12 Days of Gear Giveaways – Day 11 (Stay Cozy & Warm!)

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    12 Days of Gear Giveaways - Day 11 (Stay Cozy & Warm!)

    Warm kids are happy kids. And happy kids = successful outdoor adventures and happy families. Obviously they still fuss and whine and have their days, but in general, we believe in good gear so fiercely because it often makes all the difference.

    Here’s our best posts about how to keep kids warm (both our gear suggestions AND the “how-to”). We’re pretty psyched that we get to give some of our favorite pieces away today too! We’re ending this whole event with a bang!


    EIGHT of you will win!

    1. Veyo Mittyz  **open to US and Canada**
      • TWO of you will win a pair of Veyo Mittyz in your choice of size and color.
      • Made for kids specifically aged 5 and under (though our 6.5 year old still happily wears his), these thumbless mittens are our favorite especially for days on the ski slope.
      • They cinch at the wrist and arm and really and truly stay on. Plus they come in fun designs which makes getting KIDS to put them on and keep them on that much easier.
      • Be sure to head over and check out the company – they’re still very new to the market and we think they’ll go big!
      • You can purchase them also at our favorite small-store online shop, Garage Grown Gear (affiliate link).  12 Days of Gear Giveaways - Day 11 (Stay Cozy & Warm!)
    2. Stonz Mittz & Winter Bootz **open to US and Canada**
      • One of you will win a pair of Winter Bootz and Youth Mittz in Grey/Black
      • The Winter Bootz are THE lightest pair we have found and the warmest (at least for their weight). We recommend them to all our family and friends!
      • We also LOVE their Mittz – they DO have a thumb for the bigger sizes and cinch at the wrist and arm.
      • See our full review of the Mittz here.  12 Days of Gear Giveaways - Day 11 (Stay Cozy & Warm!)
    3. WeeWoollies Base Layers **open to US and Canada**
      • I can’t even tell you enough how much I love these base layers. Our kids literally wear them in some form every single day. They are wool (so regulate temperature well), washable (and can be thrown in the drier), and double up as pajamas too. Plus, they’re super soft and come in classic colors that can be handed down from kid to kid.
      • If you don’t own these for your kids yet, do yourself a favor and go and purchase some. They’re worth every penny.
      • TWO winners will win!
        1. winner #1: “big kid” base layer set + beanie
        2. “baby” set of the infant sleep gown + beanie
      • Do you know how hard it is to get a good photo of THREE kids?!?!  Gah!  12 Days of Gear Giveaways - Day 11 (Stay Cozy & Warm!)
    4. Ella’s Wool TUBES **open to US and Canada**
      • THREE winners will win a pair of TUBES.
      • These are the perfect mid-layer of warmth, fitting over a base layer of your choice (again, we recommend wool).
      • They come extra long, which is great because they can be rolled up or down depending on needs. AND kids won’t grow out of them as fast either.
      • Stretchy, comfortable and easy to move in.
      • Available in sizes: 6-12M(only in gray), 9-18M, 18M-3Y, 3-5Y and 5-7Y.
        Colors: Dark plum, dark beige, dark navy and gray.

        12 Days of Gear Giveaways - Day 11 (Stay Cozy & Warm!)


    As usual, please use the Rafflecopter Widgets below to enter to win. The winners will be emailed and announced on this post in the Rafflecopter Widget. Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me at mountainmamatales(at)gmail(dot)com so I can help!  These giveaways are individual, so be sure you are checking the rules on each one!

    A couple more things before you enter:

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      1. sherry blamer says:

        I would choose the big kid set. I’m expecting a baby but not until next spring so my daughter could use these.

      2. Katy Emanuel says:

        We love Wee Woolies. My daughter especially was upset when she outgrew her last pair and I had forgotten to order a new pair before they were much too small for her to keep wearing. i would love to win the big kid package.

      3. Big kid wee woolies, please!

      4. Big kids! 🙂

      5. Allison Jones says:

        The big kids (and baby!). I’ve got both.

