My Kids Fight Going Outside

    My Kids Fight Going Outside

    Not to burst your bubble about our life or anything, but my kids aren’t always all too thrilled about going outside. In fact, most days it’s a full-on wresting match with at least one of them and usually two of them head out kicking and screaming. Glamorous, right?!?

    In fact, it’s downright exhausting and often discouraging. Throw being pregnant in there, and it’s enough to throw Mama in a bad mood too.

    So, why bother?

    Because, once we’re out there (and through with the tears and tantrums), it’s completely mind-alterating for all of us. Usually.

    Moving our bodies around coupled with the benefits of some fresh air 99% of the time results in a happier path for the rest of the day.


    But, the truth is sometimes that battles aren’t worth it. Sometimes I let the 4.5 year old sit in the stroller if he wants to, even though I would rather him burn off some energy.

    Sometimes we never make it out of the back yard.

    Sometimes I raise my voice in frustration and stomp away like a 2 year old too.

    It ain’t always pretty, but it’s life. I’m not perfect. And neither are they.


    I used to have a hard and fast rule that we spent a minimum of 15 minutes outside every day. Now I really and truly think that isn’t enough. Barring serious weather conditions (which will come as we get deeper into winter, I am sure), most kids need WAY more than 15 minutes of time moving outside.

    And lest you think you’re off the hook…adults need that too.

    15 minutes is for blizzard conditions. A combined 45+ (even if it’s broken into smaller segments) minutes is for sanity and happiness. Even more is better. You do what you can do on a daily basis.

    Have a kid that fights outside time? Get them out anyway. Make it the normal and what they’re expected to do each day. But, join them too. They need your presence and example more than anything. You’re the parent – you set the scene and the mood (someone please remind me of that on a daily basis…)


    Guess we’ll keep on fighting those battles and hoping for the best. They’ll either grow up to love it or hate it, we always say. We’ll do our best to foster the former.


    P.S. A pregnant, clumsy lady wrestling kids into snowsuits is actually pretty funny….but there will never EVER be any photos of that!



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      1. Glad you wrote this. My oldest complains a lot about going outside. But he gets bored inside all day, so I make him! He rarely complains when we get there though. Sometimes I feel guilty, like I’m forcing my interestson on him. But it is better for him and for us to have some outside time everyday!

      2. Videos then? Cause you have to admit, we all want to see the “pregnant, clumsy lady wrestling kids into snowsuits” 😉

      3. I agree 100%! Time outside makes everything better. I’m finding it really hard to get my teens outside these days. Sigh. They walk home from school and I guess that’s all I can ask for…

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