The Truth About Nature Book Review + Giveaway

The Truth About Nature Book Review + Giveaway

Stacy Tornio and Ken Keffer have a new book out for families! If you missed our previous reviews, definitely check out their other books: We Love Nature! and The Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Book.

The Truth About Nature Book Review + Giveaway

The book is full of common nature myths, how untrue they really (from level 1 to 3) are AND what the full truth is. The book is a great way to engage the entire family in conversation, exploration and discovery of nature. The information is practical, take-away-and-share, good stuff. Plus, I really love the attractive illustrations from all their books – I’m a sucker for a good cover, I guess.

As adults, we learned something too – I really DID think that poison ivy was contagious and cows had 4 stomachs (don’t judge if you are thinking “How did you not know that?!?!”!). Some of the myths were obvious to me, some were obvious to Mtn Papa and there were some that had us both stumped. It definitely depends on your background, your location and simply how much you know. There’s something for everyone.

The Truth About Nature Book Review + Giveaway

And no Nature/Family book would be complete without talking about poop, right? Oh wait – that’s just our family?!?!

The Truth About Nature Book Review + Giveaway

There is so many ebooks out there now – I personally prefer ones in print that you can take anywhere (AND be unplugged too). This is the perfect one to keep in the camper or ready for around-the-fire reading.


A cool contest:

Falcon Press is sending Stacy and Ken to a school to talk about their book, give some copies away, hand out some free bookmarks and also play a “nature gameshow” with the kids to teach them about the great outdoors.  We think this is a fabulous opportunity to get an author to your school and inspire kids to get outside. Homeschooled? No worries – they’d happily come and speak at a local library or Co-Op, etc. too.

Here’s the thing – your odds are REALLY good. When we ask people to be creative, it definitely weeds entries out very quickly….(their loss!)

Post your creative photos or videos here to win. You have until November 23, but the earlier, the better!

J was learning about bats this week and so this was a perfect bridge to learning about myths and facts too in this book. His video is below (and I KNOW you can be more creative than he was!):


Sweetening the Deal

I REALLY want one of YOU to win. Let’s be honest – I want someone locally to win so I can meet them too! 🙂 But, I’ll be thrilled about any of my readers. Soooo – we are going to sweet the deal a little. If you post a video or photo in the next week, you can also get your name in the hat to win a copy of Truth about Nature AND their Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Book, both signed by Stacy and Ken.

What you need to do to enter:

  1. Be super creative and enter the contest on the Falcon Guides site:
  2. Come back here and enter by using the Rafflecopter widget below. The entry is required. The other stuff just helps your chances of winning.
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Good luck!! 



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