Gift Guide for Outdoor Families 2015 + Giveaways

    Gift Guide for Outdoor Families 2015 + Giveaways

    I refuse to buy into the stress of the holiday season. I get my shopping done early, I plan ahead and then it all usually ends up in spirited chaos anyway. Oh well. That’s life and that’s ok. As long as we are focusing as a family as the real reason for Christmas, I’m happy. This also means giving to those in need AND those we love.

    So, this is my quick line-up of items I think every outdoor family (full-on enthusiasts or wannabes with spunk) would love. It also happens to be a teaser for our HUGE 12 Days of Gear Giveaways event starting December 1st. I have been working on putting this together for months now and can’t wait to give back to all of you. You can keep up with THAT event here. Note: not all items listed here will be given away. And not all items we are giving away are listed here. We have to keep you guessing a LITTLE!


    This list is chock-full of affiliate links (which I highlight very clearly). Thanks for shopping through them to help us out a bit. It doesn’t cost you a dime!

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    Family Fun:

    Gift Guide for Outdoor Families 2015

    For camping and getting out playing all summer:

    Gift Guide for Outdoor Families 2015

    For the Hiker:

    Gift Guide for Outdoor Families 2015


    Girl, get outside!:Gift Guide for Outdoor Families 2015

    Gift Guide for Outdoor Families 2015


    To spoil her:Gift Guide for Outdoor Families 2015

    Gift Guide for Outdoor Families 2015


    To keep kids warm all winter long:

    Gift Guide for Outdoor Families 2015 + Giveaway

    Gift Guide for Outdoor Families 2015

    Get Out and Ski!:Gift Guide for Outdoor Families 2015

    KinderLift VeaGift Guide for Outdoor Families 2015sts and KinderKarry Bag Review and *Giveaway*


    Be sure to check out these other great gift guides focussing on outdoor families. Many of them have giveaways too!


    A few special giveaways for YOU!

    1. NiteIze

    Thanks to NiteIze for supplying a fun gift pack for one of you to win! They’re perfect stocking stuffers (or just keep them for yourself!)

    Gift Guide for Outdoor Families 2015 + Giveaway

    • 2 BugLits
    • 12 pack of GearTies
    • Inova STS Headlamp

    2. Garage Grown Gear

    One lucky winner will receive a $50 gift card to Garage Grown Gear. Don’t tell, but this is where I often shop for Mtn Papa and family. They truly have “wildly cool” gear and I LOVE supporting small businesses! Some of our suggestions listed here (all links are affiliates – thanks for clicking through them!):

    Gift Guide for Outdoor Families 2015 + Giveaways

    3. Bergans Snøtind Snowsuit

    We LOVE LOVE LOVE this snowsuit. Warm and durable, yet not bulky. The price tag reflects that (as it should), so having a chance to win one is even more exciting. Read our full review here on our post about great gear to keep kids warm.

    Quick facts:

    2-layer winter coverall suitable for activities in the cold and wet. Snøtind Insulated is insulated with Bergans ArcticInsulation, and made from waterproof, windproof, and breathable Bergans Element Active.

    • Reinforced sections on elbows, knees, seat, and pant legs
    • Detachable, adjustable hood
    • Large, horizontal chest pocket
    • Elastic sleeve cuffs. Elastic waist in rear. Articulated knee sections. Gusset and elastic ankle cuffs with adjustable silicone foot strap. Reflective details.
    • Weight: size 116 (6 years): 745 g (1lb 10.3 oz)
    • Weight insulation: 100 g/m^2 (2.9 oz/yd^2)
    • MSRP: $239.00
    • Available in 4 different colors

    Note: Sizes are listed as “116/6”. In this example, the height of the child would be 116 cm and the average age would be 6 years old.

    Gift Guide for Outdoor Families 2015 + Giveaways

    As usual, please use the Rafflecopter Widgets below to enter to win. The winner will be emailed and announced on this post in the Rafflecopter Widget. Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me at mountainmamatales(at)gmail(dot)com so I can help!  The NiteIze & Bergans giveaway is US only; The GGG giveaway is open to all!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway
    a Rafflecopter giveaway
    a Rafflecopter giveaway


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      1. sherry blamer says:

        i think I would buy Sidewinder Vacuum Insulated Bottle by Liquid Hardware. They have a lot of great products.

      2. all of kids have been spring/summer babies but we are expecting this December and I know my wife would like a Joey jacket, thanks for the idea.

