Homemade Healthy Treats for the Trail

    Homemade Healthy Treats for the Trail

    We seem to go through an exorbitant amount of granola bars in our home.  They are quick energy for busy kids and are a standard in our packed lunches and every day get-out-and-go bags.  The rough part is that they are not cheap AND not necessarily as healthy as I wish they were.

    However, I have a few go-to recipes I have been using (and sometimes slightly modifying) for homemade healthy snacks that boost energy, taste good and keep well.  They aren’t my creations (though I wish they were), but are ones we have tested again and again and recommend to others.


    1.  Homemade Granola Bar from Kitchen Stewardship:  I’ve been making these for years now.  They tend to be a bit sweeter than others, but we replace the butter with peanut butter to increase the protein content.  The trick is to REALLY smash them into the bar pan so they don’t crumble when you eat they.  They freeze great. Homemade Healthy Treats for the Trail
    2. Whole Wheat Graham Crackers from Bless This Mess Please:  A great way to avoid basic packaged (and processed) snack crackers.  We love them soft (like cookies), but also make them crunchier.  You roll the dough out like sugar cookies, so can really make them in any shape.  The soft ones are relatively not-crumbly and pack well for the trail.  Freezable also!Homemade Healthy Treats for the Trail
    3. Whitney’s Everything Energy Bars from OutsideOnline.com:  See my photos below.  This is a new one that we LOVE.  It’s chock full of seeds and nuts and all things good and healthy.  However, they are truly an energy bar so should be eaten when you need energy, not when you are just looking for a quick snack.  Hiking, biking, and playing really hard with kids all warrant a Whitney’s.  We also cut them into much smaller bars than the recipe suggests for kid-sized snacks (the full size – 16 servings – is almost a meal in itself.)

    Homemade Healthy Treats for the Trail

    Homemade Healthy Treats for the Trail

    Homemade Healthy Treats for the Trail

    Happy Kid with a Cheesy Grin and a Whitney’s Energy Bar


    What are your go-to healthy (and homemade) trail treats?  Find more great #TrailTime food ideas over at the Sierra Trading Post HUB today too!


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      1. Hey! Thanks so much for posting about those graham crackers. So pleased to be IG friends 🙂 And I want to come up and visit! We went to Yellow Stone last year in August and stayed in a little KOA cabin and my kids STILL talk about it. Such a great trip!

      2. I love homemade granola bars. Yummy! Good stuff.

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