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Every Kid Should Learn to Bike – May is Bike Month!

Every Kid Should Learn to Bike

May is Bike Month!

Every able-bodied kid should learn how to bike. Every single one. As a society we sort of take biking for granted – we assume that by the time a child is at least 10 or so, they know how to ride and can do so safely and efficiently. But, that’s not always the case. Limitations are real due to the costs of having a bike, the need for a safe place to ride and, maybe most importantly, examples of other bike riders in a child’s life. While I wish I could set up every child with a bike, the least I can do is share some great information about why biking is so great, how to get kids started AND some reviews of bikes we’ve tried out. Just a side note – if you are a family that cannot afford a bike, check out The Axel Project – they are getting kids on Strider balance bikes and it’s a GREAT organization.


First of all, here’s my quick list as to WHY kids should bike:

  1. It improves their balance
  2. It challenges them and gives them a sense of accomplishment
  3. It gives them freedom and mobility at a young age
  4. It encourages outdoor time
  5. It encourages exercise and a healthy lifestyle
  6. It’s an activity that the whole family can do (with the right gear, of course)
  7. It’s a life-long skill that can translate into a “greener lifestyle” when use as transportation
  8. It’s fun!
  9. It helps get kids out and seeing places they may not explore via car or by foot
  10. It’s a “gateway exercise” into other sports and active pursuits!


Linked below are posts from our blog and other blogs we love about biking – they are broken into categories for your convenience. If you have a post or review about biking on your own blog or one you’ve seen and loved, please comment on this post linking us up!

Learning to bike:


Choosing a Bike:


Bike Reviews:


Beyond the Bike:


Bike Inspiration


Giveaways Coming Up!

Over the next week and a half we will be doing some pretty great giveaways to get kids on bikes! Watch for the following:

  • WOOM Bike giveaway (and fun accessories)
  • A full family in bike helmets from Lazer Sport
  • A bike and helmet from FirstBike


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5 thoughts on “Every Kid Should Learn to Bike – May is Bike Month!”

  1. I am so grateful that our family moved to a bike-friendly community. My almost-4-year-old is rockin’ her Strider bike and we plan to at least try a regular bike without training wheels this summer. Also, thanks for sharing the info about the Axel Project. I remember reading about them (or, more accurately, I remember reading about their little boy and still can’t think about it without choking up), but I didn’t really know the extent of what their organization does. I’ll share with families I know who many not be able to afford a bike!

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