Learn to Ski or Snowboard in January (or anytime this winter!)

    Happy New Year! We’re glad to be back and off running with some fun and inspiring (perfect for the start of a new year) project and events.

    Learn to Ski or Snowboard in January (or anytime this winter!)

    First up: January 1st kicks off a whole month dedicated to helping promote the love of skiing (or snowboarding) through various programs to make learning it easy. Ski hills around the country are pitching in with reduced lesson rates, increased lesson frequency and/or reduced rental rates.

    “Cost and convenience often are top of mind for people considering taking up skiing or snowboarding,” said Mary Jo Tarallo, executive director for the snow sports industry’s national initiative. “Like anything else, making the sports affordable and accessible requires a little research and smart shopping.”

    For the first time, we have a child in ski school this year. In the past, we have done “Daddy Ski School” with some serious focus on us teaching our kids to ski. Great as long as it works! We also love to throw in some ski time with other adults (to give us all a break!)

    When we were first looking for tips, we came across this great series of videos from the folks at Level Nine Sports. The video below is the first one. You can find all of the videos here. More from Level Nine later this week (that’s your teaser….)


    Here’s a comprehensive list on how to get some great deals so you can get out on the slopes this month:

    Throughout the next few days, we will be launching some gear reviews of our favorite ski gear, some tips and tricks and hopefully a little inspiration.

    In case you missed it on our Facebook page, our friend Silas is rocking his skis (and so can your kiddo)…. Every little bit of time they spend on skis (even before they are 2) helps get them used to the feel and develop a love for snow. Baby steps for the “babies”!

    Learn to Ski or Snowboard in January (or anytime this winter!)


    Finally, speaking of Facebook, there are some major changes happening that will make keeping up with us on Facebook a lot harder. Ug. We will continue to be active there, but be sure to seek US out and follow us everywhere else too 🙂 All our social media links on our right sidebar (or at the bottom if you are mobile).


    Happy Happy Monday, January and 2015!


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