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Meet Annette: The “Jill” of many trades Mom


Annette truly understands what it’s like to be on both sides of the working mom/stay-at-home-mom fence – she’s been on both sides. Annette and her husband, Kevin, started their family in south Florida where they had their first three children, Brandon, Allison, and Kyle. Annette balanced work as the Director of Finance for a large multi-location Pediatric group and a healthy home life as well. She acknowledged that family time was precious and so she sacrificed sleep in order to meet her own needs. Waking up before 5am to fit in exercise became part of the routine several days a week, “To me, you make time for what is important to you. Getting outside on a beautiful day or getting exercise on a hectic day are just things that have to be fit in.” Well said, Annette.

In 2008, with a fourth child on the way, Annette and Kevin decided to move to Fleming Island (north Florida is much more affordable than the greater-Miami area) to allow her the luxury of staying home with their children.


Annette recalls being active for as long as she can remember – climbing trees, skating in the driveway, and learning aerobics from her older sister. She now fosters this love for the outdoors and exercise in her children, “I think for the most part children follow the example that is set before them.” Up until the kids grew older, they just assumed that everyone spent weekends & holidays outside or exercising in some way! Exercise is very much a part of Annette’s life and now a part of their family life – including their vacations. “We try to always get a family mountain vacation in over the summer. This year we are heading to North Carolina to find some beautiful waterfalls.” With the large age differences among the children, offering a variety of activities keeps everyone active. Biking as a family, however, is one activity everyone enjoys, “The kids especially enjoy biking with a destination in mind.  Heading out for slushies or ice cream is always a special treat.” 

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Annette describes exercise as important – just as important as eating or sleeping! The range of activities Annette’s family represents is quite impressive: baseball, distance running (Annette and her 10 year-old completed a half-marathon this past Thanksgiving!), track, cycling (both indoor & out), tumbling, surfing, yoga, paddle board, and more! She understands the time constraints of life, however, and (like most of us!) sometimes needs that extra reminder that getting out & staying active is a real need: “As a busy mother I have to tell myself often that the dusting can wait, but our children will not stay children for long. Getting them to the park and on their bikes has to be a priority. This is often easier said than done, but we all know how quickly they grow up and how good it is for them to stay moving and active.”

Annette exudes a lot of wisdom, both in person and in her words:

“Never give up.  There may be weeks or even months that you totally fail, but today is the perfect day to start.  Yesterday doesn’t matter.    There will always be set backs.  We all get sick, have busy schedules or have days that we are just too tired to move.   Whatever you are able to do get out there and do it. Whether that is a 20 minute walk around the neighborhood after dinner or a 10 mile family bike ride on the weekend or a family Zumba class.  Start small and find activities that are fun for the kids.  If you have a playground within walking distance that would be ideal.  The kids will also be worn out in time for bedtime!  Make a goal to get out two or three days a week and you will be surprised how good you feel and how everyone’s mood improves.”

An extra cheers to Annette and Kevin as they recently celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary!!


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