      6. Sam Miller says:

        Big Kids wee woolies! They’d all be great though, with a three year old, one year old, and one on the way!

      7. Amber Ludwig says:

        We would like the big kid set!! My son will be 3 🙂 Thanks for the chance!!

      8. Love the bee T-shirt! For the more traditional woolies we like the two piece teal-ish color.

      9. Sharon kan says:

        I’d love a big kid package but I might need a baby one soon

      10. Would love to win the WeeWoollies Base Layers big kid prize.

      11. The big kid set! Looks great!

      12. Kristin Faircloth says:

        With a 7 month old and a 3 year old, I’d love to try either the baby or big kid gear. Thanks for the chance to win.

      13. My kids are all getting bigger, so the big kid wee woolies would be great!

      14. I’ve been eyeing the onesie and legging set for awhile. I love all the colors.

      15. Good question! I guess I would get the baby one, since my little one is still small. I have so much winter gear for this year though, maybe I’d get the bigger size for next year!

      16. Ashley willingham says:

        Big kid woolies, please! We can totally use those this spring!

      17. Heather D. says:

        Big kids!

      18. katrina hecimovic says:

        Ooh. I would get a big kid set. We won one through you guys last year and it has been amazing. They are our go to as a base layer in the winter, spring/ fall camping, sleeping when it is cold out and cuddling in when he is sick. Such great quality. Even though we are expecting–the two older boys didn’t enjoy sleeping gowns or sacks–I know every baby is different, but to know that 4 could go through a big kid set is pretty awesome.

      19. Amy Howard says:

        I would love the big kids wee woolies! Hoping to get snow soon in MI!

      20. Big kids….

      21. Wool is so expensive, I would go big kid! Since it holds up so well after multiple uses and can be washed and dried, I’d get the size that will last for seasons.

      22. Melissa C. says:

        I’d love big kid wee woolies!!!

      23. I’d love the big kids package

      24. Big Kid Wee Woollies!

      25. I would need a big kid set for my two year old!

      26. Definitely big kids for my kiddos

      27. Ashley wiman says:

        I would choose the size 4T! 😉

      28. Michelle K says:

        Big Kid!

      29. It would have to be big kid for me!

      30. Sarah Jackson says:

        Big kid set would be awesome for our three girls. Thanks for the chance to win!

      31. Thank you for taking the time to do all of this Amelia! I would LOVE the Big Kid Woollies and beanie!

      32. I’d take either size since both of my kids fit into either big kid of baby!

      33. Id love the big kid set!! We have a baby size little one but my son could really use woolies!

      34. big kid wee woolies! we live in wool and love quality items to pass through our three boys!

      35. Kristina L says:

        I’d love the baby wee woolies for my 6mo son.

      36. I would love to win the baby wee woolies but I will probably buy the big kid set! I already told grandma they were on his Christmas list so we will see!

      37. Andrea Tait says:

        I would choose the big kid Wee Woolies. I am excited to try these whether I win or not! I am sure these would keep my little ones warm on the ski slopes 🙂

      38. I would love the Big Kids package to keep my toddler warm and cozy while on our adventures, and we have a very drafty house in the mountains so to keep her cozy here as well!!

      39. The big kids set would get lots of love in our home.

      40. We would LOVE to win the big kid set of Wee Woollies!

      41. I would choose the big kids woolies! 🙂

      42. I would love to to win the big kids woolies!

      43. Molly Young says:

        Big kid or little kid, these look great!

      44. Although either set would be awesome, if I got a big kid set for the 3 yo, the baby could use it when she is older. How’s that for planning ahead? 🙂

      45. I would choose the big kid set.

      46. I would pick the big kid set and then I would have to buy another set to to be fair. Hehe.

      47. Sindy Murray says:

        I will pick the big kids set! thank you for the chance to win.

      48. I would love a set of the big kid pajamas/base layers! We are outside year round in Minnesota with our one year old and he loves to be out with us!

      49. I would choose the Woollies package –big kid.

      50. I would love to win the big kids’ Wee Woollies package!! Looks so cute and comfy!

      51. Felicity Russell says:

        I would get the baby wee woolies, I think I had better order a set anyway!

