This Moment….A Friday Ritual

    **No words necessary, just a precious moment from our life**

    NOTE: P is in the KangaKid carrier by Deuter.  You can find our full review here.  Great for giving a kid a quick ride when he gets tired out skiing (or hiking, snowshoeing, etc.) but also using as a fully functional backpack.



      1. Holy cow, love the expression on your little one’s face! Thanks for posting about your carrier… we’re taking my two-year-old skiing this weekend and I’m a bit worried about her getting tired out walking between car, mtn, etc. The pack looks perfect for something like that!


      1. […] inspiring, cute and make me want to have children (and adventures!). Check out Moxie on the Beach. And Mountain Mamma’s adorable little one in a backpack after getting tuckered out cross-countr…. Also cool is Desk to Glory’s really interesting tent-camping truck […]

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