Equipping your Kids for Lunch with a MightyNest Giveaway

    We’re so excited to be partnering with one of our favorite companies, Mighty Nest, today as we talk equipping your kids for lunch, giving kids ownership in their choices, and making outdoor (and school) meals run smoothly.  As part of this “Let’s Do Lunch” promotion, Mighty Nest supplied us with the lunchbox we tested out AND are supplying the one we are giving away.  However, as always, the thoughts and opinions here are completely ours and what we tell our family and friends.


    mightynestpinnableI can’t even believe it is that time of the year already – as cliché as it sounds, it sneaks up on me every time.  School is already starting in some states, it’s just weeks away here.  That means that everyone starts thinking about school lunches and school supplies and how to make it all happen and happen well.

    While our oldest is just now entering Kindergarten, I pack lunches on a daily basis around here.  My husband is great about cleaning up our leftovers and we are eating on the road (or trail) at least weekly around here.  To be honest, I love it because the kitchen stays so much cleaner.  It takes a little more planning, but that pre-planning also means we eat healthier too.

    I’m a firm advocate in going green as much as possible and using reusable containers.  I’m slowly yet surely moving away from plastics too and opting for glass and stainless steel instead.  That’s where MightyNest comes in.  I love looking around their online shop because the possibilities are seemingly endless as we move towards healthier options.  Everything you need for a lunch box (and packing healthy foods) is there.  In fact, they have a great page on their site to show you exactly what will fit in the lunch box you are choosing.


    Here’s what we’re packing our lunch in:


    The boys are finally old enough to help with meal preparation and choices (whether I like it or not.)  Despite the fact that sometimes their “help” is downright annoying, the important thing is that they are learning life-long skills to be healthy.  They are learning about sugar in moderation, what foods have sugar in them (and why the aren’t good for us) and the importance of fruits and vegetables.  They choose healthy foods because that is what we have and what they know.  Treats are for special occasions.

    They’re too young to help with cutting up of most foods, but they are certainly not too young to pack their own lunch.  As we prepared for a day out playing in Yellowstone, I cut up and prepped a bunch of options and then let J pack his own lunch box.  True – ALL the choices there were healthy, but just by packing it himself, he was taking ownership over what he wanted to eat.

    mightynest3 mightynest4

    We took our Tiny Trekkers group out on a kid-friendly hike in the Park and then re-fueled back at our favorite (shaded) picnic area before playing in the creek.  J was proud to have his own lunch, knew exactly what was in it and felt proud of his choices.  It made our outdoor lunch go so much smoother.

    mightynest5 mightynest7


    Supporting your Own School

    We love Mighty Nest because not only are they equipping your kids for a healthy lunch (through their products), your purchase also supports your school. With your purchase of better goods for lunch and home, MightyNest donates 15% to your local school. A typical lunch gear order donates more than $10 to the supporter’s school. MightyNest’s goal is to raise $1,000,000 for schools this school year.

    They’ve carefully curated the best selection of reusable lunch gear and water bottles that all meet their rigorous criteria for safety and practicality. So shopping at MightyNest for back to school literally gives back to your school.  


    Some more good healthy eating information for kids from Chef/Nutritionist Michelle Dudash (Clean Eating for Busy Families):

    I had an opportunity to interview Michelle and thought you all may be interested in this info!



    Win a Lunch Super-Pack

    We’re so thrilled that MightyNest is giving away this Better Lunch Goods super-pack worth $100 of reusable lunch gear just like ours.  It’s full of high-quality products that we highly recommend for kids going to school AND lunch (or dinner) out on the trail.

    This giveaway will close on 8/11 and is open to US Residents only (sorry!)



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      1. Love that little stainless 4 compartment piece! Thanks for sharing.

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        Do you keep lunches pretty consistent or do you mix it up frequently? Thanks for the breakdown and good photos. Looked like a great lunch! Yum 🙂

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