O.F.F. Babiators Kid Sunglasses

O.F.F. Babiators Kid Sunglasses

O.F.F. = Outdoor Fashion Friday (one day early). 
Our (almost) weekly segment featuring our favorite styles for the season. 

First of all, Babiators is offering a 30% discount to all of my readers. Use code MountainMama30off on the Babiators site (good until July 11th).  

O.F.F. Babiators Kid Sunglasses

Kid sunglasses – ah the endless quest to keep those eyes safely covered AND not spend big bucks on glasses they aren’t going to just break or lose anyway. We discovered Babiators at the Outdoor Retailer show and were impressed as to how much serious abuse you (or your kids) could inflict on them without any repercussions. They can be bent, stepped on, and thrown across the room.

They also claim they won’t stretch out, which we agree is true in our 2 months of use. We’ll update this review if that changes at all.

The classic Babiators (for ages 0-7) are only $20 which is reasonable to pay for kids sunglasses. They also have a polarized option for $45 and their Aces style (for kids aged 7-14) for $30.

We also purchased their Submariners swim goggles which are a dream for babies in the pool.

One gripe we have about them is that they tend to fall off the kids’ noses just a bit. This drives my kids crazy when they are running or biking. Babiators assures me their Ready to Fly! Accessory Pack would help tremendously (basically kroakies for the glasses). We’ll let you know when we have a chance to try that option!

My favorite thing about the company? They have a lost/broken guarantee for the first year.  Should you lose or break your Babiators product within one year of purchase, they’ll send you a replacement — free. Just register for your Lost & Found Guarantee within 30 days of purchase, and you’re all set.

O.F.F. Babiators Kid Sunglasses

Anyone use Babiators? We’d love to hear your feedback too!


Babiators generously provided us this gear in order to facilitate this review.  However, as always, the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly our own.  You can find my full disclosure here.

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  1. I haven’t tried them, but I’ve been wanting to! I’ve heard really great things and I have friends that have received them as gifts and absolutely loved them. With that promo code, I figured today was the day to order them up for my 1 year old, but alas, the code does not work. Hopefully that will get fixed soon?!?!

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