      3. I love all your suggested gifts! We have some and want others! Will have to start ordering soon 🙂

      4. Oh, I love that pendant! I’m going to have to send that link to my husband 😉

      5. Always great ideas for gifts.

      6. More giveaways…how fun! 🙂 Headlamp is on my son’s Christmas wish list!

      7. Wee Woolies and the backcountry quilt are on my list! Love those!! (also, we have the spooner board, and it is so well loved in this house!)

      8. Garage Grown Gear: packraft or the roll-top bag!

      9. Great list! I’m forwarding this to my husband so he knows what to get for me! 😀

      10. I love all the kid related gift ideas!! If I won the garage grown gear one, I’d definitely be getting some presents for my littles! Shared the giveaway post on fb – thanks again!

      11. Amazing list!!! I am adding so many items to my own wish list! I really like the child size hammock! We love our Eno but it would be fun to have something that my daughter could hang out in by her self 🙂

        The Ahnu hiking boots look amazing but the amazon link didn’t work 🙂 I read your fabulous review!

      12. I would definitely grab some Women’s Multisport Greensboro Low Wool Socks by Farm to Feet from Garage Grown Gear! The penguin mittyz are so adorable, too!

      13. christopher says:

        my son is crossing over to boy scouts. My daughter needs some things as well.

      14. christopher says:

        like the pack craft at garage grown

      15. I want to try fun kid’s gear! You betcha!

      16. Lydia Mullins says:

        Thank you so much for this list! So many great ideas…

      17. I really want that bear t-shirt!

      18. The lights look like a great stocking stuffer.

      19. Love those penguin mittens!

      20. I love those cute wool socks for kids! I might add those to my Holiday Shopping

      21. Double hammock from garage grown gear

      22. Those quilts look amazing!

      23. love the NiteIze – could use for so many adventures

      24. Great list!! I have two different Tarma charms and I LOVE them. You should totally spoil yourself!

      25. I would love a Skhoop down Skirt from Garage Grown Gear! So cute!!!

      26. Bailey Dexter says:

        I would love to choose the Hand-Branded Leather Gloves by Give’r from Garage Grown Gear!

      27. The hiking boots,always need a good pair for long hikes.

      28. Performance Layer by Giver, i like the design.

      29. I would like to get the Extreme by Pakems from Garage Grown Gear.

      30. I am planning on buying some gear from Garage Grown Gear. Love their emphasis on small gear manufacturers and American made products.

      31. I definitely need to buy some WeeWoolies for the soon to be 3 year old. They keep saying we are going to have to worst winter we’ve had in decades in Texas….needless to say we ARE NOT prepared!

      32. Ummm Campfire Drinking Chocolate from Garage Grown…I. NEED. IT. NOW (did I mention that my toddler spilled a full glass of ice water on me while eating out tonight and I’m still shivering??)

      33. Sindy Murray says:

        I like the Veyo Mittyz for my son. They have fun designs. Thanks for the gift guide we may need some ski googles as we planning to take the kids skiing.

      34. I like the adventure skirt on the Garage Grown Gear site.

      35. Sindy Murray says:

        I would like to buy the Muddy Munchkins Boots by MyMayu.

      36. sara giresi says:

        I love the Bergans Snøtind Snowsuit for my little guy!

      37. sara giresi says:

        I would love the Ganesha Yoga Mat by Mondo-Mehndi… and its on sale!

      38. I’d love to buy the Veyo Mittyz for my daughter off GGG.

      39. Diane Richards says:

        That vacuum crock is calling out my name! (That Haiku bag would get daily use, however….) I’ve been wanting one since you featured it in an earlier blog post this year. Everything is great to have or to gift, as usual. Many thanks to all the generous sponsors!

      40. Diane Richards says:

        If I with the GGG GC, I would get:

        • Ultralight Backpacking Stove by Vertex Outdoors and
        • USB CampLight by SunJack

      41. I finally have a baby that loves to be in the ergo, a Joey Jacket would be amazing!

      42. At Garage Grown Gear I would like to get one of the flowfold wallets for my husband. Just what he’s been looking for!

      43. Well I would take one of everything please! But seriously the Bergans Snøtind Snowsuit looks amazing and I think both of my boys need one of those!

      44. So many great ideas. I have been looking into some base layers for my 13 month old and will try the WeeWoolies. I also think the vacuum canister would be great for camping. Thanks for all the ideas.

      45. Those mittens are so cute! I might have to try making mitens like that for our younger one 😉 The bifold wallet looks great too!

