Tips for Preparing for Camping Season + Giveaway

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    The weather is trying to turn here into something resembling spring and that means many people are starting to plan their get aways and camping trips and vacations and all the fun that goes with summer. Personally, I think the hardest part about camping is the prep work beforehand. However, I have never regretted the work that goes into it. Some of our very favorite family memories (both from our own childhoods and now, with our own kids) are camping memories. We’re determined to keep on making them!

    I’ve put together our best basic tips for prepping for a camping trip. These are for newbies AND veteran-campers that are a little rusty after a long winter. I always need a few reminders myself!

    1. Set up your tent BEFORE you go. In general, tents get easier to set up as you get more familiar with them. You don’t want to be battling a tent along with a crabby family or dark setting in without any idea of how it works. This Coleman one is going to be our “guest-quarters” this summer in our back yard since we’re tight on space. It’s also great practice for taking it camping (and a whole lot cooler in the summer than sleeping inside!)Tips for Preparing for Camping Season Tips for Preparing for Camping Season
    2. Make a sleeping plan: Who will be where, what will they be sleeping in (or on) and how much space will each person need. All are important to have some idea of before you go. And yes, you definitely can take your babies camping – just be sure they have a safe spot to sleep! Also, air mattress are great, but NOT for cold weather. They trap the cold air and keep you colder. Reserve those for the heat of the summer! Tips for Preparing for Camping Season
    3. Plan meals and pack way more food than you think you will need. It’s always better to have too much than not enough. Plan to eat the most perishable items first. Our first meal over a weekend is usually when we eat our kabobs or burgers and then end the weekend with stew combing all the left overs.

      Tips for Preparing for Camping Season

      Dutch Oven Stew

    4. Think about what you’ll eat on and with. Are you packing plastic and paper or doing dishes? Both have their place. I love these Enamel dishes because they are virtually indestructible and can handle the heat of a campfire too.Tips for Preparing for Camping Season
    5. Don’t forget a light. We love headlamps, but also depend heavily on lanterns on our table and around the campfire to just light up the whole space.  I love ones that look authentic like this one from ColemanTips for Preparing for Camping Season
    6. Reserve a site or know the area you are going. Sometimes the best-found campgrounds are ones we hear about from word of mouth – ask around!
    7. Consider clean-up and “leave no trace”. We keep ourselves clean with Action Wipes (they are NOT just glorified baby wipes – a completely different caliber and we highly recommend them!)
    8. If you have the luxury of the space, give each family member their own bag to pack all their clothing, etc. in. Obviously this works best when you have lots of room to carry it (like camper or car camping). It’s a great way to help kids find their own clothing and gear easily and keeps everything a bit more contained.
    9. Get the family involved with the prep. While sometimes it’s just easier to do all on our own, kids are much more apt to take ownership of their experience when they get to help. Plus, they’re learning some pretty great life skills!Tips for Preparing for Camping Season
    10. Do a one-nighter “practice run” locally to shake everything out and know what you need to bring next time or tweak a little for a better camping experience. We do this every year and ALWAYS find something we’ve forgotten.


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