Joovy Room Playard

Joovy Room Playard Review

We’ve just posted our latest Joovy review!

Joovy Room Playard

Having the right (not too much, not too little) gear for a baby can be tricky.  With your first you need everything, by the third your parring it down to the basic necessities.

Our home is small.  It’s a little bit like a puzzle making everything work in our living space, and throwing in a tiny baby plus all that STUFF has been a bit of a challenge.  Before L showed up, I spent some time researching some options to cut down on the bulky furniture and make it work for our family and our home.

Joovy agreed to let me check out their Room Playard with the intention of putting it in our room for sleeping and changing and storing diapers (all of which would replace crib + changing table + dresser at least for a bit.)  We also hoped to be able to use it in an outdoor setting as the weather warmed up and we began to travel, play/sleep outside and camp.”

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