Celebrating the Colors of Summer with Onya Baby + Giveaway

    We love getting outside as a family (big surprise, right?) And it tends to go so much smoother when we have an option for at least one (and sometimes all) of our kids to be carried at one point or another. Framed kid carriers are awesome, don’t get me wrong. They have a ton of space to carry extra necessities. BUT, there is no way that I will put my 6 year old in it (and yep, sometimes he needs a ride too.)  Personally, I find that SSC (soft structured carriers) that keep the weight of the child close to you are my best bet for carrying heavier kids (and sleepier kids) on hikes.
    Celebrating the Colors of Summer with Onya Baby + Giveaway
    I have a couple favorites when it comes to SSC, and Onya Baby is my favorite for hiking. You can read our full reviews (and please do) of the Outback here and the NexStep here, but here’s a quick run-down of why I love them so much:
    • Weight limit of 75 pounds. Not that I am going to HAUL 75 pounds on my back necessarily, but I CAN carry my 55 pound 6 year old comfortably if I have to.
    • A high back means that it’s great for taller and big kids
    • You can cross the straps which equals a super comfortable front hold. In the photo below my 4 year old had just woken and wasn’t really in the mood to hike yet. I had a backpack to carry, so put him on front, crossed my straps and up the mountain we went.
    • Generous pockets for stashing a couple snacks, wipes or a diaper
    • The Outback especially has perfect hiking-friendly fabric. It repels dirt and water and keeps the kiddo kind of dry. The NexStep does great with dirt too. I do love the feel of the Cruiser (their cotton line), but it does tend to pick up dirt, etc. easier.

    Celebrating the Colors of Summer with Onya Baby + Giveaway

    This summer Onya Baby released a new color in their NexStep and it is a new favorite. The “Cherry” is less bright red and more of a bright “wine” color (always hard to tell from the photos). I was pleasantly surprised.

    I also LOVE the Lapis color in their Cruiser. The structure of the carriers are all the same, the Cruiser is just a bit softer and great for people who prefer the feel of cotton – totally a personal preference! It’s also their most budget-friendly carrier ($129 vs. $139 or $149). All these beautiful, bright and classic colors!

    Celebrating the Colors of Summer with Onya Baby + Giveaway



    Sooooo, Onya Baby and Tales of a Mountain Mama have teamed up to offer YOU a chance to win your own Cherry NexStep. This contest is on Instagram so head on over there, find us @mtnmamatales and @onyababy and cross your fingers for good luck!

    Pssttt….you get major bonus points if you share your photos with US, so make your account public (even just for a bit) and share away. All the details in our Instagram post! If you are reading this and you don’t see the posts yet, they’ll be up shortly. Hang tight! This contest will run through August 31st. 

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