Haiku Bags for Spring

    I swear throughout the course of a week, I lug around 5 different bags a day right now. Bags for the baby, bags for the kids, bags for the extra gear, bags for the camera, bags for the food, etc. You get the point. I love my bags and my bags love me.

    Those bags also happen to be predominately Haiku bags right now. They continue to be functional, durable and do everything I need them to do as a busy outdoor mom. They also happen to not work JUST for outdoor moms, but any gal looking for a great bag.

    Haiku Bags for Spring

    This spring they have a line made in Seattle that I love. The Cascades Collection is simple and classy with a two-tone color scheme and subtle accents that go with everything. I have the Paradise tote and appreciate more than anything else that it zips.

    Haiku Bags for Spring

    Totes that don’t just drive me crazy (does that mean I can’t even keep my bags upright and from spilling?!?!) It’s big enough (15″H x 13″W x 6″D) to hold what I need for the day and some snacks or extra items for the kids too if necessary.

    Haiku Bags for Spring

    I also have been checking out the Swift Grab Bag (in Mushroom) this spring. The little wonder has a zillion zippered pockets (or at least 3) and a couple slip pockets too. For the size of the bag, it seems to really pack it all in there.

    Haiku Bags for Spring

    While I love being able to haul everything I need, I have enough kids to carry around without having to lug a massive bag too. This one seems to fit the bill well for the necessities (wallet, phone, sunglasses and snacks). And the mushroom design is my favorite yet from Haiku.

    Haiku Bags for Spring

    Hint to all the dads out there that are married to moms (or have a mom) – Haiku bags are a pretty great gift to receive!

    Happy Weekend! 


    Haiku generously provided us this gear in order to facilitate this review.  However, as always, the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly our own. 

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      1. I first heard about Haiku bags here. I have several now and I love them!

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