This Moment {Reality on the Trail with Toddlers}

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    Because the reality is this DOES happen on the trail with kiddos!  And that’s ok…  He was having a great time 5 minutes before this and was just DONE.  It’s life.  It happens.  They aren’t scarred forever and won’t end up hating skiing (enter any activity here) because of it.  In his case, a trip back to the car from “Super Daddy” fixed everything (because he could take a nap on his shoulder – see second photo for the day).  This also shows that we AREN’T always prepared.  Mama, at 39 weeks pregnant, just can’t haul the Chariot or a backpack, so we skied (while Daddy skied laps around) us until we couldn’t ski anymore.  It worked.

    Happy Weekend!

    This Moment {Reality on the Trail with Toddlers}

    This Moment {Reality on the Trail with Toddlers}

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      1. I don’t have children yet but had to laugh at this. Super Daddy with his little ski bunny and all. Love those skis hanging out!

      2. Oh NO! Hopefully he wasn’t too cold! It’s always good to have the kids prepared with warm kids ski clothing for the upcoming season —there’s nothing worse than cold kids on a fun ski day! 🙁

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