Win Jackets from Eastern Mountain Sports for Men and Women!

We recently published our review of both the Helix and Athena jackets.  Eastern Mountain Sports has graciously stepped in and offered the chance for one of you to win one now.  There will be two winners so make sure to enter both giveaways!  Please note, you will be required to check out our reviews as part of your entry, so make sure to head over and see what we had to say!  You can reach the reviews by clicking on the photos below.

Also, be sure to check out EMS this week.  They have some pretty amazing daily deals happening, including a 50% off sale on their entire site on Friday.

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EMS Women's Athena Jacket
EMS Women’s Athena Jacket
EMS Helix Jacket for Men
EMS Helix Jacket for Men

As usual, please use the Rafflecopter Widgets below to enter to win. The winners will be emailed and announced on this post in the Rafflecopter Widget. Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me at mountainmamatales(at)gmail(dot)com so I can help!  Sorry, these giveaways are open to the U.S. only.  Winner chooses size and color depending on availability (though winners of the Helix can wait to receive a size Large or XL when they are back in stock in December).  

a Rafflecopter giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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75 thoughts on “Win Jackets from Eastern Mountain Sports for Men and Women!”

  1. Love EMS! The only thing is my last EMS jacket is ten years old and still in great shape! They are well made enough I don’t need a new one super badly. But a back up would still be good!

  2. Oops, didn’t answer both questions in one post–anyway–I would use the jacket as a back up because my last in in such good shape, and the other thing I would get from EMS is a kid’s sleeping bag (or two).

  3. I would use the men’s jacket for myself in the shoulder seasons. Looks like it would be good for rainy Fall hikes. Over at EMS (will probably be there Friday @Annapolis Store) I like their Icarus Down Jacket.

  4. Oops! Hit Post too soon! I would love to use the Athena for walking/jogging with my dog this winter. Trying to get back on the healthy track! The downside is that it’s not too stretchy, it seems. For my husband, he’s use the Helix jacket for work. I love that it can hold up in a downpour. From the EMS site, I’d love to get a new sleeping pad. Maybe the THERM-A-REST NEOAIR ALL SEASON SLEEPING PAD. Nothing beats a good night’s rest at camp. Thanks for the opportunity to enter giveaways!

  5. Snowshoeing! Some day I’ll get back into cross-country skiing, but for now I’d definitely use it while snowshoeing. Love the thumb holes. 🙂 I shop at EMS all the time, so I know they have tons of stuff I like & want, but topping my list would be a pair of trekking poles.

  6. I would probably use the Athena jacket playing outside with the kids and running errands in the cold weather. I like that there isn’t too much bulk since the sleeves are thin and I like the thumb holes. My husband would love a good waterproof jacket for his bike and bus commute to Seattle every morning. Good selection of Sorel winter boots on the EMS site! Would love a good pair of boots!

  7. I’d use this jacket to wear while doing activities outdoors. My other one isn’t that flexible so I think this would be a better option. I love their EMS Women’s Thunderhead Jacket, and especially the color!

  8. My hubby would use this jacket for backpacking. It looks lightweight, and durable, perfect to take on a backpacking journey! I like the OUTDOOR RESEARCH Men’s Axcess Jacket for him. He’s had his old coat for ages, so this would be a nice upgrade. 🙂

  9. I would use the Athena jacket for cross-country skiing. The thumb holes would be great for making sure that the sleeves stay down. I would love the EMS Women’s Thunderhead Full-Zip Pants for cross-country skiing, also. My current pants are getting a bit worn.
    My husband would wear the Helix jacket for any outdoor activities – as a rain jacket in warmer weather and as a top layer in colder weather.

  10. I would use the Athena jacket for winter running. It would be great with the stretchy sleeves. I would love the EMS Women’s Mountain Insulated Pants.

  11. I am sure my husband would wear this jacket anytime we leave the house and like the jacket because it is not bulky like most jackets.

  12. I’d use the jacket to keep warm instead of heating my whole house. I’d love some ATLAS Women’s Elektra 1123 Snowshoes from EMS.

  13. My wife would wear the Athena jacket when she’s hiking or cross-country skiing. As I said in my previous post, I would love a pair of trekking poles from EMS.

  14. Thanks EMS for the giveaway and thanks for hosting! I have never owned an EMS jacket before and I would love to win. I would use it on our hikes. Great review, by the way. I would love to have the OUTDOOR RESEARCH WOMEN’S ENVY JACKET. 🙂

  15. I would use this for morning walks in Fall and early winter. I like the thumb holes for days you don’t need mittens or gloves but would like a little warmth. On the EMS site I like the EMS Women’s Snowridge 1/4 zip sweater.

  16. Christopher Sorel

    I would use this with my kids camping or hiking along with taking son and Bear cubscout troop on trip in Spring and summer. Love the review on the Helix jacket and looks perfect compared to my north face that is not that great. Love that your husband tested out so well and need one for heavy rain as this is were the north face failed. down pour and high winds.

