together Box (via Grace at Camp Patton, who is awesome and cracks me up! Go take a peak, you’ll just leave it up as a permanent tab!) I knew I wanted to try it out! Together Box is a subscription for fun! A box arrives each month and includes 3-5+ engaging activities that appeal to a wide age range and relate to a theme for the month. Together Box generously provided us with their Bug Box for us to enjoy and review! (**Be sure to stick around until the end of the post where I will share with you an awesome Promo code!!!)


The arrival of the box was an activity of its own, do your kids LOVE getting mail like these smiling faces?! We had (and keep having) so much fun with this Bug Box! The kids quickly put the bug ‘mansion’ to use and were quite fascinated with inspecting the various creatures we caught (a ring neck snake, an anole, toad, worms!) with the provided magnifying glass. Our little discoveries keep happening and we’ve been playing for two weeks!

Bug ‘mansion’ with a ring neck snake inside!


The assortment of supplies and the activity ‘guide’ offers plenty of opportunities for discovery. I was impressed that the box is advertised to contain 3-5 activities, but there are really so many more. The suggested activities for the bug box include three categories:  1. Hunt for Bugs, 2. Create Bugs, and 3. Become Bugs. Within each of these tasks there are multiple options for how the activity can be carried out. Together Box offers a rich experience for the whole family – and saves you the planning time! Although we used most of our supplies outdoors, most of the activities in the box could be saved for a rainy indoor day! The different activities inside a Together invite the children to explore, raise questions, investigate, use their imaginations, create, role play, and have fun while doing so!

Ava, in her cocoon
Now she is a butterfly


The bottom line: I highly recommend Together Box and would love a subscription for my family!

The price for a subscription is $29/month, but if you pay up-front for 3 or 6 months that price decreases. The price is well worth it to me! The minds behind Together Box have really thought out what they are offering – and I sure enjoy someone else doing the thinking sometimes! With winter’s arrival almost here (or already here for some), this is a good time to consider what you have ready in your rainy-day stash. And, in light of the Holiday season fast approaching, Together Box is a great gift idea, not only for parents but for grandparents (Mom, Dad, you read that?!) and aunts/uncles too!




Together Box is offering our readers an awesome discount! Use the coupon code ‘talesofamountainmama’ and you will receive 50% off of your first box. Also, the first 2 people that sign up using this code will receive an extra box for FREE!! Head on over to Together Box!

I want to know: What do you think of craft subscription programs?  Any thoughts on Together Box?

(We’re also joining the Outdoor Play Party over here today, come and play!)


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