We're a "Winter" Family + Stay Cool Tips

We’re a “Winter” Family + Stay Cool Tips

People, it’s HOT!

This Alaska girl is such a wimp when it comes to heat, but 90s are enough to push me into an irritable state (just ask my kids). And we don’t even have humidity. AND it cools off here at night (there’s perks to living at a higher elevation.)

Don’t get me wrong – I love the fact that the doors can be left open and the windows too. I love that my kids can run around barefoot and I don’t have to wrestle them into snowsuits. I love that our outside time tally is hours and hours a day.

But, I’m hot. They’re hot. And it’s making us all a little grumpy.

I’m realizing that I am actually having a harder time being motivated to stay outside when it’s hot than when it’s super cold in the dead of winter. I always say you can add clothes in the winter; you can only strip down so much in the summer. Those layers and layers of snow gear isn’t looking so bad right now.

I guess this is why I live (and always will) in a place with 4 seasons. Just when you can’t bear the cold/heat anymore, that magic switcharoo happens and you can complain about something else for a while.

We're a "Winter" Family + Stay Cool Tips

But, I’m really not here to complain. Much. I just thought I would share our simple tips for getting out anyway when you’d rather just sit in front of the fan.


  1. WATER. Water, water, water. Drink it, jump in it, boat it, swim in it, splash it, spray it…you get the idea!
  2. Get out early. Be out the door by 8 am and get a couple hours under your belt before the sun gets really intense.
  3. Head for the hills…or mountains. The higher elevation drops temperature drastically. Take advantage.
  4. Keep eating. Even when you don’t feel like it (often the heat makes people lose their appetite). Your body needs fuel to keep cool too.
  5. Wear UPF rated clothing that keeps you cool. It protects from sunburn, you don’t have to worry about reapplying sunscreen and you can wet it down to keep you cool as you hike or play. My kids wear the same two shirts on a daily basis. And no one cares.
  6. Protect your eyes too – wear sunglasses and encourage even kids to wear them from a very young age. Be persistent and keep offering them, even for the kids that throw them off.
  7. Freeze fruit, yogurt, chocolate, granola bars, etc. and eat them cold.
  8. Go for the shade – don’t plan an exposed hike in the middle of the day in the middle of the summer.
  9. Don’t forget your Kisser! Your lips can burn too – use SPF lip balm and avoid a painful after-adventure mouth.
  10. Act like a kid. Have a water fight and win some points for the adults.

We're a "Winter" Family + Stay Cool Tips

Now if we could only get rid of the bugs…..

Fall – I’ve got my eyes on you!


Finally, I just have to share a little plug for this boat for kids we fell in love with. So much in fact that we came home and the boys pooled like two years of birthday money together to purchase their own. And they won’t stop stalking the mail man.

We're a "Winter" Family + Stay Cool Tips

The Lifetime Kayak for kids (6 feet long, 130 pound weight limit) gives kids some independence on the water as they learn to navigate and maneuver. P is 4 and 30 pounds and he had no issues with it. Our friend is double his size and also had no issues with it. It’s simple, but built for a lifetime (ha! get it??) and super fun.  And it comes with a paddle.

We're a "Winter" Family + Stay Cool Tips

If you end up purchasing one, we’d love if you would click through this affiliate link. No cost to you and it gives back to us just a little. Watch the prices too – they have been jumping around a bit even the last couple of days.

We're a "Winter" Family + Stay Cool Tips


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