O.F.F. KEEN shoes for Babies

O.F.F. KEEN CNX Shoes for Kids

O.F.F. = Outdoor Fashion Friday. 
Our (almost) weekly segment featuring our favorite styles for the season. Everything I share are pieces that can be worn all day long and stand up to the “use and abuse” of serious adventures. As a family, we appreciate clothing that is worth our hard-earned money. It’s what we wear and trust!

I know it’s hard to drop big bucks on kid shoes. Really, really hard to swallow. But, we’ll do it IF we know they’ll stand up to the use and abuse of a few kids and are something they will wear every day. Our boys have been wearing KEEN sandals every summer since they were walking. However, when they were really young, we had a pair that was more for water and less for walking/hiking.

O.F.F. KEEN shoes for Babies

O.F.F. KEEN CNX Shoes for Kids

This summer, we got L a pair of the Seacamp II CNX. While KEEN generously gave them to us for review, they’re a pair of shoes I wouldn’t hesitate purchasing. They’re super light, fit her well and easily transfer from getting wet in the water to hiking home. Yes, she’s only (almost) 18 months, but she’s a stubborn little thing and prefers doing the trails on her own two feet.

She’s pretty small and will be wearing her size 4 (the smallest they make in a true sole) for the rest of the summer and maybe (maybe??) a bit of next summer. Then we’ll pass them down.

We also tried out the Coronado style (more of a shoe). It’s super cute and she wears them often, but we definitely prefer that CNX style just because it’s more flexible and easier to walk in.

For a more of a closed shoe style, we really like the Chandler CNX (seen on J), available for little AND big kids. Again, lightweight, flexible shoe with a low-profile and easy to run in.


KEEN is also having their first ever Garage Sale. Be sure to check that out. While there aren’t any of the Seacamp style (which, like I said, we really really love, they do have other sandal styles for kids).

O.F.F. KEEN shoes for Babies


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Keen CNX Shoes Outdoor Fashion Friday


KEEN generously provided us this gear in order to facilitate this review.  However, as always, the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly our own. You can find my full disclosure here.

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