O.F.F. Jambu Shoes for the Whole Family

O.F.F. Jambu Shoes for the Whole Family

O.F.F. = Outdoor Fashion Friday. 
Our (almost) weekly segment featuring our favorite styles for the season. Everything I share are pieces that can be worn all day long and stand up to the “use and abuse” of serious adventures. As a family, we appreciate clothing that is worth our hard-earned money. It’s what we wear and trust!

I was introduced to Jambu over a year ago now and have been checking out their products and testing them for the past few months. As I often do, I went into our testing cautiously – I just wasn’t sure what sort of quality to expect. However, as a family we have collectively fallen in love with this brand and their shoes. They’re comfortable, well-built and truly made for active and outdoor families. I have zero tolerance for low-quality shoes simply because I think they slow us down. I was not disappointed!

Jambu sent each of us a pair of shoes to try out. They are all new to their line this fall and really and truly, I would recommend every single one of them. More details below!


For the Kids:

  • Baltoro 2 ($75): Starting at a little kids’ size 9 and going through a big kids’ size 6, this is the shoe that our oldest chose. It’s been really great for fall and winter-conditions hiking and playing, keeping him dry and warm AND easily mobile. I love that it has the toggle string for easy adjustment, though quite honestly he often ends up tying them a bit too tight. They have great traction for climbing on slippery rocks and slopes, and have just enough ankle coverage to keep the elements out and kids moving around easily. While they are rated to 14 degrees F (-10 degrees C), I don’t know if I would trust them as their only snow boot…mostly because they are shorter. However, they’re the perfect school shoe for going between the classroom and many recesses comfortably.O.F.F. Jambu Shoes for the Whole Family
  • Fia 2 ($50): These shoes are darling. But, more importantly, they are also super functional, made for girls on the move and still look brand new after wearing them daily for weeks and weeks. I know not all kids rock their Mary Jane’s with SmartWool socks, but this girl does. We actually found that the velcro straps bothered the top of her feet just a little bit when she first wore them with no socks. So, socks it is, especially if she is walking a lot. And when you’re the third kid, you walk as much as your mom will let you, because everyone else is doing it, of course. Like we’ve found with all our Jambu shoes, great traction and excellent durability. I want shoes I can pass on from kid to kid to kid to kid…these fit the bill (and so do the others here!)
  • O.F.F. Jambu Shoes for the Whole Family
  • Vulcan J ($70): These boots aren’t rated for winter conditions, but they’re perfect for hiking in cooler, fall weather. We have a hard time finding great hiking boots in smaller sizes. These start at a little kids size 9 and go through a big kids’ size 6. While they do have a waterproof lining, I wouldn’t necessarily say they are 100% waterproof like the Baltoro. They keep little feet dry in most conditions, but you don’t want to be wading through puddles in them. They’re lacing boots, which require help at this age (at least for our 4 year old), but it also means that they have great ankle stability and can be more custom fit each time you tie.O.F.F. Jambu Shoes for the Whole Family

For the older ones in the crowd:

  • Iceland ($99): I know the photo below shows me wearing these with capris, but they are my “32 degrees out, walk to the bus shoes” right now. It’s still warming up to the 60s during the day, but the mornings start COLD. I LOVE slipping these on with anything right now – I’ll add socks and longer pants soon enough. Great support, lined with faux fur so they are super cozy, and they add just a little style to this mom’s life. They’ll also be my apres-ski shoe (because yes, even this pregnant lady will at least be XC skiing this winter!) O.F.F. Jambu Shoes for the Whole Family
  • Bedrock for Men ($129): I haven’t been able to get a good photo of my husband’s feet in the Bedrock, so am relying on a stock image and his thoughts on the shoe. He tends to even more picky than me about footwear, so I was pleasantly surprised when he said he really liked them. Don’t let the Oxford style fool you – they’re totally built for a rugged lifestyle and specifically have great traction for inclement weather. We’ll be testing them more on the snow and ice in the coming months, but for now we know they work awesome in fall conditions. They look like “fancier” shoes (think “not hiking boots”), but are comfy enough to hike and explore in. Another win, win!O.F.F. Jambu Shoes for the Whole Family


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