Joovy Holiday Giveaway #SantaInUs

The giveaways around here are boggling my mind (literally….) but I wanted to be sure you saw this last one!  Joovy is sponsoring a big giveaway for one lucky kid worth $355.  The prizes include a BicycooNoodle, Toy Caboose, Toy Room2 and a Foocot (links go to reviews of those items at various great blogs around the web)!  All products are highly recommended by us.





Make sure you check out all the co-hosting bloggers (listed in the Rafflecopter) and Good Luck!!!  I will keep my fingers crossed one of my readers win! 😉

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18 thoughts on “Joovy Holiday Giveaway #SantaInUs”

  1. Angela Rhodes Ingles

    I’m almost halfway through a high-risk pregnancy with my husband and I’s first baby. It’s been a long road so far. While all the baby gadgets would be nice and would certainly make our lives easier, ultimately, our greatest wish is that we end up with a happy, healthy baby! #SantaInUs

  2. These giveaways are amazing. I can’t even imagine. All of the winner’s will have a wonderful Christmas surprise. Keep up the hood work!

  3. I know its corny, but iam so grateful that I have few “wishes”. I guess I’m really wishing to see bright happy faces of my three little one with their grandparents around the tree on Christmas morning. And that their Christmas memories will be as happy as my own.

  4. My wish is for a couple of days to forget about all of the unknowns in the year to come and focus on having fun days with my kiddos!

  5. I can’t have my greatest wish. My dad. We buried him Christmas Eve last year. He was a great man. We miss him so much.

  6. my greatest wish for christmas is that it snows for 2 weeks straight.. my partner has a gig plowing while his boss is away. he’ll be getting paid a lot more, and it’ll equal out to a few months worth of wages. would be super helpful for us.

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