Fun around the Campsite {Some Extra Tricks + Giveaway}

    While we are strong advocates for keeping fun around the campsite simple and natural (sticks, rocks, dirt, lakes, etc.), sometimes having a couple extra tricks in your pocket when kids get bored is really helpful.  Sometimes those “tricks” are just a ball or some bubbles or a frisbee.  Simple is great.

    However, we’ve found two excellent products we wanted to share that can be used both at home AND at the campsite.  They have provided hours of play for our children and their friends and are both ones we highly recommend.  They can safely be used outdoors almost anywhere and promote kids moving, learning, exercising and building confidence.  Anything that does that is A-ok in our book.


    Fun around the Campsite {Some Extra Tricks + Giveaway}

    Slackers Slackline Classic Series Kit $79.99

    Slackers-Box21We set this up at the campsite and I swear the kids literally start flocking to it.  That means sometimes having to make sure said kids are letting their parents know where they are and that they’re ok with it (because it’s not just OUR kids that are drawn to it).  But, as long as you are in an area with trees or sturdy poles, it’s a GREAT way to keep the entire family entertained with the endless possibilities of tricks to try out.

    The slack line is 50 feet long and comes with an included teaching line that is great for most of us.  The only struggle is having to change the height of the teaching line to accommodate different sizes of people.  You’ll notice that many of our photos the line is too short for some kids and too tall for others.  Oh well – at least they are all on it!

    A metal ratchet system for both the slack line and teaching line means super quick and easy set up.  And we love that it holds 800 pounds, which means it’s no issue to have the whole family on the line at once (or at least 8 kids.)

    Fun around the Campsite {Some Extra Tricks + Giveaway}



    Snipe Game by Education Outdoors $25

    61rfnBcB1rL._SL1500_I can’t say enough great about Education Outdoors and their games.  We are huge fans (see our previous review of their Biking Board Game).  This is THE favorite game in our house for both indoor and outdoor fun.  The “snipes” are hidden (2 come with the game) and then everyone else has to go and find them.  The great thing is that they start chirping after a few minutes with increasing frequency so you can really hide them almost anywhere.  It’s a great cross between hide and seek and an Easter Egg hunt.

    Not only is it an easy game that kids can play themselves, but something that works for all ages as a family game.  It’s recommended for ages 5+ , but our three year old has no problem joining in.  The best part?  Kids have to stop and listen for the chirping so it ends up being a relatively quiet and concentrated game (well, except for those snipes chirping, of course!)

    We’ve had ours outside and played with (thrown, buried, etc.) and had no issues.  It’s built to last in an outdoor play environment.

    Fun around the Campsite {Some Extra Tricks + Giveaway} Fun around the Campsite {Some Extra Tricks + Giveaway}

    Fun around the Campsite {Some Extra Tricks + Giveaway}

    We want to  know!

    What tricks do you have up your sleeve for campsite fun?


    Boost your campsite fun with a giveaway!

    Education Outdoors and Slackers have both offered the chance for one of you to win some campsite fun.

    As usual, please use the Rafflecopter Widgets below to enter to win. The winner will be emailed and announced on this post in the Rafflecopter Widget. Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me at mountainmamatales(at)gmail(dot)com so I can help!

    • The Slackline giveaway is open to the U.S. and Canada.
    • The Snipe giveaway open to US only.

    a Rafflecopter giveaway
    a Rafflecopter giveaway

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        I know that subscribing to your newsletter is not a requirement for these entries, however, I’ve been meaning to tell you that I’ve yet to receive a newsletter even though I believe I’ve subscribed (I’ve checked spam). I keep up mostly on Facebook but wanted to let you know in case there is a technical issue.

        Playing charades is a fun campfire activity. One of my favorite camping memories occurred when my family mixed up the location/time of a ranger campfire talk on bears and arrived to an empty amphitheater. Rather than walk back to camp, we started improvising on the empty stage; taking turns in the spotlight. Even the 2 year old cracked us up with bear jokes. What made this special is that it happened organically; my kids are not typically into acting.

        • Hi Kristenm – something is weird with your email and being subscribed – working on figuring it out! Sorry about that!

          And improv acting sounds great! 🙂

      2. So want one of those slack lines. Fingers crossed!

      3. Bunny would LOVE those lines – what a great idea!

      4. Great idea to have two slacklines for kids! We have one, but I would LOVE to win another for a topper 🙂 Or to have two going at a time.
        I accidentally entered the SNIPE contest with my slackline posts… so feel free to delete those. I couldn’t figure out how.

      5. would use this on camping trips for sure! have been looking at them for awhile 😉

      6. LJ Martin says:

        I So would love the Slackline. I have two very active mountain boys:) I entered the SNIPE too but I should be deleted from it as I am Canadian Sorry. Looks like a fun game! Thanks Amelia for introducing us to another fun outdoor product!

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