      46. John Muir by The Landmark Project shirt for my husband
        It says “going to the mountains is going home”
        right now we are living in the city (ugh) hopefully until next year then it’s back to the mountains

      47. Awesome List! thanks for the great ideas!

      48. I really like Bergans Snotind Snowsuit as a gift for my son.

      49. I would choose from Garage Grown Gear the Ultralight Backpacking Stove by Vertex Outdoors.

      50. I already ordered some of the Nite Ize ties, but would love to have the bigger ones and the bug light for my 3 yo son. Would also love a pair of the Veyo mitts and the MyMayu boots! There are so many great gift lists and products right now… Thank you for compiling yours!!

      51. Those snowsuits look so warm! My husband drools over the stuff at Garagegrown Gear, though, so I’m thinking that would be a great gift.

      52. The buglits are super cute. I can see my son having fun with those.

      53. I love those Veyo gloves! Bergen’s forest school buddies would be pretty jealous to see him sporting those! 🙂

      54. Rebecca Daavettila says:

        So many great ideas! I love the idea of the ice cream maker as a family gift. I know my son would love a Spooner board when he gets a little older; I have heard great things about them. And from Garage Grown Gear, I keep thinking about the MyMayu boots. I feel like comfortable footwear for kids can make outdoor time so much more enjoyable. I think I’ll have to show my husband this list 😉

      55. Andrea Taivalkoski says:

        My hubby would love the Inova STS Headlamp! He is always trying new ones, and I think this would be the ticket! Thanks!

      56. Andrea Taivalkoski says:

        Hmmm… Those jackets on GGG look really nice! And so do the leather gloves (both for men). I love quality gear! P.S. Tales of a Mountain Mama rides around on the back of my mini van, ha ha! 🙂

      57. I love those leather Giver gloves!

      58. That rain skirt from GGG looks awesome too! Thanks for sharing all your ideas!

      59. The vacuum crock looks fantastic, totally going to check that out for camping season.
        Everything on the list is great though!

      60. Jodi Armstrong says:

        I really like the purple rain adventure skirt. But so many amazing options on that website.

      61. Jodi Armstrong says:

        I love the penguin gloves. They are cute and look so warm for winter. Great gift idea.

      62. i love garage grown gear! and i think i’d get the veyoz mitts for my little guy, although i might be tempted to just use it on something for myself too, like their signature leather gloves

      63. Ooh…would love that Purple Rain Skirt from Garage Grown Gear!

      64. Oh and I would love to try those Polar Stroller skis. Genius!

      65. I’m like you, I like to get my shopping done early, since that cuts down on the stress a lot! Great giveaways:o)

      66. Oh, and I love the Adventure Skirt by Purple Rain from Garage Grown Gear!

      67. Bergans of Norway sounds interesting

      68. windrider 2400 pack

      69. Oh wow! I wish I had found the Joey Jacket when my boys were small! We hiked everywhere, so I was always all wrapped up in various Kangaroo carriers. Amazing!

      70. I found your blog last night and am thrilled! I too work for the NPS and get my boys out as often as possible. Going to peruse your past posts – I’m sure the gear reviews and your experience will provide us with great outdoor inspiration!

      71. Great holiday gift guide, thank you for posting! If I won the Garage Grown Gear gift card I would definitely pick up Muddy Munchkins Boots for my little one. And maybe a Pale Rail by Pat’s Backcountry Beverages to surprise my partner with a beer on the trail!

      72. The Skida hats and neckwarmers look so cool!

      73. Renea Pike says:

        I like the bears tee, skiva neck warmer and the adventure skirt!

      74. Renea Pike says:

        I need some wee woolies for my kiddos! We are planning a mountain trip, and we freeze as soon as the temp dips below 70 lol!

      75. I love that you do these giveaways and share about all the great gear out there. The snowsuit looks amazing definitely on my list for the next kiddo sizes. I already have the vacuum crock and adventure skirt on my own Christmas, fingers crossed! Thanks for always sharing and adventuring.

      76. Nate Fuller says:

        I saw a Skida women’s alpine hat my girlfriend would love on the site!

      77. I love your blog! Whenever I need outdoor inspiration for my family, this is where I come!

      78. Sarah Parker says:

        My hubby has been needing a new headlamp and I keep forgetting to get him one! Thanks for the reminder!

      79. Brenda Lacourciere says:

        The Giver Gloves are really nice.

      80. Brenda Lacourciere says:

        Classic Marinara with Penne by Good To-Go is something I would try from GGG

      81. So many good things on this list!

      82. UL Vertex stove from Garage Grown!

      83. Angela Saver says:

        I would love to get the Women’s Alpine Hat by Skida at Garage Grown Gear!

      84. Angela Saver says:

        I so need to get my hubby the Inova STS Headlamp! He really needs one!

      85. I love the Inova STS Headlamp. Great for winter night running.

      86. I like the Women’s Black Spider Hoody by NW Alpine.

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