      52. Big Kid Woolies!

      53. I would love the big kid wee woollies! I have eyed them before and love the idea of having my kids wear wool and stay warm while being active! I wear wool all the time and I truly believe that if you help your kids be warm and comfortable then they have a much better chance at enjoying the cold weather like I do.

      54. Big kid! Although I do have a baby on the way, so I’d take baby, too.

      55. I would be able to use either for my kiddos! Would love to try these out:) thanks so much for the giveaways!

      56. i’d love the big kid wee woollies!

      57. Catherine P. Cua says:

        We love wee woolies. Our son has skin allergies and is very limited in the type of fabric he can wear. Wee woolies has been a life saver for him especially in our cold canadian winter. Although I would love the baby package for our new baby, I would have to pick the big kid package as my son is starting to outgrow all of his current wee woolies.

      58. I would love to win the big kid size. Thanks!

      59. Wee woollies big kid set. We already own some and need bigger sizes!

      60. Love your adventures!

      61. I would want the big kids and beanie set! Can be handed down to next kiddo.

      62. Love this giveaway today—we are loving the Tubes by Ella’s Wool. So perfect under rain pants for cold days, and especially when my son has forest school. We’d love to win either of the packages from Wee Woolies, but I think our 1-year old is the one who needs them most 🙂 She’s so sensitive to the cold!

      63. Oh I would love the big kids set. Then my eldest could wear it and pass it down to his younger siblings. Thanks for the chance to win! Awesome prize!

      64. I would chose the big kid set. My youngest is 2 1/2. Looks so warm!

      65. The baby set or big kid set! I really appreciate the information and gear reviews. Helps me figure out what to buy to keep the little ones warm, dry and having fun outside.

      66. Hanni Deters says:

        I have five boys between the ages of 9 years and 10 months. Any WeeWoolies package would get great use and would be very much appreciated.

      67. meghan bruce says:

        big kid wee woollies

      68. Big kids set! Love our current set, especially the beanie!!

      69. Would choose the big kid set for my girl 🙂

      70. Our son loves his Wee Woodies! Could defenetily use another pair!

      71. I would totally pick the big kid set!

      72. I have had my eyes on these for a while, I would choose the surf/sea pajama/base layer set, probably size 2 since he is growing so fast (7months), for his twin sister probably size 1 pj/baselayer set pink/sea , or big sis size 5 pink/sea ! Love it. Thanks again for all the giveaways! They are awesome and so great to be exposed to tried and tested gear.

      73. I would choose the big kids set

      74. Nathanael B says:

        Big kids – it’s so much tougher to do “hand-me-ups!” 😀

      75. Big kids wolies would suit either my 2 or my 4 year old!

      76. Greta duncan says:

        Big kid wee woolies would be perfect 🙂

      77. Wendy Jabkowski says:

        Bigs kids for us!

      78. I would love to win the big kids package! I’ve been pining after them ever since you recommended them to me to keep my boys warm in the Utah winter a couple years ago!

      79. Big kids set with beanie 🙂

      80. I would def. choose a big kid size, as they would be able to be used by a wider range of ages…. 🙂

      81. My 2 yr old needs the big kids woolies!

      82. I’m not sure how much longer my baby will fit into baby sizes! Big kid woollies it is (unless there is another one on the way that I don’t know about).

      83. Kid size please

      84. My baby girl is 8 months old, so if it’s for this year, the baby would be good, otherwise the big kids! (So, either one! 😉 )

      85. My guy wears his wee wool lies all the time. He’ll be ready for a big kid set soon, so that’s what I’d pick

      86. Stephanie M says:

        I would love the big kid I feel like it would be worn more and much more needed with how much they want to go out and play.

      87. Either would be wonderful! I have a toddler and a new baby due in the Spring! Thank you for the chance!

      88. Great Giveaways as always – I’d go for the big kid wee woolies in the Surf/Deep Sea Blue.

      89. Jodi Armstrong says:

        I’d choose the big kid set since my daughter is getting so big and it’s turning into quite the chilly winter this year.

