Real Food FUELS Real Play


    “Our bodies are our gardens – our wills are our gardeners.”  ~William Shakespeare (from Othello)


    Whether you’re exploring the mountains or playing in the backyard, the food we put into our bodies influences our play. REAL food fuels REAL play.  You may have encountered the good ol’ gasoline analogy:   you cannot put diesel into a gas-run vehicle.  The same logic applies to our bodies!  Our bodies run most efficiently on real food.  This line of thinking raises the question, how does one define real food?  Let’s explore what makes food REAL and take it a little further.

    Real Food Defined:

    Real Food FUELS Real Play

    Picture from 100 Days of Real Food, click on the picture to head over to their awesome awesome site!


    Real food is is also what it’s not – not processed or refined, not pumped with hormones or grown alongside pesticides, not artificially-colored, and the list goes on.  Head over to 100 Days of Real Food to read more info on the definition of real food, it’s great stuff.  Not to mention all of their recipes, suggestions, their family’s story and more!



    I argue that knowing what food is real food is not enough. Become in tune with your body. All of our bodies are different. What makes my body run well and feel well may not be the same as you. What is the same between you and I, though, is our ability to know our bodies and listen. For example, I feel bloated when I eat dairy (bummer! I love milk & ice cream!). My body is speaking to me when I feel poorly after consuming dairy. Dairy falls under the definition of real food, but I need to listen to my body if I want my body to function well. I’d say the same of my own body and grains.  My energy level is more stable when I stay away from grains. I am not suggesting ‘let’s all jump on the gluten-free train’ (Paleo lovers’ unite!) but I am challenging you to an awareness of your body and the type of fuel it needs!

     Real Food Fuels Real Play



    Own it. Own your beautiful body, whatever shape it may be:  round, square, flat, soft, firm,  bumpy, long, short, muscular, not-muscular.  And own the choices you make regarding your body. Own your challenges and the choices you make to navigate those obstacles. Own and accept yourself. Accept where you are today on your road to optimal health/wellness/ performance/fill in the blank. Take ownership of what goes into your body, knowing that it impacts your life and your play! Teach your children to own their bodies and what nourishes them. What we put into our bodies BECOMES our bodies!

    Real Food Fuels Real Play

    Put good in – get good out 🙂


    We were given one body, one vessel to use for our play.  Knowing and listening to your body, a most-treasured gift, will greatly improve your life of adventure.  The better we eat, the better our families play, friends!


    We would love to know your thoughts.  How does food influence your play? What is your food-philosophy?


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      1. We find eating less more frequently a key to keeping our bodies and moods happy. It’s a rare occasion that we leave the house without packing a snack and we’ll never leave without our water bottles. Having a healthy snack with us prevents the impulsive stop for fast food or unhealthy snacks when we’re out and about – whether it’s on the way home from a hike or just running errands around town.

        • We end up doing the same, eating smaller quantities, more frequently. I’m not sure if a fast metabolism is a blessing or a curse, it’s a lot to keep up with – planning for healthy snacks and meals for our hungry bodies so often! It’s certainly well-worth it to think ahead, or I’m subject to impulse-“hangry” food choices 🙂

      2. Great post! We’re in the same boat about eating healthy snacks throughout the day. has a variety of “energy bar” recipes that we are crazy about. Here’s an example:

      3. “Own it” is so resonating with me, love that! You can only change when you take ownership of your body. And those pics, could they be any cuter? I think not!

      4. I WISH my body ran on cheeseburgers and ice cream but it doesn’t very well. I’ve tried 🙂 I’ve always strived to live a healthy-eating lifestyle but fallen short. I have made little improvements over time and hope that some day I will get there.

        • Oh I love me a good cheeseburger too…wouldn’t that be the life! I’m grateful for experimenting with and finding great healthy recipes that taste amazing too. Each day is a stepping stone, good thing we only have to tackle one day at a time! Thanks for your comment, Jessica!

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