  17. Christopher Sorel

    The Athena for women is a great looking jacket for my wife who comes along on some of my crazy adventures. She also needs a better rain and win jacket. This one looks great

  18. I am just getting into cross country skiing and would love to try the Athena jacket. The best feature of the Athena jacket is the finger holes. I also love the down core.

    I would get new waterproof hiking boots from EMS!

  19. What would you use this jacket for? I would use the jacket on hikes and outdoor activities. I love that it has a little bit of give for better range of movement. I would love to have the Sorel Joan of Arctic boots

  20. I would use it on my trek to work. I love the variety of colors they have the design of the jacket. I’d love the Men’s altitude mittens.

  21. The Helix looks great for our summer fishing. You said that it is best for moderate to cold temperatures that is what we have most of the time when I am out on the boat! I’d love some new light fleece EMS gloves – my last pair went missing on an ice climbing trip, long long ago!

  22. I would use this for snowshoeing. My favorite feature is the thumb holes. From EMS I would love the MERRELL Women’s Decora Chant Waterproof Boots in Mocha.

  23. I would use the Men’s Helix jacket as a gift for my brother who spends many of his work days outdoors. My favorite feature is the generous hood as he sometimes needs to wear a hardhat that hopefully if would fit over. From EMS I would love have the Valandre Swing 500 Sleeping Bag.

  24. I would use the Athena for winter hiking or running. I’m training for a half marathon in March. Love the thumb holes! From EMS I would love some Smartwool base layers and/or some new waterproof hiking boots.

  25. I would use the Athena jacket as a super awesome surprise Christmas present for my wife! She would wear it pretty much inside and outside the house, maybe even sleeping (she’s from AK, but she’s always cold)! I would love the Helix as I need a good water-proof shell, like big time need one. I would use it pretty much anywhere and everywhere, including backpacking (even though you mentioned it is a little heavy and not super packable for backpacking, but alas I need a shell). From EMS I would definitely pick up some MSR Evo Snowshoes.

  26. I’d use this jacket for warm weather snowshoeing adventures. I love the thumbholes! I’d also love to pick myself up one of those coldsnap fleece jackets. They look so warm and I’ve recently lost my fleece!!

  27. I’d use this men’s jacket to put a smile on my hubby’s face Xmas morning! He’d use it for hiking, biking and even walking the dogs! I’d also love to get him a Highlander Flannel Shirt!

  28. The men’s Helix jacket I would use on the really rainy Washington winter days. From EMS I would love a pair of their cross country skis.

  29. The Athena would be a great jacket to run in. Saves a step in moderately cold weather where I would normally wear a thick long sleeve midlayer under a vest. Love that it comes in a color other than BLACK! Hello, Raspberry!

  30. From EMS I would love to have the North Face lil’ snuggler down suit. Or, a full kit of kids climbing gear (full body harness and rock shoes).

  31. I’m forever stealing my husbands soft shell jacket to wear in light spring/fall rainstorms and on mild winter days when I’m wearing one of the kids. Men’s jackets fit so much better over a baby carrier (in a pinch) than Women’s do. I’d use this jacket for myself! Or, maybe i’d give this jacket to him and take possession of the one I always swipe from him because I LOVE the color of his jacket (its a gorgeous tangerine color). The hood seems to be the best ‘standout’ feature of this jacket as not many hoods fit over biking helmets. My husband rides his bike to and from work year round (including the record cold -34 degree day that we were blessed with three years ago) so it would be a great way to keep warm and dry on moderately cold mornings. The EMS site is like a candy store. What’s not to want! I’d opt for the Icarus Down Jacket if i had my pick though.

  32. I would love to win the Helix jacket for my son. I like that its waterproof but breathable. Plus all of the pockets. He goes outside all the time with just a hoodie and I think he’d really like this jacket. If I could pick something from EMS I would choose the MERRELL Men’s Bare Access 2 Barefoot Running Shoe in Charcoal/

  33. I love the Athena jacket too. The stretchiness is a real plus for comfort and the zippered handwarmer pockets are awesome.I would still get the Merrells Bare Access shoes.

  34. I would love the Athena jacket for myself! I love the Thumb holes to make layering under other jackets/shells easier and since i am tall it will always cover my wrists! and from EMS i would love ICEBREAKER Women’s Arctic Hood!

  35. My husband would love this jacket! he will love the Stretch which allows for easy range of movement! He would love from EMS VASQUE Men’s Snowburban UltraDry Winter Boots!

  36. I would give my wife the Athena jacket. I’m sure she’d find it useful nordic skiing or shoulder season hiking. It’s nice to see a jacket that is trying to be innovative. EMS has a great selection of base layers. I’d like to have a set of smartwool long underwear.

  37. The mens EMS jacket would be a great jacket to hike with. Its nice to have a quiet soft shelled jacket that keeps the rain out. EMS has an Osprey daypack that would be great to have for my daughter. She’s not quite ready to haul her own gear, but getting closer by the day!

