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Meet Amy:  The Ultra-runner/Entrepreneur Mom

#marvelousmoms #marvelousmoms

Amy, her husband, 2 –year old daughter and 2 big goofy dogs live at the base of the Teton Mountains in Victor, ID. Amy’s active & outdoors lifestyle began long before she had any choice in the matter. How cool is this picture?! Cheers to Amy’s parents for taking her backpacking into the Grand Canyon before she was 1. This spirit of adventure set the stage for Amy’s life. She says: “I credit my parents with raising me to love the outdoors. They backpacked me to the bottom of the Grand Canyon twice before I was 2 years old. They had me on skis as soon as I could walk. And, every vacation we’ve ever taken has involved some sort of outdoor activity – whether a hut-to-hut through South Africa or boogie boarding in Costa Rica. Growing up with this mindset makes outdoors and sharing the outdoors with my daughter almost second nature.”   (Read more on this parental influence over here on Amy’s blog where she connects the dots between her upbringing and raising her own daughter.)     #marvelousmoms

Amy says that running is “meditation in motion and that all of her best ideas come to her while she’s running. It’s safe to bet that her newly launched business, Garage Grown Gear, is the outcome of many long runs, and perhaps some thought-provoking hikes, ski trips and the like! Garage Grown Gear connects others with innovative, high-performing and “wildly cool” outdoor gear made my independent companies. This connection happens through an Online MagazineDirectory and an E-Commerce Store (coming soon!).


With this new and demanding piece of the puzzle added to Amy’s plate, we asked her how she does it – balance family life and a new business endeavor while maintaining her active lifestyle? Motivation is certainly not the obstacle, nor does the weather scare Amy and her family indoors. Time is the bigger obstacle. She has found a system that works, a schedule. For example, Amy may take Wednesday mornings to go for an early run while her husband goes Wednesday evening. Instead of a typical date night out to dinner or a movie, she and her husband set aside time to backcountry ski and mountain bike together. Amy gives us a great glimpse into her life in a guest post she wrote for Adventure-Inspired:

“So what’s the on-the-ground reality been like as I navigate family life, entrepreneurship and my commitment to spending time in the mountains? It’s admittedly stressful at times. My to-do list can easily spiral out of control and I often find it difficult to wind down at night. In response, I’ve had to learn to embrace schedules, get into a routine, and set limits. I’ve also had to learn to let it be okay when not everything gets done. And I often have to remind myself to breathe, deeply.”


Amy’s daughter on skis! The first of many more days to come!


Amy’s daughter is certainly not left out of the fun. Amy says, “I notice that my daughter is fed by the outdoors in the same way as my husband and myself. She’s happier, calmer and more focused after a day spent outside.” They recently took their daughter skiing for the first time and now she wants to take her skies everywhere! Like mother, like daughter. What a joy!

Amy leaves us with three pieces of wisdom to consider:

1) The hassles and hoops are worth it, because it makes it a habit, for us adults and for our kids. Read more on that here.

2) The more you do it, the easier it becomes

3) It’s worth investing in a Chariot and a good kid carrier backpack.

Thank you, Amy, for  sharing your inspiring motherhood! #marvelousmoms


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