      90. Claire Rheinheimer says:

        I’d want the big kid woolies.

      91. Cassandra Eastman says:

        I would love to win the big kid set if I won!

      92. Nicole Deardorf says:

        I would choose the big kids woolies!

      93. Either set! Probably the big kid set if you NEED a choice. I have another baby coming (someday!), an 8-month-old now, and a 2 1/2 year old who just grew out of our last wool underlayers. Saving up for sets for next year!

      94. Diane Richards says:

        Can’t believe my niece will be the Big 3 in February. Happy I got the time off from work so I can visit her this Christmas for the first time. The last time I saw her was when she was 11 months old.

        If selected as the Wee Woolies winner, the “big kid” base layer set + beanie package, please (I’ve been told my niece may become a big sister), so the baby set may work, too!

      95. I would love a Merino pajama/base layer set for my almost 4 year old son. They would be fantastic for under his snow clothes and as pajamas since he always kicks his covers off even in the winter. lol

      96. Brenda Lacourciere says:

        I would like the big kid set

      97. I would love to win the big kid Wee Woolies set and then buy matching sets for my other three little ones.

      98. Merino Pajamas/Base Layer Set would be great.

      99. The big kids set would be best for us

      100. Rochelle Luaders says:

        We would choose big kids

      101. Nate Fuller says:

        The big kid set so I could hand them down to the smaller ones after! Thanks for the chance to win these awesome prizes!

      102. for a baby!

      103. We would love to win the big kid set here!! My wish for another baby isn’t set in stone so I’d better not get my hopes up 🙁 fingers crossed for my big kids!!

      104. Big Kid please. And serious kudos for getting all three of your littles in one good shot.

      105. I would prefer the big kid set– baby is already pretty warm thanks to the fact that we share body warmth via babywearing.

      106. fairlight m says:

        The big kid set.

      107. I would love a big kid set for one of my twins.

      108. We’d need the “big kid” base layer set + beanie. Snow is finally falling and appears to be staying here in the Pacific Northwest.

      109. I’d love the baby woolies – we have one pair that our little guy is outgrowing and love it!

      110. I would like a big kid Wee Woolies set for my son.

      111. I would pick the big kids, so both my kids could get use out of them!!! 🙂

      112. Big kid or baby!

      113. I’d love big kids wee woolies!

      114. I’d love the big kid set for one of our daughters! Love their color combinations, especially the charcoal/thistle. Wool in Maine is a must!

      115. laura ashleigh says:

        The baby ones!!

      116. Love Wee Woolies and how they fit so well for growing kiddos – a little extra length keeps them covered as they grow! Always looking for more big kid sets to grow into!

      117. OOOOH My daughter needs some big kid base woolies! Definitely big kid and then we will save for itty bitty to grow into them!!

      118. They look so cozy! I would choose big kid because they could be handed down to the littles!

      119. I would have either since I have both big and a little one…. 🙂

      120. Rebecca Daavettila says:

        Wool is the way to go! The big kid set would work for my son but the baby set would be great for the one on the way!

      121. I’d love to have a big kids’ set for my girls! But I’d also be happy with the baby set to gift to my new nephew. 🙂 We absolutely love Wee Woollies!

      122. I would like the big kid set. Thanks!

      123. Katy Ferguson says:

        My baby isn’t a baby anymore, so we would love the big kid wee woolies!!

      124. Sarah Hayes says:

        big kid wee woolies would be perfect

      125. I need Wee Woollies for my little one!!!

      126. Jessica wilms says:

        Big kid woolies! I love icebreaker and would love to try wee woolies out!

      127. Big kid set for me! It’s going to get cold soon where I live and my little one would really enjoy it!

      128. Jill Michele says:

        I need some woolies for my little guy!!! So big kid would be awesome!!! I am so addicted to wool everything, my kiddos need some more too!

      129. big kids please

      130. Cindy Strohmeyer says:

        Big kid or baby would be awesome!!

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