  38. What would you use this jacket for? I would use this jacket to give as a christmas present to my sister.

    I love the style of the jacket and the way it fits the model.

    I want the thick gloves.

  39. I believe the Helix jacket would become my multi-weather all around companion. It would be well suited to keep me dry on those cold and wet mornings while fishing on the water in a boat. I believe it would be a regular on my short hikes in preparation for hiking the AT as my current rain jacket leaks through within 5-10 minutes of a downpour.

    As for what I would like to have from the EMS website… It would have to be the EMS MOUNTAIN LIGHT 15° SLEEPING BAG, REGULAR or the PHANTOM…. Oh yeah, I could use that bag hiking in the mountains come this coming Feb of 2013 when I tackle the AT… it’s warm and lightweight and the superior quality of the bag speaks for itself..

  40. I tend to put my jacket on and then leave it on the rest of the day, inside or outside, so having a non-bulky one like this would be perfect! From the website, I could really use the Techwick long underwear.

  41. My husband on the otherhand hardly ever wears a coat, and could really use this one just for windy days while he’s out fishing on the pond. And he would love a new Camelbak if he were shopping on the EMS site.

  42. My husband needs a waterproof jacket for all the hiking we do! Love how durable it sounds! Personally, liked the ICEBREAKER Women’s Crave Hoodie on EMS! Cute style.

  43. 1. I;d use the jacket for layering under a hardshell on cold days or winter hiking/ snowshoeing. and for questions 2. I’d grab a new pair of winter running tights or capris!

  44. I would wear it snowshoeing. Love the thumb holes and stretch but as we live in oregon with lots of rain it would have to be mainly for the mountains. I would also love the OUTDOOR RESEARCH Women’s Alibi Hybrid Jacket from EMS!

  45. My husband would use this for every day use here in Oregon! Love that it is all season, downside not packable. My husband could use these OUTDOOR RESEARCH Men’s TrailBreaker Pants from EMS!

  46. I like the thumbholes! I will use it for everyday use and our annual skiing trip! I like the PRANA Women’s Caitlyn Tunic Sweater from their site!

  47. I would give the Helix to my husband he likes clothes with lots of pockets and he needs a new Jacket. Thank You for the giveaway!

  48. I would use the Athena jacket for myself! I absolutely love the thumb holes! My husband wants a Thule and I didn’t know EMS sold those!

  49. I’d get the helix jacket for my husband. He would love the waterproof shell. I’d love to get the Patagonia drifter hiking boots from EMS.

  50. Loving the Helix for my sweet hubs! Owning a jacket that crosses over from season to season is invaluable where we live! Definitely would be a huge bonus for him while teaching our toddler to ski this season! Poor guys sometimes get neglected with the new gear while we outfit the littles. EMS always delivers great products but they also have fantastic customer service!

  51. I’d use it for working the tractor in the middle of winter! it gets chilly out there (no cab on our oldie but goodie) the stretch factor in the sleeves sounds like it would be a lot easier for moving around stacking firewood and such.
    As for what I’d like… my mom came home from ems with a pair of wool base layer pants! I want a pair (for after this baby is born.. not gonna mess up good pants with a big belly!) 🙂

  52. This would so be for my husband and as an industrial mechanic he’s always outside working on some heavy equipment or the like and this would be a light enough layer (he’s a big guy and hates extra bulk) to keep him warm and dry but not sweating as he moves around. However to buy this would be nuts. Way out of our price range! From EMS he would love a few pairs of smartwool socks! I turned him into a huge wool sock fan!

  53. I’d use the jacket for running kids up the hills during sledding activities or other winter activities where I overheat. The downside is that the sleeves aren’t warm, so it’s not an everyday use thing for me.
    At EMS I love the Outdoor Research Stormbound jacket for women!

  54. My husband would use the Helix for a lot of the winter. He never needs a really warm jacket so on rainy/snowy day it’d be perfect for him. From EMS he’d probably like the Under Armour 3-in-one ski jacket since he hasn’t bought one in 15 years!

  55. My husband would use the Helix for outdoor work when it’s cold! the other thing I would get from EMS is some men’s hiking boots! ASOLO Men’s Jumla Hiking Boots, Coffee/Camel

  56. I’d use this as my typical winter jacket… but the non-warm sleeve thing does seem a little weird to me. Definitely a downside. I’d love to get the EMS MEN’S FAST MOUNTAIN MERINO WOOL QUARTER SOCKS for my husband from the EMS site!

  57. My husband would love the Helix’s excellent water repellancy/breathability and numerous pockets! He would likely use it for his runs in colder weather. I’d love to get him some EMS men’s smart wool long underwear as well!

  58. I really like the look of the Helix and the velcro cuffs. I also like the NORTH FACE Women’s Fair Acres Flannel Shirt, L/S!

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